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Colts Mailbag Weekend Edition: What Type Of Season Will Phillip Dorsett Have In 2016?

Intro: In Saturday’s mailbag, readers inquire about the progress of second-year cornerback D’Joun Smith, a Colts’ Fantasy Football sleeper and how the 2015 draft class is coming along.


CANTON, Ohio. – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

With the abundance of questions in recent weeks, we will have two mailbags each week. This one comes via a weekend edition (here’s the Wednesday version from this week).

Zach M. (Goose Creek, SC)

Hey Mr. Bowen! I really appreciate you answering my last question, it makes the last couple days without football bearable. So my question this time is about Dorsett. I know he bulked up this offseason and was interested on how that effected his playing and speed. Has it shown in camp at all? I hear he is making plays and having a good camp but I just want to know if you think he has progressed enough to be worth the first round pick we used on him. I love our top 3 receivers and excited to see what they can do. Thanks and have a good day!

Bowen: It's been a nice camp for Dorsett. You see the playmaking ability that the Colts have to get involved in their offense. In Anderson, Dorsett has touched the ball in multiple ways. That should be expected in the fall. Every time you ask a coach about Dorsett, they say, 'If the health is there, the plays will follow.' Dorsett is such a key piece to this offense truly flourishing in 2016.

Eric S. (Boynton Beach, FL)

First let me say that I found this mailbag this offseason and I found it a great source to stay current with the Colts. So thank you Kevin for that!

Let's say in a perfect world Djoun Smith steps up and/or Darius Butler is repositioned. This would leave Mr Smith as the 3rd cornerback and the starting nickel corner. Next you have Denzelle Good that beats out Hugh Thornton for the starting Right Guard. This could be up for debate but Quan Bray is a starter as a return man.

Following that you have Henry Anderson, Clayton Geathers, Phillip Doresett, and David Parry. This leaves 7 starters from the 2015 Draft class.

Question 1: Is that some sort of record?

Question 2: Does that make every analysts that questioned the Colts ability to draft and develop players stupid? Or just mis-informed?

As I know you are a big believer in determing the quality of a draft class a few years after the draft. I thought I would pose the question at least. Thanks again for keeping all of us informed!

Bowen: The potential in the 2015 draft is blossoming. Off the top of my head, I would guess seven is an extremely high number for a draft class. If you count a third wide receiver and a third cornerback as a starter the Colts have the names WR-Jacoby Brissett, CB-D'Joun Smith, DE-Henry Anderson, S-Clayton Geathers, NT-David Parry, OT-Deznelle Good…then your undrafted return man in Quan Bray. Draft grades are always so premature. They are done, but people should take all of that with a grain of salt. Proper evaluations have to wait. Who would have thought Good could go from the second-to-last pick of the draft, to a starter? Patience is key in the development of rookies and the Colts will now be relying on many of those '15 guys in their second seasons.

Joshua B. (Little Point, IN)

Mr. Bowen,

I have been reading the mailbag for quite a while now, but have never tried to submit a question. You seem to get the same questions regurgitated over and over. I realize during this time of year that is inevitable, but does that get monotonous? Also, in this day of instantaneous news, do you think a team can really be under the radar as Mr. Irsay recently said? And lastly, I think I remember a recent mailbag where you had a fantasy football question. I have won leagues 4 out of the last 6 years, and have 6 teams this year. I have at least one Colt if not more on each team. Any possible deep sleepers I can lookout for? Again thank you for handling all of our questions week in and week out. Go COLTS!!!

Bowen: Haha, Josh, I try to put just one question in a week that covers a topic we get several inquiries on. That keeps the mailbag from being too redundant. I also know that not everyone reads each mailbag (I wish they did!). In terms of flying under the radar, the Colts have certainly not received the same amount of national attention. You see it from the national media no longer coming out to Anderson day-after-day, like they did in 2015. For Fantasy Football, I'm not sure if he's a sleeper, but Dwayne Allen could be a major red-zone threat in 2016. Allen isn't in the upper echelon of fantasy tight ends, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if he has an 8-to-10 touchdown season.

Isak H. (Mexico City)

Hi Kevin, how are you? This is not actually a question, but I just wanted to praise what Donte Moncrief did for Zurlon Tipton's family. I guess many NFL players nowadays are getting in so much trouble, that few of them actually think of being who Moncrief is, not only because of this, but because we know the stories of how he left college to sustain his family. Hats off to him. Many players should be looking up to him.

Bowen: Doing well, Isak. Good to hear from you again. For those that might have missed the Moncrief/Tipton story, it's a must read. Tremendous gesture by Moncrief.

