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Colts Prepare For Cold And Snowy Sunday In Buffalo

December in Buffalo can be brutal. Colts players share their secrets for playing outside in the cold.


The weather in Lucas Oil Stadium is always perfect. New Era Field in December is not quite so predictable.

Sunday's forecast calls for cold and snow in Buffalo, New York.

The Colts practiced outside all week, but can you really prepare for conditions you've never played in?

Colts @ Bills 2017 - PRACTICE 12/7

"I haven't played in a snow game," says wide receiver K.J. Brent. "Maybe some frost, but no actual snow."

Still, he welcomes the opportunity.

"It would be a new experience," he says. "I'm looking forward to it if it does."


And, he adds, "It's better than rain."

Linebacker Jeremiah George learned a lot about playing in cold weather during his college years.

"I'm a Florida guy," he says. "I went to Iowa State."

At first, it was a little shocking.

"My freshman year during the first semester, the temperature dropped during a game in October or November and I just instantly regretted my decision to go to there."

He eventually got used to it – and even learned a few tricks along the way.

"The best way to get used to it is not putting on so many layers when you're living in the environment. Because that way, you get kind of used to it. And then, when you're out there wearing nothing but skin lube, you're fine."

The skin lube is another trick.

"You take the skin lubricant and you apply it so it clogs the pores and when the wind blows, it'll help that resistance against the wind a little bit and just keep you warm."


Before practice on Wednesday, George was in the locker room coating himself in a thick Vaseline-like substance.

"This is skin ointment – it's like a skin lubricant. And the reason it has that orange color is because I add Equi-Block, it's a pain reliever they use on horses. Because I'm built like a horse, I run like a horse, I need that same kind of pain reliever that a horse would need."

But the biggest lesson he learned is that cold is a mindset.

"Once you get out there and you start playing, it comes down to not thinking about it and thinking about your assignment, your job, and not wanting to let anyone down," he says. "When you're on the field, the last thing you're worried about is being cold. You're worried about a 330-pound man smashing you or a 175-pound guy running right past you. So, you'll do whatever it takes."

The Colts left a chilly Indianapolis for their week 14 game in a ...chilly Buffalo.

Some outdoor stadiums offer comforts from the cold, though George is cautious about taking advantage of them.

"Some benches are heated. I'm pretty sure that this one will be heated. It does help," he says. "But I kind of like to stay away from it because I don't like to get too warm. I want to stay acclimated with the weather – because hypothetically, what if those benches stop working one day? I just like to stay prepared that way."

A great defense against cold weather is actually getting out and playing in it.

"Your body is constantly moving. Even if you're going out there for 20 plays during the game, those 20 plays are in rotation," says George. "As long as you continue to move on the sideline and keep the blood flowing, you'll be fine."


But the best way to deal with the cold is to do your job and focus on the opponent – so much so, you don't even feel it.

And that's what the Colts intend to do on Sunday.

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