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Colts Wednesday Mailbag: Should The Colts Take An Offensive Lineman In Round One?

Intro: This Wednesday, mailbag readers inquire about the prospect of drafting Alabama’s Reuben Foster, an update on David Parry and how the 2017 season could look for Josh Ferguson/Curt Maggitt.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:

Noah H. (Jasper, IN)

Hello Kevin, so I was thinking.... why don't the Colts trade their first round pick and another pick in the future for the Atlanta Falcons 1st round pick and Tevin Coleman. I believe it would work for both sides. Even if the Colts have to add a couple more picks to make the trade happen. How do you feel about this?

Bowen: I don't think the Falcons would be too willing to make this trade happen. Acquiring one of the league's better young backs AND their first-round pick is going to take quite the asking price for the Colts. Yes, the Colts need to upgrade the running back position via a young piece, but they still have to have the other picks to take care of the remaining needs. The asking price is too steep for this to happen.

Tim H. (Lafayette, IN)

HI Kevin I sent in a message but didnt see your response. Interested in or explain why the colts haven't signed Hankins DT and Brown ILB? Or do we have the talent we need now or looking more at the draft? I hear we need to develop our team. Does this mean we are years from playoff potential? AFC South is getting better. Are we still in the mix or behind
Thanks. Tim. Go Colts

Bowen: It sounds like the Colts have just about all their attention towards the draft. I'm sure you saw Zach Brown signed a deal with the Redskins on Monday. I would say the Colts are definitely not "years from playoff potential." They missed it by one game last season and had the 30th ranked defense in the NFL. The talent still must improve, but the Colts should still be in contention for the AFC South in 2017.

Mike L. (Danielle, IN)

Thanks for doing this, it's a huge help for colts fans like myself to see what you think of are ideas we have for the draft and the Colts in general as huge Colts fans. If Jonathan Allen is there at 10 or at max 12 do you think the colts will trade up to get him. I seen on mock draft Zierlein 3.0 he had Allen at no 12 to the browns. Allen would be a huge upgrade upfront to are defense. If Allen is there at either 10-12 we should go up and get him without giving up No 15 pick in the first round. If we keep 15 draft Allen and pick foster with No 15. That would be a huge upgrade to are poor defense. Then draft a CB in the 3rd or 4th. Then draft a RB later in the draft.

Bowen: No problem, Mike. Always look forward to it. This an interesting question. A falling Jonathan Allen is something we've seen lately in Mock Drafts. Will the injury concerns on him send the interior defensive lineman all the way down to the middle of Round One? Now, for the Colts to move up in Round One, they will undeniably have to give up their first-round pick. If the Colts didn't, they would be sending a bevy of their remaining draft picks to move up. Under your scenario, I think you are waiting too long on a cornerback and don't have an edge rusher either.

Benny F. (El Paso, TX)

This rb class is deep, I think the colts can get a good quality rb in the third round, but who would it might be? I'm thinking D'onte Foreman from Texas. Your thoughts?

Bowen: It seems like once every few weeks we get a "thoughts on D'Onta Foreman" question. I'm not sure if Foreman is in the mold of a back the Colts should go after. In my opinion, the Colts could use a quicker back to complement Frank Gore/Robert Turbin. Having said that, if the Colts are looking for simply the next lead back in place of Gore, a guy like Foreman makes more sense. I'm thinking more 2017 first, than the future. So that's why I side more on the speed element at running back.

Aditya D. (Bettendorf, IA)

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for doing these mailbags, they help answer a lot of questions.
My question is: If the Colts selected a CB in the first round, which of the top CBs do you think would be available at their pick?

Bowen: There doesn't appear to be a consensus on a definite cornerback going in the top 10. Of the Mock Drafts I've seen, the Ohio StateFlorida cornerbacks and Marlon Humphrey have probably been the most popular names in that range. But cornerback isn't like safety this year, where there's a clear-cut No. 1 guy going in the top 10. S-Jamal Adams from LSU would be that guy.

