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Articles - August 2014

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2014-08-01 With High Expectations In 2014, Bjoern Werner Off To A Fast Start
2014-08-01 Horseshoe at High Noon-Colts All-Time Points by Jersey Numbers
2014-08-01 Day 8 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 1)
2014-08-02 Chuck Pagano Talks LaRon Landy, Vontae Davis; Andrew Luck Praises Run Game
2014-08-02 Day 9 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 2)
2014-08-03 Reggie Wayne On Week One: “I’ve Run Every Route and There Is Nothing That’s Holding Me Back”
2014-08-03 Coordinators Pep Hamilton, Greg Manusky Assess The First Half Of Colts Training Camp
2014-08-04 What Do The Colts Special Teams Units Look Like Heading Into 2014?
2014-08-04 Reggie Wayne Will Not Play Thursday; Chuck Pagano Talks Preseason Opener
2014-08-04 Day 10 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 4)
2014-08-04 Colts Release Depth Chart For Preseason Opener
2014-08-05 Cheerleader of the Week 2014: Leanna
2014-08-05 Chuck Pagano Talks Playing Time For Thursday; Rookies Get New Hairstyles From Veterans
2014-08-05 Day 11 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 5)
2014-08-05 A Healthy Trent Richardson Brings Lofty Goals Into The 2014 Season
2014-08-06 Ricky Jean Francois On 2014: “This Year I Have To Make Big Plays”
2014-08-06 Colts Mailbag: How Is Hakeem Nicks Progressing?
2014-08-07 Seven Things To Watch For: Colts/Jets Edition
2014-08-07 Colts Fall To Jets, 13-10, In Preseason Opener
2014-08-07 Khaled Holmes' Injury The Headliner As Colts Drop Preseason Opener
2014-08-08 Colts/Jets Notebook: Boom Shines, O-Line Has To Reshuffle, Erik Swoope Makes Football Debut
2014-08-08 Fantasy Football Friday: Top Keepers Debate; Best Colts Value
2014-08-08 Social Rundown: Colts @ Jets (Preseason Week 1)
2014-08-08 What Takeaways Can Be Made From The Colts Preseason Opener?
2014-08-09 Day 12 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 9)
2014-08-09 Trent Richardson's Mentor? Edgerrin James.
2014-08-09 Chuck Pagano “Optimistic” About Khaled Holmes Playing In the Colts Regular Season Opener
2014-08-10 Day 13 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 10)
2014-08-10 How Does Vontae Davis Become An “Elite” NFL Cornerback?
2014-08-11 School Supply Drive
2014-08-11 T.Y. Hilton a #1 WR? "Without a doubt."
2014-08-11 Chuck Pagano supports "Kelly Tough"
2014-08-11 Day 14 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 11)
2014-08-12 Offensive Line Cohesion A Must For Colts Offense To Flourish
2014-08-12 Cheerleader of the Week 2014: Brittany
2014-08-12 Will Reggie Wayne Play Saturday? Also, Chuck Pagano Talks The Use Of T.Y. Hilton
2014-08-12 Books For Youth Distributes Backpacks at Training Camp
2014-08-12 Day 15 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 12)
2014-08-13 Colts Mailbag: Will The Colts Look Elsewhere For Offensive Line Help?
2014-08-13 How Did The Colts 2014 Draft Class Perform At Training Camp?
2014-08-13 Day 16 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 13)
2014-08-13 Colts Invite Riley Kids to Camp
2014-08-14 Colts Wrap Up Productive Training Camp In Anderson
2014-08-14 Which Players Stood Out At Colts Training Camp In Anderson?
2014-08-14 Ryan Grigson Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-08-15 Fantasy Football Friday: Sleepers Edition
2014-08-15 Four-Down Friday: Who Makes The Team At Outside Linebacker?
2014-08-15 Hakeem Nicks, Ahmad Bradshaw To See Former Team On Saturday Night
2014-08-15 Colts Partnered with Huntington Bank to Host Underserved Youth
2014-08-15 Seven Things To Watch For: Colts/Giants Edition
2014-08-16 Giants Defeat Colts, 27-26, Behind Fourth Quarter Comeback
2014-08-16 Giants Top Colts With Big 4th Quarter
2014-08-16 Colts Starting Units Stout In Preseason Home Opener
2014-08-16 McAfee's long FG miss hurts, even if it is only Preseason.
