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Videos - December 2023

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2023-12-01 Week 13 Final Update: Shane Steichen, Colts at Titans
2023-12-01 1956 Throwback Uniform
2023-12-01 Colts at Titans: Week 13 Game Preview
2023-12-01 Week 13 Two Minute Drill: Zack Moss taking the reins with Jonathan Taylor missing game vs. Tennessee Titans
2023-12-03 Shane Steichen: Pregame, Tennessee Titans week 13
2023-12-03 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew unloads 36-yard touchdown launch to Alec Pierce
2023-12-03 HIGHLIGHT | Samson Ebukam sacks Will Levis in week 13
2023-12-03 HIGHLIGHT | Kylen Granson straddles sideline for 25-yard toe-tap catch vs. Titans
2023-12-03 Can't-Miss Play: Colts' epic trick play sparks 46-yard completion to Kylen Granson
2023-12-03 HIGHLIGHT | Grant Stuard scores touchdown off of blocked punt
2023-12-03 HIGHLIGHT | Matt Gay's 28-yard field goal extends Colts' lead to 25-19 vs. Titans
2023-12-03 Can't-Miss Play: Colts' second punt block vs. Titans puts Indy in red zone
2023-12-03 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew with a pass completion to Alec Pierce for a 55-yard gain vs. Tennessee Titans in overtime
2023-12-03 HIGHLIGHT | Michael Pittman catches a 4-yard touchdown for the overtime win
2023-12-03 Can't-Miss Play: Walk-off TD pass! Gardner Minshew and Michael Pittman Jr. deliver winning score in OT
2023-12-03 Colts vs. Titans highlights | Week 13
2023-12-03 Michael Pittman Jr.'s best catches from 105-yard game Week 13
2023-12-03 Gardner Minshew's best throws from 312-yard game Week 13
2023-12-03 Week 13 Locker Talk Colts at Titans postgame: Zaire Franklin, E.J. Speed, and Michael Pittman Jr.
2023-12-03 Gardner Minshew: Colts at Titans postgame
2023-12-03 Shane Steichen: Colts at Titans postgame
2023-12-03 Colts' top plays vs. Titans Week 13
2023-12-03 Victory Speech: Colts at Titans
2023-12-04 Colts Cam: Overtime win versus Tennessee Titans
2023-12-04 POV: Michael Pittman Jr. with the walk-off OT touchdown against the Tennessee Titans
2023-12-04 Inside the Radio Booth: Overtime win in Tennessee
2023-12-04 For The Shoe: For The Finish
2023-12-04 Locker Talk Week 13 Recap: Kylen Granson and Nick Cross
2023-12-04 Week 13 Recap: Shane Steichen, Colts at Titans
2023-12-05 Colts 2023 Fan of the Year Surprise
2023-12-05 DC Gus Bradley: Colts at Bengals, Week 14
2023-12-05 OC Jim Bob Cooter: Colts at Bengals, Week 14
2023-12-05 STC Brian Mason: Colts at Bengals, Week 14
2023-12-05 Next Gen Stats: Gardner Minshew's 4 most improbable completions | Week 13
2023-12-06 Mic'd Up: Julian Blackmon, Week 13 at Titans
2023-12-06 Official Podcast: Wild AFC playoff race and sitting down with Colts OC Jim Bob Cooter
2023-12-06 Colts at Bengals preview Week 14
2023-12-06 Grover Stewart: Media Availability, December 6
2023-12-06 Gardner Minshew: Colts at Bengals, Week 14
2023-12-06 Week 14 Locker Talk: Kenny Moore II and Dayo Odeyingbo
2023-12-06 Shane Steichen: Mid-week update, Colts at Bengals
2023-12-06 2023 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nomination | Zaire Franklin
2023-12-06 Horse'N Around: Mo-Alie Cox vs. E.J. Speed
2023-12-07 Week 14 Locker Talk - E.J. Speed, Julian Blackmon and DeForest Buckner
2023-12-07 Official Podcast: Bengals preview with Tony Brown
2023-12-07 Gardner Minshew named NFL Slimetime's Week 13 Nickelodeon NVP!
2023-12-08 Philip Rivers and Shane Steichen, One of a Kind
2023-12-08 Week 14 Final Update: Shane Steichen, Colts at Bengals
2023-12-08 Colts at Bengals: Week 14 Game Preview
2023-12-08 Colts Cam: Reality TV
2023-12-08 Week 14 Two Minute Drill: In midst of AFC Playoff race CB JuJu Brents returns to practice ahead of game versus Cincinnati Bengals
2023-12-10 Shane Steichen: Pregame, Cincinnati Bengals week 14
2023-12-10 HIGHLIGHT | Fourth-down TD! Gardner Minshew's scoring strike to Mo Alie-Cox gets Colts on board in Cincy
2023-12-10 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew finds Michael Pittman for 2-pt conversion to tie game
2023-12-10 Can't-Miss Play: Pick-six TD! Ronnie Harrison Jr. turns Hudson's one-handed catch try into score
2023-12-10 HIGHLIGHT | Zack Moss' nifty juke after the catch sparks 15-yard gain
2023-12-10 HIGHLIGHT | Zaire Franklin darts through gap for huge TFL in red zone
2023-12-10 Colts at Bengals highlights | Week 14
2023-12-10 Colts' top plays vs. Bengals Week 14
2023-12-10 Week 14 Locker Talk Colts at Bengals postgame: Zaire Franklin and Ronnie Harrison Jr.
