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Videos - April 2016

Published On Title
2016-04-01 Colts UpClose Extra: Offseason Football "Fix"
2016-04-05 Have what it takes to be a Colts Cheerleader?
2016-04-05 Colts TE Dwayne Allen Takes A Wild Ride With Power
2016-04-06 Pagano: 'I'm very blessed things worked out the way they did'
2016-04-06 Indianapolis Colts Host Local Pro Day Workout
2016-04-07 Colts UpClose Extra: Colts Safety Clayton Geathers
2016-04-07 'Game Changers': Meet Shaq Lawson
2016-04-07 'Game Changers': Sack Celebrations
2016-04-07 'Game Changers': Let's play catch
2016-04-07 'Game Changers': One handed catches
2016-04-07 'Game Changers': Catching in traffic
2016-04-11 Meet Yuka - Colts Cheerleading Finalist From Japan
2016-04-11 2016 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Auditions
2016-04-12 A Sweet Banana Treat For Colts Fans
2016-04-12 Colts Veteran Cheerleaders Take the Stage
2016-04-13 Colts UpClose Extra: Colts Preseason Opponents
2016-04-14 Colts Cheerleader Finalists Workshop
2016-04-15 2016 Season Schedule: Games 9-12 Breakdown
2016-04-15 2016 Schedule: Toughest Stretch
2016-04-15 2016 Season Schedule Released
2016-04-15 2016 Season Schedule: Games 1-4 Breakdown
2016-04-15 2016 Season Schedule: Games 5-8 Breakdown
2016-04-15 2016 Schedule: Playoff Contenders
2016-04-15 2016 Schedule: Games 13-16
2016-04-18 "Bachelor" Ben and Fiance Lauren Judge Cheer Final
2016-04-18 Robert Mathis: Ready To Get After It
2016-04-18 Andrew Luck: Back to Fundamentals
2016-04-18 Luck on Coach/GM Stability, Offensive Changes
2016-04-18 Luck on Injury: "I still have some work to do."
2016-04-18 McAfee Talks About Balancing Football With Comedy
2016-04-18 2016 Colts Cheerleaders Final Showcase
2016-04-18 Colts OL Joe Reitz: Great To See Luck "Leading"
2016-04-18 T.Y. Hilton: "I approach it like a rookie"
2016-04-18 Mewhort Talks Rock Climbing With Castonzo
2016-04-18 Colts Offseason Program Day One Report
2016-04-18 Dwayne Allen: Building Camaraderie
2016-04-19 Trent Cole: Excited To Get Back To Work
2016-04-19 Robert Turbin: "The Colts wanted me more"
2016-04-19 Colts K Adam Vinatieri: Guys "Ready To Work"
2016-04-19 Kendall Langford: Importance of OTAs
2016-04-19 Colts UpClose Extra: WR Phillip Dorsett Interview
2016-04-20 04-20-2016: Ryan Grigson Press Conference
2016-04-20 Ryan Grigson: Difficulties of Only 6 Draft Picks
2016-04-20 Ryan Grigson: Drafting Best Available Player
2016-04-20 Offseason Workout Highlights: 2016 OTA Phase 1
2016-04-21 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Alexis
2016-04-21 Colts UpClose Extra: Insiders Examine Draft Needs
2016-04-21 Prince Performs at Halftime of Super Bowl XLI
2016-04-21 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Ambria
2016-04-21 Colts RB Tyler Varga Thrilled To Be Back
2016-04-22 Dwayne Allen reports on CHUCKSTRONG gala
2016-04-22 Inside CHUCKSTRONG 2016 & The Evolution of Chuck
2016-04-25 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Audrey
2016-04-25 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Ayda
2016-04-26 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Brittany
2016-04-26 Dorsett Stronger, Gore Most Durable RB in NFL
2016-04-26 Andrew Luck Talks About His Book Club
2016-04-26 Frank Gore: Future Scout?
