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Fashion Friday: Linebackers Steal The Spotlight

On week three, the Colts headed to Philadelphia to play the Eagles. And the linebackers stepped up – on the field and on the runway.

Linebacker style Philly

The Colts linebackers don't just back up the line. The Swiss Army Knife of the defense, they can do it all.

Last week, when the Colts traveled to Philadelphia, the linebackers stole the spotlight on the runway – and they shined. 

"The DBs have all the swag, but I had to let them know that the LBs, we don't take it lightly," said Anthony Walker. "We come in when we need to come in."


For him, that was right in the middle of the defensive backs' photo op.

"I did that on purpose," he laughed.

On Sunday, he made the same move on Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and walked off with his first career interception.


The team player that he is, Walker wouldn't take much credit.  

"Very thankful," he said. "It was the defensive coverage and great timing."

Walker is also timing his style.

"I'm not really ready to wear the suits yet," he said. "I don't want to bring the suits out too early."

But that doesn't mean he can't be stylish. 

"You've got to bring your A-game on and off the field."

The team took to the skies for their week 3 game against the reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Leading the NFL in tackles, rookie Darius Leonard is bringing his A-game every week. And the better you play, the better you can dress.

"I always feel good when I dress up," he said. "It makes it actually feel like a job because playing football doesn't feel like a job. It's just a game you have fun playing."

And just like on the field, fashion has become a competition.


"It's fun because we always talk trash to each other, who can dress the best and personally, I feel like I'm the best dresser in the room," he said.

To be the best, you've got to think you're the best. 

Leonard goes out thinking he's the best player on the field every week – and it's no different when he hits the airport runway.


"I'm definitely the flyest." 

Zaire Franklin isn't much of a suit guy.


"I'm more of a collared guy," he said. "I like to show off the arms. I knew there was going to be a little humidity in Philly. I didn't want to go with the jacket."

Matthew Adams went without color for a clean look.


"I've just got a gray suit with a black shirt, black tie – just trying to keep it simple," he said. "Simple is always better to me. Not trying to stand out, just keep it clean." 

"Casual, but dressy," is how Kemoko Turay describes his look.


"I've got a little bowtie, a colorful red and blue flowered shirt, and I've got a belt to go with the shoes that I have."

Because looking good is the first step to playing good.

"We were playing against the Eagles. Last year, they won the Super Bowl," he said. "You're just trying to go out there confident and try to look good from the start."


It sends a message. 

"It's all about business," said Najee Goode. "That's what we mean – we mean business."

And the Colts will get down to business at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, when they host the Houston Texans in their first divisional game.

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