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Colts Mailbag

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Colts Mailbag Weekend Edition: Is Reuben Foster The Right Choice In Round One?

Intro: In Saturday’s mailbag, readers inquire about how to handle the cornerback situation in next week’s draft, potentially trading Phillip Dorsett and the fit for Johnathan Hankins.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

With the abundance of questions in recent weeks, we will have two mailbags each week. This one comes via a weekend edition (here’s the Wednesday version from this week).

Stan C. (Minneapolis)

Hey, Kevin! Thanks as always for all your hard work! Here are three potential scenarios for the first 3 rounds. Edge rusher, cornerback, and ILB all need starter-quality players in my view. Here's some possibilities to address those needs:

1) R1(15): Reuben Foster, ILB. R2(46): Tyus Bowser, OLB. R3(80): Rasul Douglas, CB.

2) R1(15): Haason Reddick, LB (used as edge initially). R2(46): Quincy Wilson, CB. R3(80): Anthony Walker, ILB.

3) Trade: IND - R1(15) /// HOU - R1(25), R2(57). R1(25): Charles Harris, Edge. R2(46): Raekwon McMillan, ILB. R2(57): Cordrea Tankersley, CB. R3(80): Kareem Hunt, RB.

Even though I think Foster is the best talent in R1 that we could hope for, I tend to like the other options better. The trade scenario seems perfect to me, as McMillan brings much needed young leadership on D. Tankersley and Ahkello Witherspoon should both be around mid/late round 2 and would fit well in a press-man scheme. Plus, I think Hunt is a stone cold killer and is my favorite round 3/4 back right now. Thoughts?

P.S. I just wanted to share with you and the Colts Nation one of my favorite draft resources, a blog called Steelers Depot and their Draft Player Profile section. They have over 150 extremely detailed profiles, including extensive videos and clips to highlight their pros and cons. Take opinions with a grain of salt, but I've found that their profiles give me a much more well-informed opinion than most of the traditional media sites I've visited over the years.

Bowen: Stan, I'm with you in how you assessed your own scenarios. Yes, Foster is probably the top talent, but I'd lean more towards No. 2 or No. 3. Will Quincy Wilson make it to the second round though? That could be a steal for the Colts in getting a cornerback that might just be a Day One starter. In your third scenario, the Kareem Hunt choice is a really nice offensive addition to add to the Colts.

Jim H. (Forest City, NC)

Hi Kevin
Your doing a great job with mailbag. First I think the oline will just fine with another training camp & preseason together and Clark getting comfortable playing with his hand in the dirt should make them a very effective line. Any additional talent should come from UDFA or waver for the draft my wish list would be 
Rd 1 edge rusher
Rd 2 CB
Rd 3 RB
1st & 2sec pick 4th rd TE & ILB
3rd pick 4th rd &5th rd OLB & CB
I would like to hear your thougt on this. Go Colts!

Bowen: Thanks, Jim. Okay, I like what you're cooking up here with this Mock Draft. You pretty much take care of all the needs/positions I think are most likely to be chosen. You and I agree on the offensive line part of things.

Don H. (Fishers, IN)

I am a huge fan of "Bobzilla" Sanders. His hit/fumble on Benson in the Super Bowl had the RB less enthused about carrying the ball. Your one line answer this week had no info. What's up with 21?

Bowen: Don, check out this link for the latest on Bob Sanders. The last time Sanders spoke publically about his life was at the Hall of Fame induction in August of 2016.

Elliot W. (Evansville, IN)

Hey Kevin,
What do you think the Colts ceiling is this year? Obviously our goal every year is to take home the Lombardi, but realistically, how far can this next season go? Are we strong enough to take back the South, and maybe make it past round one in January?

Bowen: I think your last question is realistic for the Colts. Anyone would be lying if they think that New England is still not the class of the AFC. Pittsburgh and Oakland (with a healthy Derek Carr) would probably be right behind the Patriots. If the Colts can make the necessary defensive strides, they can win the division and win a playoff game (or two).

