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Horseshoe Helpings Helps Colts Share Real Meaning Of Thanksgiving

For the sixth consecutive year, the Colts held a drive-thru distribution for Thanksgiving meals in the south lot of Lucas Oil Stadium to share the real meaning of Thanksgiving with Hoosiers.


Asked what Thanksgiving means to him, Colts cornerback Kenny Moore II responded, "I think I had the meaning wrong to begin with – being around family and eating a good meal – but it's deeper than that. It's more about others and how we share our things to make their Thanksgiving a better day."

Now, Thanksgiving for Moore is more about other people and giving back.

And that's what he did on Tuesday.

For the sixth year, the Colts hosted "Horseshoe Helpings: From Our Home To Yours" at their home – Lucas Oil Stadium. Backed by an army of volunteers, Colts players, cheerleaders, and Colts mascot, Blue, helped distribute more than 2,000 Thanksgiving meals to Hoosier families in need with the help of their partners, US Foods, Lucas Oil Products, Meijer, and Citizens Energy Group.

"Just showing the love and making sure everyone has something to eat during Thanksgiving," said linebacker Edwin Jackson. "Making sure they have food they can prepare on their own because that's the spirit of Thanksgiving – the spirit of being thankful and grateful for what you have."

And making sure others have the same opportunity.

"Thanksgiving is a time to give and share with others. And we have a lot to be thankful for. We must be thankful and break bread with each other," said Amy Harwell, President of One Voice Martindale – Brightwood. "It's a good feeling to see that they're going home to feed their family on Thanksgiving Day. It's beautiful and we should be blessed. And that's exactly what I take away from this."

The Indianapolis Colts, US Foods, Lucas Oil Products, Meijer, and Citizens Energy Group teamed up to distribute a turkey and all the Thanksgiving sides to 2,000 local families in need.

Sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal is something many of us take for granted.

"You put a bag through the window and they're like, 'Oh my gosh, this is so much food,' said long snapper Luke Rhodes. "That's something you don't think about - just giving somebody food that they might not have for their family on Thanksgiving."

But it's something cornerback Pierre Desir can relate to.

"I've been in a situation where I had to get some assistance like that. So, I'm accustomed to reaching out and getting some help."

Which only makes him more grateful to be in the position he's in now.


"If you can, you should help. Every little thing counts, even just coming out here – just showing your face and handing out food. It's a time of giving and I just appreciate every single moment and I'm glad that I could help."

For Sheila Chudzinski, wife of Colts offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, it's a way to kick off the week of Thanksgiving, focus on the real meaning of the holiday, and pass it along.


"We're all so grateful for all the things we have and being with the Colts family is a nice treat – to help out and teach our kids what Thanksgiving is about," she said. "You've got to take time out to do the things that are meaningful."

And when you do, the meaning of Thanksgiving changes – just like it did for Moore.


"To have this opportunity and give back to others, it changed my perception."

You can be grateful for what you have.

But when you share it with others, you have even more to be grateful for. 


And that's what Thanksgiving is all about.

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