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Meet The Colts Cheer Finalists: Two Sisters And An Auctioneer

This week, 47 finalists have been practicing and perfecting their performances - chasing their dream of becoming a Colts cheerleader. Among them, a pair of sisters and a fourth-generation auctioneer.   


Chelsey and Kyley grew up in Greenwood and they both started dancing at two years old. 

"We were in the same dance groups and as we got older, we were able to dance together," said Chelsey.

The youngest of four girls, they also have two older sisters they danced with. And as much as dance was a part of their lives, so were the Colts.


"We performed with the Dance Refinery during halftime shows. And my dad always had the game on on Sunday afternoon, so we would always be watching it with him and doing homework," she said. "Those are my childhood memories."

Sisterhood is all they've ever known.

So when Chelsey went off to college at Liberty University, Kyley followed two years later.


When Chelsey graduated, moved home, and auditioned for the Colts Cheerleaders, Kyley watched from school and cheered her on.

"I watched her on live stream. I was rooting for her," she said. "I was so excited. I was her biggest fan from miles away. My and my roommate, together."

And now that Kyley graduated and moved home, she's auditioning right alongside her.


"It's really fun to be able to do it together," she said. "We've been able to practice together and just help each other through it. It's been a really, really good time." 

"It's way more fun," Chelsey said. "She kind of takes that stress off my shoulders a little bit. She's that comedic relief. So, it's been nice to have her here with me."

Their family has been very supportive.


"My mom was so happy when she found out we were both trying out together," Chelsey said.

But there's one question everyone wants to know. What happens if one of them makes the team and the other one doesn't?

"It would be hard, that's just the honest truth," said Chelsey. "But I would be excited for her, because she's so sweet and so loving. It would be hard to be upset."

"We're each other's supporters," Kyley said. "So, if she made it and I didn't, I would just be like, 'Go, Chels!' I would support her so much."

A behind the scenes look at the 2019 cheer finalists during last nights dance practice.

And they'll be supporting each other on Sunday, when they take the stage for the final audition showcase - rehearsing together, choosing their outfits, and helping each other with hair and makeup.

"Get your hairspray ready!" Kyley laughed.


Hannah grew up in Covington, Indiana and started dancing when she was four. She continued dancing through high school and college at DePauw University.

It was there she first dreamt of becoming a Colts cheerleader.

"I started thinking about it in college when someone drew a comparison of me to a Colts cheerleader at one of our sorority performances. I started imagining myself in that role," she said.

She pursued a career in environmental science and dabbled in organic landscaping before coming home to join the family business.


"I'm a fourth generation auctioneer," she said. "I grew up in the industry. I started running sheets when I was really little. There are nine auctioneers in my family. My cousin, Matthew, just got his license. It's a lot of fun."

It also allows her the time to pursue her other passion - health and wellness.

"Coming into Colts Cheer, that's really part of my grand vision. I think this platform is really perfect to reach out to people and teach about nutrition and physical fitness, healthy living, and empowering women through this program is really ideal to help me share that message."


Working in a mostly male industry, Hannah has enjoyed forming female friendships throughout the audition process and hopes to continue to do so. 

"I met a couple of girls at the very first prep class and they've become friends of mine and they've been so encouraging and uplifting to me," she said. "One of them didn't make the finals, but she has just filled my spirit up with encouragement. She said she'll be at the final showcase cheering me on."

A fun look at the Colts 2019 Cheer Auditions finalists during their "Lifestyle" photo shoot.

And you can be there too.

To cheer on Hannah, Chelsey, Kyley, and the other Colts Cheer hopefuls and to see the 2019 squad introduced for the first time, get tickets to the Colts Cheer Audition Showcase on Sunday:

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