2023-12-10 Gardner Minshew: Colts at Bengals postgame
2023-12-10 Shane Steichen: Colts at Bengals postgame
2023-12-11 Locker Talk Week 14 Recap: Matt Gay and Will Mallory
2023-12-11 STC Brian Mason: Colts vs. Steelers, Week 15
2023-12-11 OC Jim Bob Cooter: Colts vs. Steelers, Week 15
2023-12-11 DC Gus Bradley: Colts vs. Steelers, Week 15
2023-12-11 Week 14 Recap: Shane Steichen, Colts at Bengals
2023-12-12 Gardner Minshew: Colts vs. Steelers, Week 15
2023-12-12 Shane Steichen: Mid-week update, Colts vs. Steelers
2023-12-12 Week 15 Locker Talk: Julian Blackmon, Alec Pierce, Kwity Paye and Zaire Franklin
2023-12-12 Official Podcast: Just what are the Colts' playoff chances?
2023-12-13 Week 15 Locker Talk: DeForest Buckner
2023-12-13 Horse'N Around: Julian Blackmon vs. Alec Pierce
2023-12-13 Steelers vs. Colts preview Week 15
2023-12-14 Week 15 Final Update: Shane Steichen, Colts vs. Steelers
2023-12-14 Colts Cam: Teammate Impressions
2023-12-14 Official Podcast: Week 15 Steelers preview
2023-12-15 Colts vs. Steelers: Week 15 Game Preview
2023-12-15 Horse'N Around: Nick Cross vs. Isaiah McKenzie
2023-12-15 Week 15 Two Minute Drill: Playoff positioning at stake in Saturday matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers
2023-12-16 Shane Steichen: Pregame, Pittsburgh Steelers week 15
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | DeForest Buckner takes down Mitch Trubisky on Steelers' opening drive
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew's improv magic leads to 42-yard connection with Michael Pittman Jr.
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Michael Pittman Jr. finds soft spot in Pittsburgh's zone on 21-yard reception
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Zack Moss' relentless effort on 16-yard TD reception gets Colts on the board
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Nick Cross intercepts the Mitchell Trubisky pass vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
2023-12-16 Can't-Miss Play: Nick Cross MOSSES defender on Steelers' deep shot attempt
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | D.J. Montgomery turns upfield for 34-yard gain in Colts' two-minute drill
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | D.J. Montgomery catches for a 14-yard touchdown vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Julian Blackmon recovers Najee Harris' fumble, setting Colts up in the red zone
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew with a 18-yard touchdown pass to Mo Alie-Cox vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Mitch Trubisky is swallowed up by multiple Colts on third-down sack
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Tyler Goodson floors his gas pedal on 31-yard burst
2023-12-16 HIGHLIGHT | Matt Gay's 29-yard field goal extends Colts' lead to 24-13
2023-12-17 HIGHLIGHT | Matt Gay extends Colts' lead to 27-13 with 31-yard FG
2023-12-17 HIGHLIGHT | Julian Blackmon intercepts the Mitchell Trubisky pass vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
2023-12-17 HIGHLIGHT | Dayo Odeyingbo corrals Mitch Trubisky for Colts' third sack of game
2023-12-17 HIGHLIGHT | Colts' defense seals eighth win with fourth-down sack of Mason Rudolph
2023-12-17 Gardner Minshew's best throws from 3-TD game Week 15
2023-12-17 Steelers vs. Colts highlights Week 15
2023-12-17 Colts' top plays vs. Steelers Week 15
2023-12-17 Week 15 Locker Talk Colts vs. Steelers postgame: Zaire Franklin and Trey Sermon
2023-12-17 Gardner Minshew: Colts vs Steelers postgame
2023-12-17 Shane Steichen: Colts vs. Steelers postgame
2023-12-17 Colts Cam: Victory over the Steelers
2023-12-17 Victory Speech Colts vs. Steelers
2023-12-17 Locker Talk Week 15 Recap: Nick Cross
2023-12-17 Week 15 Recap: Shane Steichen, Colts vs. Steelers
2023-12-19 Mic'd Up: Grover Stewart, Week 15 vs. Steelers
2023-12-19 DC Gus Bradley: Colts at Falcons, Week 16
2023-12-19 OC Jim Bob Cooter: Colts at Falcons, Week 16
2023-12-19 Official Podcast: AFC South up for grabs and PFF's Brad Spielberger joins the show
2023-12-20 D.J. Montgomery: From the Practice Squad to the End Zone
2023-12-20 Gardner Minshew: Colts at Falcons, Week 16
2023-12-20 Shane Steichen: Mid-week update, Colts at Falcons
2023-12-20 Week 16 Locker Talk: Zaire Franklin, Grover Stewart and Kenny Moore II
2023-12-20 Secrets of the Toe-Tap Catch
2023-12-21 Colts vs. Falcons preview Week 16
2023-12-21 Anthony Richardson visits Riley Children's Health
2023-12-21 Official Podcast: Falcons preview with Trey Sermon
2023-12-21 Week 16 Locker Talk: Deforest Buckner and Alec Pierce
2023-12-21 2023 Colts High School Man of the Year