2014-08-17 Colts/Giants Notebook: Nicks Shines Against Former Teams, Landry And Davis Make Debut
2014-08-17 Social Rundown: Giants @ Colts (Preseason Week 2)
2014-08-17 Rush Defense Impressing Chuck Pagano After Two Preseason Games
2014-08-18 Anatomy Of The Drives: Giants Edition
2014-08-18 ICYMI: Monday Rewind
2014-08-18 What Have The Colts Starters Done After Two Preseason Games?
2014-08-18 Day 17 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 18)
2014-08-18 Indiana Football Digest’s 2014 Preseason Polls
2014-08-19 Player Focus: Safety Mike Adams
2014-08-19 Colts Film Breakdown-Giants
2014-08-19 Ryan Grigson Updates Delano Howell Injury, Debuts For Reggie Wayne And Robert Mathis
2014-08-19 The Indiana Football Digest's Insider -- 2014 Volume 1
2014-08-19 Cheerleader of the Week 2014: Ciarra
2014-08-19 Day 18 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 19)
2014-08-20 Colts Mailbag: Was Jack Mewhort’s Absence From Practice Something To Worry About?
2014-08-20 The Indiana Football Digest's Honor Roll – 2014 Preseason Edition
2014-08-20 With Delano Howell Sidelined, Who Will The Colts Turn To At Safety?
2014-08-20 Day 19 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 20)
2014-08-21 Improved Colts Run Game The Focus For Saturday Night
2014-08-21 Uniting for Indiana High School Football
2014-08-21 Chuck Pagano On LaRon Landry: “He Needs To Be An Enforcer”
2014-08-21 Day 20 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 21)
2014-08-21 Reggie Wayne: “I Want To Give People A Glimpse Of What They’re Going To See”
2014-08-22 Fantasy Football Friday: Comeback Players of the Year
2014-08-22 Colts Adjust to Illegal Contact/Defensive Holding Emphasis
2014-08-22 Seven Things To Watch For: Colts/Saints Edition
2014-08-23 Brees Propels Saints to Victory over Colts
2014-08-23 Reggie Wayne Returns To Game Action
2014-08-23 Trent Richardson Assesses His Preseason after Saints Game
2014-08-24 Colts/Saints Notebook: Starters Play Into The 3rd, Safety Position Still Wide Open
2014-08-24 Social Rundown : Saints @ Colts (Preseason Week 3)
2014-08-25 Anatomy Of The Drives: Saints Edition
2014-08-25 Coach Of The Week
2014-08-25 Takeaways From The Colts Preseason
2014-08-25 Indiana Football Digest's 2014 Polls – Week One
2014-08-25 Game Release: Colts @ Bengals
2014-08-25 Doyle Rules: Indy's Own Highlights 53-Man Roster Caveat
2014-08-25 Day 21 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 25)
2014-08-26 Colts Film Breakdown-Saints
2014-08-26 Preseason Finale Provides One Final Audition For 75 Colts
2014-08-26 Robert Mathis and Coaches Set Plan for Week 5 Debut
2014-08-26 Colts Roster Breakdown At 75 Players
2014-08-26 Cheerleader of the Week 2014: Anna
2014-08-26 Day 22 Colts Training Camp Notebook (August 26)
2014-08-27 Which Colts Undrafted Free Agents Have Impressed This Preseason?
2014-08-27 Focus is on Bengals, with an eye on Broncos
2014-08-27 Colts Mailbag: Is There Hope For Army Product Josh McNary To Play This Season?
2014-08-27 Thursday Night A “Super Bowl” For Many Colts
2014-08-27 The Indiana Football Digest's Top Games - 2014 Week Two
2014-08-27 Marshall Faulk Hosts Colts Kickoff Luncheon
2014-08-28 Seven Things To Watch For: Colts/Bengals Edition
2014-08-28 Colts/Bengals Notebook: Starters Work Prior To Kickoff; Josh McNary and Marcus Burley Impress
2014-08-29 Four-Down Friday: How Is Hakeem Nicks Fitting Into The Colts Offense?
2014-08-29 Social Rundown : Colts @ Bengals (Preseason Week 4)
2014-08-29 Colts Fans: Why Do We Love Football?
2014-08-29 Mewhort: Extra Center Snaps "very valuable" vs. Bengals
2014-08-29 Colts Offensive Line Depth To Be Tested Early In 2014
2014-08-30 Colts Final Roster Breakdown At 53 Players
2014-08-30 Analyzing The Colts 53-Man Roster
2014-08-31 Colts Claim Center A.Q. Shipley; Name 2014 Practice Squad