Shannon M. (Fort Wayne, IN)

Hello Mr. Bowen. I really just don't know where to begin. So I guess I'll start with...I'm still banging on the table for an all defensive draft. I heard someone say once that defense wins championships, but maybe I'm just crazy. After hearing Irsay, Ballard and Pagano's comments at the owners meeting about RB,OL, and TE I don't think I'm going to get my way.... Poor table. Maybe I'll get lucky and the Colts will draft at least 5 defensive players. Anyway on to my question. 

I was listening to a scout say every great defense has had that leader with a psycho mentality like Ray Lewis, Brian Dawkins, Mike Singletary, Ronnie Lot, and the list goes on. Who do you See in the draft that fits that description of an all out high impact psycho personality on the field defensive team leader the Colts could draft? Or do we now, possibly, have that person already on our team?

Thanks always

Go Colts

Bowen: I'd be lying to you if I said I knew the personalities that well to throw those labels on certain guys. But I do agree with you that such a personality should be a trait the Colts look for when thinking towards future building blocks on defense. As far as the current roster, Antonio Morrison definitely has the "all out" mindset that you are looking for to play in the middle of your defense.

Wayne P. (Middletown, CT)

Hi Kevin,
I love your mailbags and the feedback you give us diehard Colt fans. It's been a while, but I would like your opion on a question I've been asking myself during this entire off season. With our defense needing a lot of work, is Ted Monicheno (please correct the spelling of his last name for me)the guy we want as our DC? I've been thinking, why don't we go after Rex Ryan? Rex is a masterful DC and he worked with Chuck when they were together in Baltimore. I just think Rex could improve our defense immensely and is a guy who can build a defense that can beat the Patriots. Appreciate your thoughts on this.

Bowen: We had this question over the weekend. Rex Ryan wasn't available when the Colts made the hiring of Ted Monachino. Who knows if Ryan wants to be a coordinator again. Maybe he's holding out for his next head coaching job. I do think Monachino deserves another chance with all the new personnel now on that side of the ball.

Tony C. (Charleston, SC)

Hey Kevin. With the Colts possibly moving back to gain more draft picks, do you think they will release players so they can sign more undrafted free agents? I know we have space for 18 players (7 draft picks and 11 udfas). If we get two more draft picks, would we draft less udfas or release players to make room for more ufdas? With so little time to evaluate the current roster (about one week from offseason workouts and the draft) and compare it to the udfas, it seems like it would be very hard to decide. Do potential draft picks actually work out for teams during their private meetings before the draft? Sorry for all the questions. I am not that familiar how it all works. (I guess lots of film study!) Thanks for the insight.

Bowen: The backend of the roster is always going to be fluid. That "18" number should not be set in stone. If the Colts believe they can find more quality in the undrafted group, they will not hesitate to make room for them. Prospects do not work out for the teams they visit.

Tyler M. (Greenwood, IN)

Hey Kevin first time ever writing! So even after the signing of Kamar Aiken what do you think the chances of the Colts going wide receiver in the early rounds and why I am thinking of this because the Colts surprisingly went after Alshon Jeffery in free agency which makes me wonder in Luck's conversation with Ballard if he want's another playmaker at wide receiver? Also my grandpaw said something about a lineman camp the Colts are doing and I was wondering if you had any details that you could give me on it! 

Thanks for your time Kevin love all the work that you and Caroline and the rest of the crew do and that's for keeping us informed this offseason!

Bowen: I do not expect the Colts to look for a wide receiver in the early rounds. Yes, you had the Alshon Jeffrey talks early in free agency. But I think with the signing of Kamar Aiken, he gives the Colts a veteran guy to help push Donte Moncrief and Jacoby Brissett to their potential. In regards to your football camp inquiry, check this out for more details.

Kevin R. (Michigan)

Ok, so last year, Ryan grigson put a lot of effort into fixing the online by using all those draft picks on them. But Andrew still taking a beating, how will the colts fix the online troubles? They used all those draft picks on them, but it didn't work.

