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Colts Take Kids Christmas Shopping

The Colts took kids from Hands of Hope Christmas shopping. One boy inspired with his generosity and reminded everyone what the holiday is really about.


It's a tradition that began many seasons ago.

Suzy Roth, Executive Director of Hands of Hope adoption and orphan care ministry, got a call from someone representing Colts safety LaRon Landry and cornerback Vontae Davis. They wanted to do something for foster kids at Christmas time.

"I said, 'Ok, great!' And I got off the phone and I was like, 'Is this legit?'"

She called the Colts and confirmed it was.


"Vontae Davis is really the one who kept this going," she said. "Vontae Davis did it every year. I feel like it's his legacy here in Indianapolis."

Davis is no longer a Colt, but his legacy lives on.

"As a DB group, we try to keep these things going – whether the guys are here or not – to keep these legacies lasting in these communities," said safety Darius Butler.

Not only is it continuing, it's growing every year.

On Tuesday night, the Colts defensive backs took 54 kids from Hands of Hope Christmas shopping at the Meijer store on Keystone Avenue. Escorted by players and volunteers, they walked the aisles, picking out presents for themselves and others.

"That's what Christmas is – love, hope, joy. And that's what's going on tonight," said safety Clayton Geathers.

"It's really fun because they've been looking forward to it all year. They get to come in the store and pick out all the stuff they want," said cornerback Quincy Wilson. "Just to see their eyes light up and see how happy they get, it's definitely cool."

"This time of year is always great to give back and just put as many smiles on as many faces as you possibly can," Butler said. "Some of the kids come in here and buy things for their parents, buy things for other siblings that aren't here."

Twelve-year-old Massiah had a cart filled with gifts – for everyone but himself.


"None of this is for me. This is all for my family," he said. "I'm adopted now. So, I'm getting presents. I got lucky."

For him, that's the greatest gift of all.

"I don't have a father, but I have a mother," he said. "And it feels awesome just to know I can wake up in a nice, stable home and go to a nice school."

His nephew didn't get presents for his birthday. He wouldn't be getting them on Christmas either if it wasn't for him.

"It does feel good to be able to help other people," he said.

With the support of Meijer, some of Indy's underserved youth had the opportunity to Shop With A Colt to purchase toys, clothes and other items needed around holiday time.

"That's special," Geathers said when he heard about Massiah's generosity. "That just goes back to love, joy, hope, you see it in them and you can't help but smile."

Cornerback Kenny Moore met Massiah earlier in the evening.

"He told me he liked my watch," he said.

When he found out he spent all his money on other people, Moore was so touched, he decided to gift it to him.

"I just told him, 'You deserve it.' He didn't really think so. But I told him that he did something great," he said. "He's a great kid. I'm glad I did it."

Growing up, Moore didn't have presents under the tree on Christmas morning either. But he was grateful for what he did have – his family.

Because Christmas isn't about what's under the tree.


It's about who's around it.

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