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Will Reggie Wayne Play Saturday? Also, Chuck Pagano Talks The Use Of T.Y. Hilton

Intro: The Colts were back inside Macholtz Stadium on Tuesday morning for their final closed morning walk-through of Training Camp. What did Chuck Pagano and Reggie Wayne have to say to the media on Tuesday?


ANDERSON – As with most mornings at training camp, the highlights come from the media sessions with Colts coaches and selected players.

The Colts were back on their normal camp schedule on Tuesday with a closed morning walk-through before an open practice on Tuesday afternoon.

In today's media scrums, Chuck Pagano talked about the growth of T.Y. Hilton and what types of safeties he wants to see in the Colts defensive scheme.

Also, Reggie Wayne talked about how his camp is coming along.

Chuck Pagano on T.Y. Hilton's role in 2014:

"Obviously, everybody knows how we used (Hilton) in the first couple of years but I think there's so much more we can do with a guy like that. It's just a matter of getting creative.

"It's easy to line him up and get him down the field and run go-routes and crossers but I think there's a whole lot more we can do with a guy like that. He's dynamic."

Bowen's Analysis:* *There might not be a more consistent, productive guy at Colts practice than that of Hilton. Every day he makes plays, throwing in a significant gain or two, as well.

We saw in the preseason opener a simple drag route from Hilton turn into a gain of 21 just from the fact that he was lined up against a linebacker. Andrew Luck has said that any time he sees a linebacker or safety on Hilton, that's an extremely advantageous situation for the Colts offense. Continuing to move Hilton around will be something to watch for a guy that has turned in one of the best two-year starts to a career for any NFL receiver.

Chuck Pagano on what he's looking for at the safety position:

"The thing will take care of itself. It will shake out how it shakes out. Disregard the depth chart. Disregard who's written behind free safety and who's written behind the name strong safety. They are interchangeable."

"We are going to do our best to not show our hand based on how we line up."

Bowen's Analysis: The popular belief among those on the outside of the Colts brass is that a "field" safety would be the ideal compliment to LaRon Landry's skill set. Pagano knows that Landry has the look of a "box" safety but he also has the ability to run and be that rangy cover guy at the backend.

Just like what Pep Hamilton is doing with the offense, the Colts aren't trying to show their hand defensively. Pagano doesn't want to "pigeonhole" either of his safeties. Quarterbacks should have to think that either guy can be near the line of scrimmage or drop into coverage at a given snap. This was just another indication of the Colts not tipping their hand in who the starting safety will be come the season opener.

Reggie Wayne on his status for Saturday night against the Giants:

"I feel good. If I do get called, I'll be ready."

"If not, then hopefully the following week."

Bowen's Analysis: Neither Chuck Pagano nor Reggie Wayne had any answers on whether or not No. 87 will suit it up Saturday night. Wayne would still like to get some game action in before the season opener on September 7.

The two friends had a terrific interaction during Wayne's press conference on Saturday that will be up on shortly. Judging by Wayne's expressions on Tuesday it's clear he feels that he's ready to suit it up. Pagano is thinking like a coach, and Wayne understands that point of view. Wayne continues to make plays at practice, and Luck claims that the 14-year veteran looks as good as he's seen in his more than two seasons of work together.

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