Bowen: It's time to let those guys develop. When the Colts inserted three 2016 rookies into the starting lineup late last season, the line played its best of the season. I fully expect the Colts to give those younger bodies chances to play together and see if they can build off what was shown late last year.

Javan R. (Georgia)

Do you think it would be smart for the Colts to go after Richard Sherman , and as for the draft do you think the Colts should go for a shifty speed back or a powerful running back ?

Bowen: I think you have to get younger at cornerback and take advantage of the very deep corner group here in 2017. I would not go after Sherman. As far as running back, I'm in the "shifty/speed" mold, given what you already have on the roster with Frank Gore and Robert Turbin.

John O. (Seattle)

Thanks for your time answering our questions. First I wanted to ask if there were any changes to the coaching staff from last year to this year? Our secondary saw Pagano step in and help - should we expect the same or did we bring in more coaching help? 
Lastly, I'm curious to know the overall feeling within the Colts building. It seems like the movement within the organization has been positive, but can you can you get a sense of this throughout the facility? Curious to know your thoughts on the culture and overall 'vibe' (for lack of a better word) on this Colts regime under Ballard. 

Can't wait to cheer on the Colts here in Seattle this year. Hoping the twelve go home sad as I proudly wear the white and blue!!

Thanks, John

Bowen: The Colts made one switch on their coaching staff, parting ways with wide receivers coach Lee Hull and replacing him with Sanjay Lal. With Pagano, I think he's always naturally going to gravitate towards the defensive side of the ball, and especially the secondary. I would say the overall vibe is very positive around the Colts building right now. Jim Irsay continues to gush about Chris Ballard and his ability to relate to all parts of the building, and even with players/agents, etc.

Jason R. (Kokomo)

Hi Kevin. As usual thank you for your time and insight. Now as our defense is the main issue being focused on this offseason. And with most of the talk per draft having us taking either a DE, LB, or corner. My question is.. What are the Colts doing about David Parry? (Arrested/ charges) Personally I like him. He and Anderson work very well together. But our new GM does want BIGGER bodies in there. So again is his job in danger? Thank you again and I look forward to reading your mailbag whenever it comes out. Go Colts!!!

Bowen: We had a couple of David Parry questions this week. As of now, I don't think David Parry's job is in too much danger. Chuck Pagano talked at the League Meetings how Parry has played winning football for this team in his two NFL seasons. The Colts did bring Al Woods into the mix to offer some competition at nose tackle. Unless the Colts find a true nose tackle in the draft, which I think is difficult given how college football has shifted over the years, I'd expect Parry to still be playing quite a bit this season.

Isak H. (Mexico City)

Hi! How are you? So the draft is closer everyday, and those interviews with Chris Ballard and Jim Irsay gave us a ton of clues. That leads to the following question, would CB Adoree Jackson be a good fit in Indianapolis? He's definitely worth it, I mean, you get a premium corner who is also a great WR and a very good return man. That's four positions in one player. Ballard seems to like versatility. In a completely unrelated topic, why is nobody talking about Austin Blythe?

Bowen: I don't know about Jackson. You mention his versatility, but the Colts really need a true corner to come in and play from Day One. Any other positions would be a bonus. I think it's more important to find a true corner than it is to get greedy with a guy like Jackson. As far as Austin Blythe, we just haven't seen much out of him. He struggled in his only true playing time, when he started at right guard over in London. With Brian Schwenke coming over in free agency, I wonder where Blythe fits. Do the Colts have room for two interior reserves, like they did last year?

Carl T. (Phoenix, AZ)

Hi Kevin. I dont think the Colts are done on offense yet. Do you see the Colts taking a giant offensive lineman from Wisconsin in the first round? The Colts have struggled at right tackle. They also need a running back. Do you think a running back out of Stanford could have a spot on this roster? I know the Colts need defense too. JS.

