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A Suite Opportunity For Colts Season Ticket Members

For the Colts, season ticket members aren't just fans - they're family. And they're constantly looking for new ways to give back to their most loyal family members. This year, they're creating opportunities for them to see their team in ways they never have before.   

STM training camp suite 18

The Colts are always looking for new ways to show appreciation to their most loyal fans.

"Any time we have cool experiences that we can leverage to host, entertain, and give back to our season ticket holders, we're going to do that," said Joe Ondrejko, Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service for the Colts. 

And that's what they did every day during training camp at Grand Park.

A behind the scenes look at the view from the suites at the Colts 2018 training camp!

"We had these hosting opportunities to entertain our season ticket holders and for them to experience training camp in a way they've never been able to - in a very exclusive way that was only available to season ticket holders."

Every practice, select season ticket holders were invited to eat, drink, and enjoy training camp from a bleacher suite.

Matt Davis and his wife, Brenda, came up from Fort Myers, Florida.


"I'm a huge fan," he said. "We haven't been to training camp for about three or four years, so my wife and I decided to come up for it. I can't imagine a nicer facility for training camp in any NFL team. It's just fantastic."

Jennifer Rapsavage and her son, Ross, came down from Warsaw, Indiana.

Along with her husband and daughter, they've been coming to Colts games for years. But this is the first year the four of them will be attending as season ticket members.


"It's so much fun. It keeps our family together and it's something fun to do on Sundays or Mondays or Thursdays – whenever," Jennifer said. "I enjoy the family time."

And with a two-and-a-half hour drive, they usually make a weekend of it. 

"We normally stay the night before the games. We like to enjoy Indy," she said. "I get mini-vacations every other weekend."

Melody Birmingham-Byrd works for Duke Energy. Duke and the Colts have a relationship that goes back many years. 

This year, she was invited to bring a few colleagues to training camp to enjoy watching practice from a suite at Grand Park.


"This is awesome," she said. "It's a perfect venue." 

On game days, she sits in their suite at Lucas Oil Stadium, which is also a perfect venue to host guests and showcase Indianapolis.

"It provides a snapshot of everything Indianapolis offers. It's been a great value to us to be able to bring in customers and prospective customers and strategic partners, so they too can see what we see in terms of the draw the team has here in the city as well as in the state of Indiana."

And that's another opportunity season ticket members have been treated to this year. 

"We had a couple of suites that were going unsold for preseason, so we actually invited a select group of season ticket holders to come out and enjoy the game in a suite – probably an experience they've never had in the past," Ondrejko said.


Joe Head has been a Colts season ticket holder for almost 20 years. 

"Since Peyton Manning got here back in '98," he said. "Peyton Manning brought my mom into the fold. So, my mom got season tickets, my dad got season tickets, and it was a family thing from then on. It's just like family."

During the preseason game against the Ravens, the Colts treated him like family and put him up in a suite.

"This is awesome," he said. "This is worth admission, just coming in here for the food. And the seats are so comfortable."


DeAnn Pruitt and her husband, Rick, made the two-and-a-half hour drive from Chesterton, Indiana, just like they do for all the Colts home games. 

"We love the team. We love coming down here. We love coming to the games. We love football, and the Colts are our team," DeAnn said.

"We make a weekend out of this," said Rick. "We come on Saturday and we go home Monday."


They watched the preseason game against the Ravens from a suite and got a whole new perspective on game day. 

"It was a very nice gesture," DeAnn said. "It's pretty cool. It's a different view."

When the season starts, they'll be back in their own seats. That's where they've been for the past 10 years. And they can't imagine watching the Colts from anywhere else.  

"We're with them no matter what," DeAnn said. "We've had some rough times and we're still here."

And that's what makes season ticket members so special.


The Colts appreciate all their fans. 

But the ones who show up week after week, year after year, aren't just fans – they're family.

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