It Goes Down in the Mentions: #SFvsIND

By Amber Derrow

Another week of football means another roundup of Tweets. In this week's edition of It Goes Down in the Mentions we've got a roller coaster of emotions as we cover the Manning halftime show and a crazy ending to what could have been an easy win.

Let's go:

S/O David for the help here.

All NFL Fans be safe. An uber or taxi is a better ride than this [

Josh is the hero none of us deserve.

Once pregame was over and the anthem took place things kind of went down hill on social. (For obvious reasons we won't list here.)

I still managed to find some gems though:

Really enjoyed this reply from the 49ers. Frankie G!

This from a Bucs fan was probably my favorite Tweet of the night. The Bucs missed 3 field goals on TNF… #CantRelate #WeHaveTheGOAT

Looks like someone has a crush on 88!

That Saturday/Manning/Wayne touchdown had everyone in their feelings. Honestly the entire thread of replies is pretty great.

If you wanted that Brissett to Hilton 63-yard bomb in GIF form, JJ's got you covered.

QBs are allowed to score touchdowns too, Lil Ethan!

Marlon Mack out here saving games and stuff.

Try Tweeting about it, Austen!

Regardless, we won the game. We're 2-3 and we've got our first divisional game coming up for Monday Night Football.


As the young kids would say… It's gonna be lit.

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