Bowen: Weekly readers to the mailbag know that I'm not a fan of a Round One offensive lineman. I agree with you, I don't think the Colts are done at offense yet. I think a later-round offensive lineman makes more sense, while the defense receives more of the attention early in the draft. I also believe a running back and a tight end, in the later rounds, fits what the Colts would like to come out of the draft with in a couple of weeks.

Logan C. (Philadelphia)

Hi Kevin. My question probably involves a very unlikely draft scenario but is a quite possible one because I don't know if there are still big red flags on some of these guys or not. The 1st and 2nd rounds should be a pass rusher and a cornerback. In the 3rd, the best available to improve the team should be taken. 

Here's the unlikely scenario: With all three 4th round picks what would you say to the Colts nabbing Tim Williams, Joe Mixon, and Sidney Jones? 

Touching on that these three are too good to pass up on in the fourth round in my opinion. All three are first round draft picks that will most likely take a big slide. With Williams I have no clue what all of his red flags are, all I've heard is that they are similar to Randy Gregory. With Mixon I know what's up with him but someone is gonna take him so why not a team that has no legitimate future at RB. And finally Sidney Jones was a top 3 corner in the draft until his injury. Though he most likely won't play this coming season he may be able to play like his first round grade insists for next season.

I know this is an unlikely scenario but with three potential megastars falling to the 4th round it's a no brainer to me to take the chance on all of them especially if we are thinking of the Super Bowl. Thank you and I'm looking forward to reading your response!

Bowen: I would be surprised if all three of those guys fell all the way to Round Four. Somebody is going to go ahead and make a move on those talents earlier than the start of Day Three. In my opinion, if the Colts want one of those guys, they must act earlier than Round Four, but I'm not sure if they are in a position to take a chance in selecting one of them.

Juet D. (Philadelphia)

Hey Mr. Bowen big fan! I was wondering how you felt about my mock draft.

Round 1- Marlon Humphrey CB 

Round 2- Demarcus Walker DE

Round 3- Joe Mixon RB (he's to hard to pass up.)

Round 4- Sidney Jones CB

Round 4- Vincent Taylor DE

Round 4- Devonte Fields OLB

Round 5- Corey Clements RB

I feel like this draft is going to be real special and go very well for us no matter who we pick!

Bowen: Where's your early edge rusher? I love Demarcus Walker, but he's not a 3-4 outside linebacker. That's my worry with your mock. You fill plenty of needs. However, the OLB need is still there in trying to select a pure pass rusher.

Max B. (Indiana)

What does the Running back class for next year look like i have no idea and was wondering if we just could skip out on running back this year unless Fournette happened to fall to us at 15 which I realize is highly unlikely. Also what happened with the colts from are playoff team to becoming 8-8 the past two years. I know that this is a long question but were do you think that T.Y is next to the other great receivers in the NFL.

Bowen: Eh, I don't like this idea. Frank Gore is in a contract year at the age of 34. You need to take a running back to learn behind a future Hall of Famer. I don't know exactly what the draft depth is like at running back in 2018, but I don't think you can wait another year on not taking a RB. The biggest reason the Colts have been .500 the past two seasons is due to the struggles on defense. The Colts haven't found a sustained pass rush. With T.Y. Hilton, I think he's a top 5-to-10 receiver in the NFL. Just a little more consistency over a 16-game season is the only thing keeping Hilton from being an All-Pro.

Jeffrey K. (Colquitt, GA)

Hey Kevin how are you today I have a few draft suggestions and Mock Drafts. 