David S. (Richmond, VA)

If Foster isn't there how about Mr. Reddick at 15? Being a safety in high school he has the speed and agility of a great rusher, but also has the size and strenth to be a hard core inside guy?

Bowen: I'm a fan of it. Reddick is a really curious prospect for me to see just how impactful he can be at the NFL level. The versatility of Reddick has to be interesting to NFL teams.

Ben W. (St. Louis)

Hello Mr. Bowen,

Based on our free agent signings on the defensive side of the ball, what are your expectations of our defense this season?

Bowen: Ask me this again after the draft. Too much stock is going to be invested into what the rookie cornerback group looks like for the Colts next week. If the Colts can find some corners, provide a more consistent pass rush, then I see no reason why Ted Monachino's bunch can't climb towards the middle of the pack for NFL defenses.

Cameron K. (Fort Wayne, IN)

With the retirement of Pat McAfee, do you think taking a punter in the fifth round is a good idea?

Bowen: No. The Colts signed Jeff Locke this offseason. He's a four-year veteran coming over from Minnesota. Locke is the punter with Pat McAfee retired.

Stephen G. (Las Vegas)

Is Tak McKinley really like Robert Mathis? I have seen many mock drafts and experts with the comparison, what do you think Kevin? Thank you for everything you do #FortheShoe

Bowen: From what I've read on McKinley he has those pure pass rushing traits that you want off the edge. The shoulder injury is really the main concern for McKinley. It's a lot to compare McKinley to Mathis, but I do see some similarities in trying to find a 2017 pass rusher that has some 98 in him. It's more of an injury question to me with McKinley.

Theis S. (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hello again Kevin! 
Loving the Jonathan Hankins signing!
How big of a difference do you Think he can make, while also transitioning to the new position at NT?
And What are your thoughts about TJ Watt?
Is He an option at 15, now that He is gaining some hype, or maybe trade to the early/mid 20s to Pick him there?

Bowen: 1. A big one. If Hankins can make the transition to a 3-4 nose tackle, he, along with healthy returns from Kendall Langford and Henry Anderson, should really bolster the run defense in Indianapolis. 2. I would try and trade back if T.J. Watt was the guy to pick 15 overall. To me, you can acquire some more picks, while also waiting on Watt.

Max B. (Indiana)

Hey Kevin what do you think of drafting a corner in the second round and trading up to the top of round two and grabbing one of the better pass rushers in the draft.

Bowen: My question is: What are you taking in the first round? Couldn't you just take the pass rusher in Round One and the cornerback in Round Two, without trading pieces?

Jason R. (Kokomo, IN)

Hello Kevin, 
I have a not so crazy idea/ question.
I just watched the Colts war room video and they're talking Cook in 1st round. Well here's my idea on replacing the aging Frank Gore instead of wasting a 1st round pick on Cook. JONAS GRAY. He is currently a free agent and we know all too well what he is capable of. This way we can focus on Defense in the 1st. What are your thoughts? Thank you for answering our questions. Go Colts!

Bowen: What did happen to Jonas Gray? He was on the front cover of Sports Illustrated after he gashed the Colts a couple of seasons ago. I don't think Gray is the answer though behind Frank Gore and Robert Turbin. This 2017 draft class has great running back depth. Use that to your advantage with a pick next week.

Anthony T. (Philadelphia)

Two mailbags in a row now I've been able to get my questions through and I consider myself very lucky, thank you Kevin. 

My question this time around is if we'll be able to see the Colts' color rush uniforms this season? I was looking forward to them last year but sadly our Thursday night game was on thanksgiving. 
I've also noticed that in the pictures of the uniform reveal, the helmets were white. I think it would be pretty neat to throw in the classic blue helmets to match the rest of the blue on the uniform. I love our classic white and blue but it will be nice to see some type of dramatic change for once.

