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Colts Bring Tricks And Treats To Riley Kids On Halloween

The kids at Riley Hospital for Children couldn’t go out on Halloween. So, the Colts brought the treats to them.


Reverse trick-or-treating is what they call it.

A jedi (Luke Rhodes), a fireman (Nate Hairston), a panda (Kenny Moore II), a ninja turtle (Anthony Walker), and a reindeer (Matthias Farley) go room to room at Riley Hospital for Children, bringing tricks and treats to kids on Halloween.

"So, who has the best costume out of all of us?" Anthony Walker asked three-year-old Stella.

"Right here, Stella," said Matthias Farley.


After a few seconds of thought, Stella, who was dressed as Minnie Mouse, responded, "Me." And the room erupted in laughter.

The hospital was the last place Ashley and Dustin thought they'd spend Jackson's first Halloween. But since his liver transplant in July, they've only been home to Hanover a total of 12 days.

Halloween was also Dustin's birthday. The Colts came by Jackson's room, sang happy birthday with the nurses, and left him with a signed Colts hat, which Jackson wore proudly.


"It brought smiles to us, so that was a nice thing," Dustin said. "It's nice what they're doing. It's great."

Damon told the Colts players he wants to be a quarterback.

"How far do you throw the ball in the air? You can throw it at least a mile, you think?" asked Farley.

"Yep," he responded.

"You think you can throw it at least into Illinois?"

"I doubt it," he said.

They went back and forth about Madden football, positions, and workouts. They posed for pictures and left him with treats, a hat, and a gift bag from the Colts.


For Luke Rhodes, it was a visit he won't soon forget.

"He's here in the hospital and when we left he was like, 'This was the best Halloween I ever had.' There's no feeling like that. That makes you feel good, for sure."

Afterwards, the players met up with the Colts Cheerleaders, Colts mascot, Blue, and other patients in costume and paraded their way through the halls as doctors and nurses, many in costume, cheered them on.

The parade ended at the Child Life Zone, where they gathered for a Halloween party with games, crafts, and plenty of treats.

"This is just amazing," said Dr. Paul Haut, Chief Operating Officer at Riley. "The parade, the excitement, I can't believe how many people are here. This really takes it out of the ordinary into the extraordinary for these families."

As much fun as the kids had, Haut said it was just as meaningful for the parents.

"One, that they get to see their kids really enjoying themselves. But the fact that the community and the Colts are here helping support this, that means so much to them as well."

The Colts visited Riley Children's Hospital on Halloween and dressed up in costumes to visit with patients.

And for the players, it was just as inspiring.

"I know I talk about perspective all the time, but you see little kids who are dealing with very, very serious things and they're just happy – it kind of puts everything that we're going through in check. It's like, 'Alright, there are a lot bigger things going on right here.'"

It was a welcome distraction from what they do every day.

"Any day I can be a panda, I'm up for it," said Kenny Moore. "Any time I come to the hospital or any time I'm around kids, it's a chance to get down on their level. It's probably the thing I like most, is to inspire others."

Halloween at Riley was a treat for everyone.

"I think that's what makes it so special – there's a light in their eyes, they're happy as can be, there's a lot of joy despite the circumstances," Farley said. "It really just shows you can make the most out of anything. And I think kids have an incredible way of doing that."

And maybe that's the trick.

To appreciate the magic of life, think like a child – not just on Halloween, but every day of the year.

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