  1. Should the Colts trade down in the first round to draft Charles Harris?

Mock Draft:
Round 1. Charles Harris OLB
Round 2. Kevin King CB
Round 2. Raekwon McMillan ILB
Round 3. Joe Mixon RB
Round 4. Eddie Jackson FS
Round 4. Shaun Griffin CB
Round 4. Carrol Phillips OLB
Round 5. Jalen Maybin Reeves ILB

  1. Should the Colts trade Phillip Dorsett and Vontae Davis for extra draft picks?

Mock Draft:
Round 1. Haason Reddick ILB
Round 2. Tyus Bowser OLB
Round 3. Fabian Moreau CB
Round 4. Rasul Douglas CB
Round 4. Anthony Walker ILB
Round 4. Samaje Perine RB
Round 5. Jordan Leggett TE

  1. Should the Colts release Kendall Langford and pursue DT Johnathan Hankins?

Mock Draft:
Round 1. Gareon Conley CB
Round 2. Tim Williams OLB
Round 3. Montavious Adams DT
Round 4. Ahkello Witherspoon CB
Round 4. Brian Hill RB
Round 4. Marquel Lee ILB
Round 5. Lorenzo Jerome SS

  1. Which Mock Draft do you like the best?

Thanks for your time Kevin have a great day

Bowen: I'm probably a fan of either the first or second Mock Draft. You really take care of what the off-season list looks like for the Colts. I will say I don't agree with the ideas of trading Davis/Dorsett or releasing Langford. Davis and Langford are two of the most important players the Colts have in 2017.

Abraham B. (New York)

Hey Kevin,

With talk of drafting a running back in the upcoming draft, what role does RB Josh Ferguson play? Is still a factor in the Colts offensive future?

Bowen: Ah, what a forgotten name. I'm curious to see what Josh Ferguson can show in his second season. After giving Ferguson some early chances behind Frank Gore last year, the Colts turned away from the undrafted rookie in about mid-October. The Colts are going to give Ferguson another shot. His skillset is too unique not to. But the drafting of a running back is going to limit Ferguson's chances, which he had a bunch of last season.

Kade M. (Texas)

Could you compare Foster and Reddick and choose which one would fit the colts scheme better?

Bowen: From what I've read, Foster is a true inside/middle linebacker, whereas Reddick has more versatility to move throughout the linebacker group. Both have their traits that the Colts should covet at linebacker. They are slightly different talents, with both having a playing style the Colts are missing right now.

Stan C. (Minneapolis, MN)

Hey, Kevin! Thanks as always for all your hard work. Just a couple brief hypotheticals for you today:

If by some unlikely chance Reuben Foster fell to 15, I think he would be the best overall player left on the board by a good margin, in addition to filling a need next to Sean Spence inside. Let's say, for example, that Barnett was gone and a team like the Saints decided that they liked the fit of Reddick more than Foster. If that situation were to occur, we'd have to push back an edge rusher and CB by one round each, leaving a major need open until the 3rd round.

You're Mr. Ballard. 1) Do you pull the trigger on Foster, take a worthy corner, or reach for one of the remaining edge rushers? I know you're not like the so-called "experts" who are seemingly desperate to mock us an OL, thank God. 2) If you do go for Foster, which CB/edge players do you target in round 2? 3) Which position do you leave for round 3 if you had the choice? Your choice, mind you, not the easy cop-out answer of "let the board dictate to you". What would be your preference?

Bowen: 1. I pull the trigger on Foster. I know this differs a bit from what I've been saying in past mailbags. But it's not like inside linebacker isn't a need for the Colts. 2. All depends on what the draft board looks like at that point. You know there's going to be a run on pass rushers at some point, so I might lean more towards that position. 3. I guess I'm leaving cornerback to Round Three. The more I think about it, the more I question my method of thinking to this question. That's a lot to ask for a rookie third-round corner to come in and start from Day One.

Rickey H. (Avon, IN)

Hey Kevin! First time caller, long time listener!!! Lol. I've been reading your mailbag each week for awhile now and always look forward to it. Keep up the great work! My question is about the o line. How do you see the right side shaking out? Where does Haeg play? Guard or tackle? I'm very concerned about keeping luck on the field. I know our defense needs major help but if we don't have Andrew out there it won't matter. This draft is supposedly weak on the o line and it seemed like we didn't really go after any of the top free agents. Just wanted to see if you had any insight to ease my mind. 


