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Jacoby Brissett: Leading With Style

Whether he's on the field, in the locker room, or on the road, Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett is leading his team. And fashion is no exception.  

Brissett style

A leader on the field, in the locker room, and on the runway, Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett isn't afraid to make a statement. 

Whether he's talking or letting his clothes do the talking, Brissett's style is a lot like him.

"You are who you are in every facet of your life," he says.


For Brissett, that's young, fun, laidback, and approachable.

He's always been into fashion, but chasing his dream to the NFL opened up a whole new world (and a whole new closet) for him. 

"When I was young, I couldn't afford it," he said. "Now, I can get the stuff I always dreamed about wearing."


Growing up, he looked up to guys like Denzel Washington and admired their style. 

"That sharp look," he says. 

As for his own style, "It depends on the week and how I'm feeling."


Brissett knows what he likes and he knows where to find it - mostly in two places.  

"Topman in Nordstrom and Zara. I literally drove to Chicago one morning and went shopping for the season. It was fun."

He does his own shopping, buys off the rack, and doesn't use a tailor.

"This year, I was really into the patterned pants, so that was my thing this season."

He's also got a trademark. 

"I always wear tube socks with all of my clothes just because they bring out more color."


And he constructs his outfits from the ground up. 

"Everything starts with my shoes."

The key to pulling it off is confidence.


"Some of that stuff people wouldn't wear, because you're going to get laughed at," he says. 

But Brissett takes it all in stride. He embraces the feedback - both good and bad. 

Like the time he took layers to the next level.


"My friends killed me for that one," he says. "One of my friends was like, 'Why do you have on two jackets?' But we were playing Jacksonville and it was raining there, but it was cold here. I wore that rain trench and if it was hot, I was just going to take the trench off and wear the blue jacket."

The Monday morning quarterbacks come out in full force on Instagram, like the guy who commented he was "dressing like a backup 70s singer."

He respectfully disagrees.


"I'm not a backup singer," he says. "I'm the lead singer."

His teammates are also quick to chime in.

"'You look ridiculous. What are you wearing?' I wore corduroys and they were like, 'How old are you?'"

But the fact that they're paying attention at all tells him something.

"If they're looking at it, they must like it somewhat."

An even more telling sign that they respect his eye - many of them ask his opinion.


"You'd be surprised how many players and coaches, they call me the night before, text me, FaceTime - they want me to tell them if it looks nice or not," he says. "Dudes will ask me to go to the mall with them."

The team player that he is, he's happy to help - but he's going to be honest.

A few of his pet peeves? Dirty shoes and clothes that aren't seasonal.


"You've got to be in tune with your surroundings. Don't wear a turtleneck in the summer, you're not proving anything."

And fit is everything. He likes to wear his clothes tight and isn't a fan of anything baggy.

For Brissett, fashion is a way to express himself. It's also a way to present himself and market himself.

"What's the old saying? You look good, you feel good, you play good, you get paid good."

As competitive as he is in football, Jacoby Brissett is just as competitive when it comes to fashion. 

And he feels like he's at the top of his game.


"I think I'm definitely the best dressed on the team. I think everybody else knows that."

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable," said Oscar de la Renta. "Style is more about being yourself."

Jacoby Brissett is his own man.


And he's got the wardrobe to prove it.

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