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Colts Mailbag - February 26, 2014 (Part Two)

This week, mailbag readers ask or talk about if Anthony Castonzo should be moved from left tackle, why there has been no action this off-season involving veterans, if an alternative uniform is possible, Josh Chapman’s weight, how the team will use its cap space, if the season will expand beyond 16 games, if Darren McFadden or Chris Johnson is a possibility, if the team will discuss what it learned at the combine, if prospects from minor leagues are fair game and who we think Houston will take with the first overall choice This is part two of two. Please check for part one.





INDIANAPOLIS – Readers of may submit questions during the week and have a chance to have them answered during the middle of each week.  **Submit your question here**.  Here are responses to some of the questions received recently.  We thank you for your interest in the Colts.

CHRIS M. (from Sioux Falls, SD) The Sioux Falls Storm have been the best team in their division for the past five years.  Is there any possibility of picking players up from a team from the IFL?  With the addition of Rob Chudzinski, what will his impact be on the offense or defense?  Just curious how his job position will work out

A:  Under Ryan Grigson, we have signed players from a few other leagues, including the IFL.  If a player out there is not under contract, he is fair game.  Dominique Jones, who is not with us right now, is an example of an IFL player (Reading Express) who has played for us.  If there is someone out there who can help us, I bet Ryan and his staff already have eyeballs into it.  As for Rob Chudzinski, he will be another resource for the staff.  He is a good fit with Chuck and other assistants.  Rob will help administrate some matters on a daily basis for coach and can assist in game management and in every phase of the team. 

JASON B. (from Knoxville, TN) With the Colts' need at DB, do you think Marcus Williams of North Dakota State would be a good fit in our system?  We could probably get him in the sixth or seventh round, and he started for a team that won three consecutive FCS national championships.

A:  I will have to plead a bit of ignorance on Marcus Williams.  Other than checking his size and numbers (he did a lot of things very well defensively and on special teams), I don't really have much information on him, or on our plans.  You like when players are durable and win.  Marcus did both there, so teams could be looking at him.  I'm sure our guys have done some work on Marcus (who was not a combine invitee to my understanding – not that that stopped Robert Mathis on bit), but anything else I could say would be uninformed conjecture.  Thanks for the letter and being a fan.  I like when people like you use the word 'our' when referring to the Colts.


PAYTON C. (from California) With free agency nearing and us having Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw hitting the market, do you possibly see the Colts looking at a Chris Johnson or Darren McFadden, who could possibly come in at a decent price and be a utility back for us with Richardson being our power and Ballard being our playmaker?  Since McFadden has had some injuries, he could be a good plug-in playmaker for us.**

A:  I'm not sure the prices attached to either (if they become free agents) would be 'decent,' and I don't get the sense this would be the direction in which we would go.  Ryan and Chuck are keeping information tight on what our plans are for free agency at this point.  It's the best thing to do, and things will come into clearer focus in the second week of March.  I would think that talents like the two you mention are much more than 'plug-ins' behind other players.

JACK F. (from Gary, Indiana) After the combine is over are there any participants the Colts' head coach and general manager talk about drafting or having interest in?

A:  We don't make it a practice to tip our hand to our scouting efforts.  Remember, we are competing against 31 other teams, and none of them do so either.  So much goes into the scouting process and the combine is just one component, and it is not to our advantage to be forthcoming with our information until the proper time.  Fans have a great interest and that's wonderful, but the best thing we can do is go about our business and land players that can forward our program.  It never hurts to ask like you did, and I am sure you understand why we button up information.


AVERY S. (from Arizona) With the Texans being in the AFC South, who, in your honest opinion, will go number one overall?  I think it's scary to think about Johnny Manziel and/or Jadeveon Clowney being in the AFC South next season.**

A:  Regardless of who they take, it will be a good player and one they hope will contribute for years (the same is true with Jacksonville at third and Tennessee at 11th).  Houston GM Rick Smith said last week after the season they had (2-14 after starting 2-0) there are a number of things to fix.  He didn't think there would be internal pressure applied to take a player at any one position (ie:  Manziel) but that the biggest need of the franchise would be what happens.  They are evaluating everything with a new coach, and it's a team that has won recently.  A quick rebound could happen.  I have no idea who they'll take, but it's relatively safe to assume it will be someone we'll have to contend with (like we did with Mario Williams for years).  Let's just hope whoever it is doesn't have the impact Andrew Luck has had (10-2 vs. AFC South), or some of our stars did when the AFC South was created in 2002 (ie:  Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, EJ, Reggie Wayne come to mind and Dwight Freeney comes to Houston's mind).  You could state a case that each AFC South team would pursue a QB and like every team, there are areas for them to address.  We certainly are interested since we would like to know what direction our game planning will take since division battles account for almost 40 percent of our games.     

DENNIS B. (from Speedway, IN) I was wondering if Jared Abbrederis from Wisconsin is on the Colts' draft board.  Love his game and ability to turn defenders around to get open. I've followed his career and am impressed with his production, even though he came from a running school and played with three different QBs.

A:  I'm sure he's among all prospects on the board (there are hundreds).  Where he is, though, I would have no idea.  I won't ask, nor would I need to know.  Like other people who are asking about specific draft-eligible players and those who will ask before May, I only see the same measurable results as you do.  Jared's combine numbers may not have inspired some (except in the bench press), but there is more to the game than those drills.  One note I saw was of the top 15 40-yard dash times set by WRs in the last five years, only one has a 1,000-yard season.  Jared was a walk-on who looks to be sort of a Griff Whalen type – very technical, precise and productive.  That's about all I know and as I've said before, you like guys who excel in big-time programs.   

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