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Colts Introduce New Football Family In Town Hall Meeting

On Tuesday night, the Colts held a Town Hall meeting to introduce their new staff to season ticket members.


When a new member is welcomed into a family, people gather together to celebrate and get to know each other.

That's what the Colts did with their season ticket members on Tuesday night.

Hosted by award-winning sports writer and author Peter King, the Colts held a Town Hall meeting at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis to introduce their new coaching staff, including head coach Frank Reich, to their nearest and dearest.

The 2nd annual Colts Town Hall was hosted by award winning sportswriter, Peter King, and featured general manager Chris Ballard, head coach Frank Reich, Andrew Luck and more

"I'm not necessarily one of these, 'Oh, everything happens for a reason,' guys, but I think when it comes to Frank Reich, who I've known now for about 25 years – he is a man of great faith and perhaps more importantly for you, he's a man of great imagination," said King.

It was two weeks ago (almost to the hour) that Colts General Manager Chris Ballard got the call from Josh McDaniels telling him he wasn't coming to Indianapolis. He was asked to relive the moment on stage with King.

"I was not happy," he said. "But then once I got my wits together, I said, 'You know what? I'm not going to flinch. We're not going to flinch as an organization. And we're going to have patience. We're going to find the right coach.'"

By all accounts, they did.


Reich talked about growing up in a sports family, his professional playing career, his time in the seminary, and how it led him back to the job he was destined to do.

"I always knew that this was the path that I ultimately wanted to take. I grew up in a home where my dad was a coach, my mom was a coach, my brother was a coach, we were just a football family," he said.

Reich was joined on stage by members of his new football family – defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni, and director of sports performance Rusty Jones.


Now, they're all part of the Colts family.

Welcoming them is what brought Kristi Shaffer and her husband, Mike, down from Amboy, Indiana. Six-year season ticket members, she called it a great get together for Colts Nation.


"To bring in this new coach, who is going to be a great family member," she said. "We already have a family member from last year who was new that we're so proud of. They both fit into Indianapolis. They both fit into the Colts organization. They both fit into our family like a glove."

Will Hine of Zionsville has had his season tickets going back to the Jim Harbaugh days in the dome.

He likes the feel of the Frank Reich era already.

"I'm excited about a new energy. I've always loved the Colts. I'll always root for them, no matter if it's a good year or bad year. But I'm really hopeful that this is going to be a great year."

Keith Whitaker of Indianapolis is a 15-year season ticket member. He missed last year's Town Hall, but this year, he made it. And he took something away that he'll pass on to other Colts fans.

"Hope. The hope and the vision that they have," he said. "I think with the coaches and the GM, I think they've all got the same vision. They're not on different pages. It looks like everybody is on the same page."

Jim Blastick of Schererville was a Colts fan before they arrived in Indianapolis on the Mayflower vans.


"Burt Jones was my idol growing up as a kid. They moved to Indianapolis in '84. I'm from Northwest Indiana by Chicago and I was like, 'Wow! The Colts are only two hours away.' When I was 19, I got season tickets for the first time. This is my 30th year."

Blastick was rewarded for his loyalty with a trip to the NFL Draft in Dallas.

"I love the draft. And I always host a big draft party at my house, so my wife's going to have to handle that this year," he laughed. "Obviously, it's an important draft. The Colts won't ever draft at number three again in my lifetime. So, I'm excited to see how they take advantage of this opportunity."

For Blastick, being rewarded for supporting his team was a sweet surprise. But he didn't need the incentive.

"I renewed my tickets the minute I could," he said. "I'm all in. I have an eight-year-old son now who's all in. I don't need to know if Andrew is healthy or not, I'm in. I'm a Colts fan first. I love the individual players, but I am a Colts fan first."

Because like family, football isn't about one person.

"Every single person matters," said Shaffer. "O-line, d-line, Andrew – he's very important to our team, the coaching staff is very important - but it all comes down to family."

It was the first of many gatherings for the Colts family this year.

And although NFL seasons are impossible to predict, King did have one prediction for Colts fans.

"I'll guarantee you – you're really going to have some fun watching this team."

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