Bowen: Great to have you, Rickey. If you are going to play tomorrow, I see Joe Haeg at right guard and Le'Raven Clark at right tackle. Then my backups would be Denzelle Good on the outside and Brian Schwenke in the interior. The combo of Haeg and Clark at RG/RT late last season was pretty solid together. I think they deserve an extended look.

Dave L. (Colchester, VT)

Another question for you to help me get a better picture on some players. I know you want to pick a defensive player with our 2nd round pick but if the Colts pick an offensive lineman with that pick who do you think would be the bests o lineman left on the board? Thanks for all the time you put into answering our questions.

Bowen: Probably the best swing tackle/guard. Gauging how the offensive linemen are going to come off the board is difficult this year. It appears there are less than a handful of OL receiving Round One grades. I think the swing tackle (like Joe Haeg) makes the most sense to me.

Jesse S. (Palm Bay, FL)

I know the Colts are very willing to trade down throughout the upcoming draft in order to accumulate more picks; I like this strategy. My question is this: Which players, if any, in this year's draft class do you think are too good for the Colts to pass on if they are still available when the Colts pick at #15?

Bowen: The elite defenders would be too much to say no to. Guys like Reuben Foster, Jamal Adams, Derek Barnett etc. Those names would be hard to trade back from, unless you feel like you can still get an impact defender moving back into the 20s or so. The cornerback group is another position you could throw into this category, however there's not really a clear-cut top corner in my mind this year. It seems to be a jumbled group at that position.

Ron H. (Newark, DE)

Hi Kevin,

Thanks again for answering my last question. My question this time is one regarding free agency and a possible move. The Dolphins just release Dion Jordan who always seem much better in space or in an upright rush OLB position rather then the DE they were trying to turn him in to. My question is what would be he likelihood of us bring him in for a meeting and possibly signing him? With Ballards emphasis on creating competition at the needed positions I think this would definitely push that agenda for a very little cost to the team. He has a history of getting dinged for PEDs, but I believe that was truly due to the Dolphins pushing him to add a lot of mass to his naturally lean frame to be the physically imposing rusher they wanted on he other side of 280. With him being a natural 6'6 260lb and highly athletic I think giving him a shot at his natural OLB position would probably surge his career for a pow cost to the team.

Bowen: Dion Jordan hasn't played football in two years. He's a much different case than the other signings the Colts have made this offseason. I have no idea what type of football shape Jordan is in or where he's at in terms of still wanting to play the game at this high of a level. I don't see this happening.

Chris N. (Orange County, CA)

Hey Mr. Bowen,

My question regards backup QBs.

In my opinion I think Stephen Morris outplayed Scott Tolzien last year during the preseason. I know they brought in Tolzien for the specific reason to back up #12, but what do the Colts see in him? And what do you think the future is for Stephen Morris?

Bowen: On the list of off-season storylines for the Colts, this isn't high up there. But it is an interesting one. I think with Tolzien, the Colts see what we saw on Thanksgiving last year. Tolzien gave the Colts a chance to win against the Steelers. On a short week, the Colts had a backup quarterback ready to play. That's not always the case. With Stephen Morris, if he has another strong preseason, the Colts are once again going to have a dilemma. Do they go with Morris over Tolzien at backup? Do they have room for three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster? Does another team look to claim Morris?

Marissa M. (Tampa, FL)


It's draft month!! Wooohooo lol. What's your take on draft day if there are a couple wrenches thrown in where....

1- fournette falls to number 15? Would you take him even though you want defense so badly?

2- browns say a day before the draft that they are willing to trade the number 1 pick? Do you attempt to trade UP for Myles garrett? I think he's worth a couple number 1 picks...

3- if Jake butt falls to the 4th rd - do we grab him as he would have been a first rounder this year if not for injury?