2023-12-21 Colts Cam: Name Santa's Reindeer
2023-12-22 Community Tuesday: Riley Caroling
2023-12-22 Colts and Meijer host 'Shop with a Colt'
2023-12-22 Colts at Falcons: Week 16 Game Preview
2023-12-22 Week 16 Final Update: Shane Steichen, Colts at Falcons
2023-12-22 Week 16 Two Minute Drill: Jonathan Taylor returns to practice, Michael Pittman questionable for Colts matchup with the Atlanta Falcons
2023-12-24 Shane Steichen: Pregame, Atlanta Falcons week 16
2023-12-24 HIGHLIGHT | Jonathan Taylor rushes for a 1-yard touchdown vs. Atlanta Falcons
2023-12-24 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew works through his progressions before 8-yard pass to DJ Montgomery
2023-12-24 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew locates Kylen Granson amid sea of defenders for 15-yard gain
2023-12-24 HIGHLIGHT | Matt Gay's 33-yard field goal trims Falcons' lead to 10 points in third quarter
2023-12-24 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew mashes turbo button during 24-yard scramble into red zone
2023-12-24 Colts vs. Falcons highlights Week 16
2023-12-24 Colts' top plays vs. Falcons Week 16
2023-12-24 Week 16 Locker Talk Colts at Falcons postgame: Zaire Franklin and Kylen Granson
2023-12-24 Gardner Minshew: Colts at Falcons postgame
2023-12-24 Shane Steichen: Colts at Falcons postgame
2023-12-26 OC Jim Bob Cooter: Colts vs. Raiders, Week 17
2023-12-26 DC Gus Bradley: Colts vs. Raiders, Week 17
2023-12-26 Official Podcast: What do Colts need to do to make AFC playoffs?
2023-12-26 Secrets of the Hail Mary
2023-12-27 Gardner Minshew: Colts vs. Raiders, Week 17
2023-12-27 Shane Steichen: Mid-week update, Colts vs. Raiders
2023-12-27 Week 17 Locker Talk: Jonathan Taylor, Ryan Kelly and Zaire Franklin
2023-12-28 Reggie Wayne and Dwight Freeney named finalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2024
2023-12-28 Week 17 Locker Talk: DeForest Buckner, JuJu Brents, Jaylon Jones and Josh Downs
2023-12-28 Official Podcast: Raiders preview with Rodney Thomas
2023-12-28 Raiders vs Colts preview Week 17
2023-12-28 Colts Cam: New Year's reflections
2023-12-28 Reggie Wayne: Media availability, December 28
2023-12-29 Colts vs. Raiders: Week 17 Game Preview
2023-12-29 How We Got Here: The Indianapolis Colts in 2023
2023-12-29 Week 17 Final Update: Shane Steichen, Colts vs. Raiders
2023-12-29 Week 17 Two Minute Drill: Michael Pittman on track to return in playoff-type atmosphere versus Las Vegas Raiders
2023-12-31 Shane Steichen: Pregame, Las Vegas Raiders week 17
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew dots Josh Downs for a 50-yard gain
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Jonathan Taylor walks in for opening drive touchdown
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Tyquan Lewis sacks Aidan O’Connell for a 9-yard loss
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Michael Pittman Jr. becomes only fourth Colt ever to record 100-catch season
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Raiders fail to fool Colts on trick play
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew to Will Mallory for a 19-yard gain
2023-12-31 Can’t Miss Play: Gardner Minshew drops dime to Alec Pierce for 58-yard TD
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | DeForest Buckner snags the 60th sack of his career on Aidan O’Connell
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew throws over the middle to Kylen Granson for big third down conversion
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Gardner Minshew evades Maxx Crosby and finds Michael Pittman Jr. for a huge fourth down conversion
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Matt Gay 38-yard field goal puts Colts up 17-10 over Raiders
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Trey Sermon 27-yard scamper marks the longest of his career
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Matt Gay knocks through 33-yard field goal to extend Colts lead to 10 over Raiders
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Jonathan Taylor pounds up the middle for a 15-yard gain
2023-12-31 HIGHLIGHT | Matt Gay's 45-yard field goal extends Colts' lead to 10 points vs. Raiders
2023-12-31 Raiders vs. Colts highlights Week 17
2023-12-31 Colts' top plays vs. Raiders Week 17
2023-12-31 Jonathan Taylor's best plays from 104-yard game | Week 17
2023-12-31 Gardner Minshew: Colts vs. Raiders postgame
2023-12-31 Shane Steichen: Colts vs. Raiders postgame
2023-12-31 Week 17 Locker Talk Colts vs. Raiders postgame: E.J. Speed and Jonathan Taylor
2023-12-31 Colts Cam: Victory over the Raiders
2023-12-31 Victory Speech Colts vs. Raiders