Olin L. (Las Vegas)

I read your comment on my previous question. Besides from the Colts, I'm a big OU Sooners fan and Samaje Perine is the top running back for them. Say he decides to enter the NFL Draft after 2016 do you think he'll be a fit in IND?

Bowen: Olin, the little I watched of Oklahoma last season, I'm a fan of Perine and his running style. In these sorts of questions, I remind fans that the early returns on the 2017 running back class is *DEEP. *That's music to the ears of Colts' fans. The Colts have a variety of backs currently on their roster, so I don't think there's a specific skillset they will desire, if they do indeed take a back next April.

Trent R. (Greenfield, IN)

Hey Kevin. It took me a little time, but I finally found another question for you! Thanks again for answering all of these questions for everyone. It makes for an enjoyable read every week! This question is about the front seven on defense. After the questions surrounding the depth chart at ILB have been going around, with neither Sio Moore or Nate Irving giving any ground to the other, I have began to wonder if a change to a 4-3 defense could happen, with the occasional shift back to 3-4 on pass rushing downs. It certainly makes sense, seeing as we have a ton of depth on the D-line, and we could shift Moore back to OLB for versatility. While it would be a major shift, would cause us to create a brand new playbook, and may not even work out, you can't deny the potential of having a stronger run defense, which, to be blunt, was horrific at times last season, with an extra man up front. In this case we could even move Trent Cole to DE, where I believe his strength will help greatly. Thanks Again!!

Bowen: Ever since Ted Monachino was hired back in January, he's stated that multiplicity (from a formation look) is going to be a staple. So, yes, expect fronts to look different throughout the course of a game. Now, I still think the personnel will read like a 3-4 (three defensive linemen, four linebackers). In camp, we've seen a lot of nickel looks from the defense, which is expected, given how the NFL is trending.

Jeffery D. (Shreveport, LA)

Alright Mr.Bowen got excited to see my last question in the mailbag.

Now im wondering about the secondary Im really loving the addition of Patrick Robinson believe me I've been a fan since Jim Harbaugh and Marshall faulk and we have had really horrible secondary play over the years Do you think this is the best secondary we have had in the last 20 years cause I do believe me sir Ive sat through some rough games and also do you see Djoun Smith making a impact this year?

Bowen: Let's not crown the Colts' secondary in that realm just yet. We still don't know the extent of Clayton Geathers' injury and when he might return. I do think there's plenty of potential with that secondary. Patrick Robinson showed signs last year of being a very solid corner. The Colts need that opposite Vontae Davis, particularly with what this defense calls for from the cornerback position. Mike Adams has been more than Mr. Steady in his two-plus seasons her in Indy. Geathers is the expected starter, but T.J. Green is receiving significant reps right now and that should pay dividends for his rookie playing time. This secondary could be a strength, but several questions are still left unanswered. After a little more than a week in camp, D'Joun Smith continues to push for playing time in the nickel personnel grouping. His playing time is likely going to come down to the role of Darius Butler. Keeping Butler at corner, likely means him occupying that nickel spot again this season. Right now, Smith would be just behind that. I could easily see Smith pushing for that spot though.

Victor M. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hi Kevin,

I've never sent a question for the mailbag, because basically all my curiosities are covered by other fans questions, but this is not a "real football" question.

What is the problem with the Madden ratings? There's no punters or kickers with ratings above 86. McAfee is that 86 guy, with 97 kick power and 98 kick accuracy, what else makes such a big difference in being a good punter (or kicker)?

Another thing that annoys me, the undervalued vets. D'Qwell Jackson had almost 400 combined tackles the last two seasons, Mike Adams had more than 10 takeaways and was playing in the last 2 pro-bowls, but they do not have at least 80 in rating. I only have looked at the Colts players, but I'm sure there are other vets around the league with that kind of "underappreciation".

Could you share some of your thoughts about it?

Bowen: The 12-year-old Kevin Bowen would be throwing his controller about Madden ratings. This one hasn't even looked at them. Predicting Madden ratings is so far off my radar, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Sorry for not having more insight, but I have not idea how EA Sports goes about their ratings. Based off some of the numbers above, it's clearly not an exact science. Good luck building your dynasty.

Evan B. (New Philly, OH)

Hello Kevin, how are you today? I was wondering if your going to be at the hall of fame game this Sunday.? I myself am going and would like to see you there. Have a nice day and, Go Colts!

Bowen: Evan, I'm doing wonderful. Great weekend in Canton, Ohio. I will certainly be there on Sunday night. Come down to the lower level (if you can) about 45 minutes before kickoff. We will be doing a live stream on the field. Just yell my name and I'll come over. Enjoy the game!

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