It Goes Down In The Mentions: #CLEvsIND

By Amber Derrow


Welcome back! In case you missed it – we beat the Browns! ¯_(ツ)_/¯ The Colts' mentions were about what you would expect after an eventful day around the NFL.  (S/O to all the club social media managers reading those comments/replies/DMs today.) I've done my best to keep politics out of this one. Here's a look inside yesterday's gameday:

This was literally the first Tweet I saw yesterday. I guess… go Colts?

Inactives came out at 11:30AM and although 6/7 names weren't a surprise (we shared these names on Friday) it's safe to say it still hurt to see big names like Luck/Kelly/Davis/etc. on the graphic.

Like most teams, we shared a Tweet of the players/coaching staff linking arms during the anthem. While there were mixed reviews, QB Coach Brian Schottenheimer got a shout out which was a fun surprise.

Shared a video of Pat McAfee hitting the anvil at yesterday's game. I guess not everyone was into the Tweet.

It's rare so when it happens you DANCE.

I take it Aaron has watched a few Colts games in the past.

He's a quick learner.

Well.. we won. But this was kind of the mood about the whole thing. I will say one of my favorite things that happen in our mentions is random arguments that we don't need to be included in but we're tagged. I just creep and see how they turn out most of the time. Like this one: ![]( case you were wondering, Brandon never sent Aaron a recorded example. I checked.

That's it for this week. We got a compliment from Ironman so I guess you can't really top that.

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