Bowen: Good question, Anthony. No final word for the Colts on the color rush uniforms. But if I had to guess, that Week 15 game against Denver would be the time to break them out. The Colts did not wear them last year because their Thursday game fell on Thanksgiving. I'll try to find out more on this topic.

Leonardo B. (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi Kevin! Do you think that a position change is possible for Dorsett? I've seen you talk about our need of speed from the back field and Dorsett has the type of body of a guy like Lesean Mcoy. Besides that, we've signed Aiken and seen Rodgers do a good job last year. All of that makes me wonder if this could be benefical for Dorsett. Regards.

Bowen: I do not. Jacoby Brissett is staying at wide receiver. Could the Colts try to get him involved in other ways? Definitely. Like quick passes, extended handoffs, maybe some screens. You do not see position changes like that often at the NFL level. I don't think Dorsett has the build to handle a full running back load. The lateral speed of LeSean McCoy is what makes him so dynamic out of the backfield.

Alex H. (Stockton, CA)

Hi Kevin it is now one week until the NFL Draft and tonight the regular season schedule is going to be released. Exciting stuff!

What does Hankins mean to the defense?

I believe he is going to be a force at the point of attack in the middle of the line stuffing running backs. While adding significant pressure when rushing the QB, and at times he'll get double teamed and it will help other players get to the QB. I think he was the best signing so far this off-season not counting Doyle.

Couple of questions:

  1. Noticed how i added so far? Draft is 7 days away. Although I think it will be relatively quiet from now til draft day, but could Ballard pick up Jason McCourty before the draft? Yes he'll 30 in May, but he's a well established veteran that could help expedite the growth of a CB picked up in the draft if they to pick up someone like Sidney Jones where he would have to heal anyway. They could possibly get him at a 1 yr deal. He was also on the division rival Titans.
  1. Also could Ballard trade Phillip Dorsett during the draft? I believe Aiken will pass him on the depth chart. I think he may even pass Moncrief, but Chester Rogers may pass him too. They could also draft a WR in the later rounds. What could the Colts get in return for Dorsett?
  1. Lastly what 3 players do you think the Colts would stand pat at 15th for?
    I have Christian McCaffrey at the top, with Derek Barnett, and a combo of either Haason Reddick/Rueben Foster both ILB but I put Reddick over Foster.
    Which 3 players would they go after if they traded back? I keep seeing TJ Watt all day. Watt vs Watt twice a season. Could be Charles Harris, or the best Corner too.

As A Colts fan I can't help but notice such positivity oozing from the Colts organization since Ballard's introductory conference. His presence seems infectious with all the players. It's not a blatant huge smile. But a sneaky grin so to speak. Ballard has been upfront about everything. Trusting the process. Competition. Continuity. Earning your roster spot. Evaluating players for himself not letting the outside noise shape his decision on a red flag player. He's clearly turning over every stone, looking high and low to make the roster better and more competitive. I'm ridiculously excited for the schedule, draft, OTA's all that good stuff. Thanks again for the weekly mailbag Kevin. Have a good one! Go Colts!

Bowen: 1. We had a couple of veteran cornerback questions enter the Saturday mailbag, As of now, I would focus on the draft to add corners. If the draft doesn't play out like you might have thought in finding more corners, then a McCourty signing makes more sense. Let's wait for the draft first. 2. I'm sure he could. But Chris Ballard has talked about the potential that Dorsett has and how he wants to see that first-hand. The Colts do have plenty of depth, like you said, at wide receiver. I don't really think the Colts would get a lot in return for Dorsett. Maybe a fourth rounder? Maybe. 3. I'm going with Derek Barnett, Reuben Foster, Haason Reddick. I also think Jonathan Allen is a name to watch to see how far he falls.

Kevin R. (Kalamazoo, MI)

I know everyone is talking about joe mixon, but my favorite running back in the class is samaje perine. He gets lost in the mix because of mixon. He'd be a steal at our third round selection! He is literally marshawn lynch 2.0! What are your thoughts on Perine?