2016-04-26 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Brookelyn
2016-04-27 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Caroline
2016-04-27 Offseason Workout Highlights: 2016 Phase 1 Week 2
2016-04-27 2016 Chuckstrong Tailgate Gala Video
2016-04-27 Mayock mock draft: Colts pick Ryan Kelly No. 18
2016-04-27 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Ciarra
2016-04-28 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Cortney
2016-04-28 Colts Players Weigh In On National Superhero Day
2016-04-28 2016 Cheer Showcase Spotlight: Hannah
2016-04-28 Colts pick Ryan Kelly No. 18
2016-04-28 2016 Combine workout: Ryan Kelly
2016-04-28 2016 Draft profile: C Ryan Kelly, Alabama
2016-04-28 Alabama center Ryan Kelly 40-yard dash
2016-04-28 Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban on Ryan Kelly
2016-04-28 FaceTime: 1st Round Draft Pick C Ryan Kelly
2016-04-28 Grigson and Pagano on Ryan Kelly: Press Conference
2016-04-28 Ryan Grigson: Ryan Kelly was Targeted Player
2016-04-28 Pagano: Ryan Kelly is a Leader
2016-04-28 Pagano: Found Stability at Center Position
2016-04-28 Inside the war room: Colts pick Ryan Kelly at #18
2016-04-29 Colts UpClose Extra: LB Sio Moore "Full Of Energy"
2016-04-29 Colts Fans React to First Round Pick Ryan Kelly
2016-04-29 First Round Pick Ryan Kelly: Press Conference
2016-04-29 Ryan Kelly: On Draft Day Experience
2016-04-29 Ryan Kelly: Talks About Being a Leader
2016-04-29 Ryan Kelly: Relationship Between QB and Center
2016-04-29 Colts UpClose Extra: Colts Center Ryan Kelly
2016-04-29 Ryan Kelly's Whirlwind Visit To Indianapolis
2016-04-29 T.J. Green 40-yard dash
2016-04-29 2016 Combine workout: T.J. Green
2016-04-29 Colts pick T.J Green No. 57
2016-04-29 FaceTime: 2nd Round Draft Pick DB T.J. Green
2016-04-29 2016 Combine workout: Le'Raven Clark
2016-04-29 2016 Draft profile: OT Le'Raven Clark, Texas Tech
2016-04-29 Colts pick Le'Raven Clark No. 82
2016-04-29 FaceTime: 3rd Round Draft Pick OL Le'Raven Clark
2016-04-29 Grigson and Pagano Draft Press Conference Day 2
2016-04-29 Pagano: T.J. Green's Versatility
2016-04-29 Grigson: Trading Down and Still Getting T.J. Green
2016-04-29 Inside the War Room: Rounds 2 and 3
2016-04-29 Pagano: Athleticism of Le'Raven Clark
2016-04-29 Colts UpClose Extra; Day Two Colts Draft Wrap
2016-04-30 Colts pick Hassan Ridgeway No. 116
2016-04-30 Colts pick Antonio Morrison No. 125
2016-04-30 FaceTime: 4th Round Draft Pick DT Hassan Ridgeway
2016-04-30 FaceTime: 4th Round Pick LB Antonio Morrison
2016-04-30 2016 Combine workout: Joe Haeg
2016-04-30 Colts pick Joe Haeg No. 155
2016-04-30 FaceTime: 5th Round Pick T Joe Haeg
2016-04-30 Jim Irsay: Building Up The Offensive Line
2016-04-30 Jim Irsay talks Colts First Round Pick
2016-04-30 Jim Irsay Draft Press Conference
2016-04-30 Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck's Contract
2016-04-30 Colts pick Trevor Bates No. 239
2016-04-30 2016 Combine workout: Austin Blythe
2016-04-30 Colts pick Austin Blythe No. 248
2016-04-30 FaceTime: Seventh Round Pick C Austin Blythe
2016-04-30 FaceTime: Seventh Round Pick LB Trevor Bates
2016-04-30 Pagano and Grigson: Draft Day 3 Press Conference
2016-04-30 Pagano: Feels Great About This Years Draft
2016-04-30 Ryan Grigson: Draft Class Will Bring Competition
2016-04-30 Pagano: Asset of Having Joe Philbin
2016-04-30 Colts Draft Party At Indianapolis Motor Speedway