Also- why in the world have we not tried to add another CB/nickle back from free agency? Nickell robey-Coleman was a great nickel qb for buffalo - he's young, quick and can't be asking for much this late in FA... or even sam shields 29 years old for a vet leadership depth role... let's say vontae gets hurt this year- now we are relying on first year players or last years back ups to shut down opposing number 1 WR's!!! Antonio brown and AJ green are gonna have a career game if that happens! maybe you can explain a little more but our CB depth looks frightening and has me frustrated.

Bowen: 1. He's not falling to 15. Unless the defensive board is completely barren, I would not take Fournette. 2. No. No. No. You would totally obliterate this draft and a future draft with what you would have to give up to get the No. 1 pick. 3. I think you look into it. If the injury concerns are checked off, the Colts should be okay with taking him. It's a very deep tight end class though in 2017, so there should be other options with a little safer injury history. As far as corner, I was surprised the Colts didn't look more into this position during free agency. Maybe the draft depth at CB played a role into why the Colts didn't go down that route. It would not shock me at all if the Colts draft two corners in 2017.

Dustin S. (Alaska)

Hey Kevin, thanks for doing this mailbag. It's great to see all the thoughts other fans have about the upcoming draft/roster.

My question is about inside linebacker, every great defense has always had a true ILB. Reuben Foster is a big name, what I'm not a fan of the "attitude" (at least that's what the media tells us). What do you think the chances are of us taking Conor Harris out of Lindenwood? Scouts compare him to Chris Borland, if he did indeed transitioned his game to the pros like Borland did he could be a great ILB. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Also, why does everyone want to draft a RB this year? Why could we not wait until next year to get a high draft pick RB who could be a day 1 starter? 

Anyways take it easy!

Bowen: We get into the running back question earlier in the mailbag. I don't know much about Harris, however Lindenwood has sent guys to the NFL before. I'm really curious to see how/if the Colts add an inside linebacker in the draft. You could make a case for it coming in Round One, if a guy like Foster falls. And you could also make a compelling case for selecting one later in the draft, too.

Sunil A. (Houston)

Hi Kevin, 
Thank you very much for answering my questions promptly in the past. You provide a great service to Colts fans like me who live in an 'enemy' territory. My question this time is about two UFA's that the Colts signed after the drafts last year, who had been projected by many draft experts to get drafted in the first couple of rounds, but ware unsigned until the Colts picked them. One of them was OLB Curt Maggitt out of Tennessee whose stocks dropped probably because of his hip injury and the other was RB Josh Furgusson out of Illinois who dropped for reasons unknown to me. The Colts were considered very lucky to get both of them as UFA's last year. Neither of them, however, did well during their rooky year. Do you believe the Colts will retain them and do you expect them to show significant improvement in their performance during their second year with some valuable NFL experience they got last year under their belts, especially Maggett as a pass rusher?

Bowen: Sunil, happy to help out. We touched on Ferguson earlier in the mailbag. Curt Maggitt is a name we haven't heard much about this offseason. I'm really curious to see what he looks like once the offseason program gets underway. This time last year, Maggitt was in pure rehab mode for a serious hip injury. Now, he's more than a year and a half removed from the injury. I think 2017 could allow to see more of the Maggitt the Colts saw on film a couple of years ago, when the outside linebacker had 11 sacks at Tennessee. Both Ferguson and Maggitt are under contract, so the Colts will get another chance to evaluate them in 2017.

Bryson S. (Flagstaff, AZ)

Hi Kevin! Really love the mailbag, I just wanted to get your thoughts on Clemson's LB Ben Boulware? His tape is phenomenal at the college level and I feel like he isn't being talked about like he could be a great player at the next level. What do you think the chances are the colts will draft a guy like Ben Boulware?

Bowen: Like I said above, the inside linebacker projection is really up in the air for me this year. I have seen a couple of draft pundits say that Boulware might not even get drafted. With the Colts not having a sixth or seventh-round pick right now, they might not be in the market to take a guy like Boulware.

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