Bowen: I do like Perine, as well. I could definitely see him available in that third-round range, when I think the Colts should look very hard at the running back group.

Henry S. (Virginia Beach, VA)

Why not take a look at former first round pick cornerback Justin Gilbert. He is a free agent, would not cost that much to bring him into camp. Need to look at every cornerback available

Bowen: I'm sure the Colts have kicked the tires on Gilbert and looked into him, given the need for corners. I am surprised that no team has signed the former top-10 pick when you consider that rosters have a 90-man limit right now.

Xavier S. (Bozeman, MT)

Hello Kevin,

I agree with you when you say that a CB needs to be drafted in the early rounds and I've been looking at potentials candidates. I really like Chide Awuzie, a lot, and think that he plays with a physicality and athleticism that is hard to come by. If he is still around by the Colts second round pick, what do you think the odds are of them picking him up and would you like to see this?

Bowen: From the Mock Drafts I've seen, I don't believe Awuzie is going to be there at No. 46 overall, when the Colts pick in Round Two. His frame is what NFL teams are looking for at the cornerback position. But Awuzie seems to be a later first-round option.

Kade M. (Texas)

If the colts had the number 2 pick in the draft and Myles Garrett was already selected, who would you pick?

Bowen: Solomon Thomas from Stanford.

Evan B. (Ohio)

How are you Mr. Bowen? With Mr. Ballard recently stating that he is more likely to draft the Best Player Available rather than focus on the team's needs, what do you think are some surprise positions that we might see Mr. Ballard draft in the first 3 rounds?
Thanks and of course, Go Colts!

Bowen: Doing well, Evan. Hope the same to you. I think defensive line is a position to watch in the draft. From a pure numbers standpoint, the Colts do not really need multiple bodies on the defensive line. But that position is an area Chris Ballard has labeled as a "core position" he's always going to fall back on during the draft.

Jeff B. (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Kevin with all the positions Mr Ballard has signed players or resigned, is it starting to look like the only areas not really addressed yet is RB and O line. Do you think it is because the plan was only to draft these position? There has been quality free agents and competion to be had at these positions. It isn't like he's been shy about adding players. Thank you.

Bowen: The Colts did re-sign Robert Turbin at running back and brought in Brian Schwenke in the interior of the offensive line. Now, both those positions have been talked about for the draft, especially running back. The Colts have to get younger at running back, so the draft route always made sense for that position group. I fully expect a RB to come in the draft.

Scotty H. (Indianapolis)

Kevin, official schedule released yesterday. Did the math, looks like we're pretty set up for a 16-0 season. Where am I wrong?

Bowen: Scotty,* *the eternal optimist, has entered this week's mailbag. There are two particularly tough stretches in my eyes for the Colts. Week 6 to 10: @Titans, Jaguars, @Bengals, @Texans, Steelers. Then to close out the year Week 14 to 17: @Bills, Broncos, @Ravens, Texans. Those are two stretches that caught my eye at first glance. On paper, the Colts do have the easiest schedule in the NFL (based off last year's records). I don't see any AFC South team running away with the division this year. First one to 11 wins gets the crown?

Dylan S. (Somerville, NJ)

Hey Kevin, I've been reading your mailbag recently and I really appreciate the responses. I have a few questions that aren't really connected. 1. How far down do you think Joe Mixon will drop in the draft? I've heard people say anywhere from the beginning of the 2nd to the middle of the 4th. Do you think the Colts should consider him and if they do, what round? 2. I'm loving what I'm seeing out of Chris Ballard so far and I think he is going to be a great GM and I get the feeling that a lot of other people think that too. Based on the players' statements when Grigson left and the general lack of success, I would say that Grigson was not very good. Was there this same level of enthusiasm and hope when Grigson took over? If there was, do you think we should be worried about Ballard being a flop? 3. Why does it seem as though Chuck Pagano did not have to take any of the blame for the lack of success recently? Even though Grigson made some bad draft and FA moves, can't it also be seen as Pagano failing to develop these players? Thanks for your great work.

Bowen: 1. Perhaps THE question of the draft. I say Mixon going near the end of Round Two. I believe Round Two is too early for the Colts to consider Mixon. They are going to do their bevy of research on Mixon, but this is a decision that has to come from ownership. I don't see the Colts taking him. 2. I think initially when you go from 2 wins in 2011 to 11 victories in 2012, there's some major enthusiasm around the early building. The Colts had plenty of momentum from 2012-14 in progressing through the playoffs one step further each year. That fizzled out starting with the AFC Championship game a few years ago. I would not directly compare the two though. Totally different circumstances that Ballard enters Indianapolis with, versus Grigson. 3. Chuck Pagano has definitely taken a brunt of the blame. Here were his comments at the League Meetings last month about the defensive struggles: "We have to make a leap because we haven't done that. That falls on me as the head football coach. Certainly, if we are going to have to have the success that we want to have this year, we are going to have to play really good defense. We are going to have to make a move on that side of the ball. Players understand that. Coaches understand that. I understand that. Huge point of emphasis on that obviously."

Robert M. (Yokosuka, Japan)

Hi Kevin, life long Colts fan born in Ohio. I like to believe I've studied football religiously and I might sound crazy sometimes but the Colts could realistically become a top 10 defense this season by doing 1 of these 2 scenarios

1) Trade the 15th pick to fall around 23-26 and pick jabrill Peppers to play the inside linebacker along side the likes of bostic and jackson covering the majority of the run defense with the interior line and allowing peppers to do what he does naturally play with his nose to the ball being sacks, zone defense, pass defense. I see peppers as being a special kind of problem by being a "tweener". Then in the 2nd round grab as good of a corner as possible for vontae whether thats quincy wilson, adoree jackson, or desmond king. I would go with Jackson because his tape says that he just makes things happen and is a confident tackler with slightly small size but plays with a high motor. Then i would address the RB and a pass rusher in the 3rd round.

2) draft day trade giving seattle the 15th pick and recieving richard sherman to play with vontae then using the 2nd round pick for the inside linebacker preferably jarrad davis if available. I think the defensive line is solid and this defense is forming into a very good coverage defense not a dynamic defense getting monster sacks or eye popping interceptions but if you bring shermans toughness then you create a system of hard tackling and precision because the defense looks like one that will rarely make costly mistakes.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the scenarios because I would take either honestly. Thanks for reading and answering

Bowen: 1. Jabrill Peppers is not playing inside linebacker in a base defense. He's too small to absorb that role, in trying to juggle all these ILBs for the Colts. Are you waiting too long in trying to find a pass rusher off the edge? 2. It sounds like Seattle is not willing to part ways with Richard Sherman for the packages they are currently receiving. I've explained before that Sherman to the Colts does not fit what this defense needs to do. That side of the ball must get younger and use this loaded 2017 corner class to address the future at CB. I don't agree with this one. In my opinion, you are waiting too long on finding a pass rusher in the draft. It's time to build through the draft and not trade away your first-round pick.

David H. (San Jose, CA)

Hi Kevin, I have a question about some of the recent signings in free agency. 1. I heard that Alie-Cox met with a lot of teams before signing with the Colts so what made the Colts so intriguing for him when there were a lot of other interested teams? Was it simply a money issue? 2. Did we pay too much for Jonathan Hankins? 3. How good is Jon Bostic compared to the other inside linebackers the colts signed or had already?

Bowen: 1. Mo Alie-Cox. Erik Swoope. Erik Swoope. I think how the Colts developed Swoope, another former basketball player, and the open reps at tight end behind Jack Doyle and Swoope had to be enticing to Alie-Cox. 2. I don't think so. The Colts had money to spend and that was a positon of major need for this team. You are not in any sort of cap struggles going forward. 3. It all depends on how healthy Bostic is after a foot injury sidelined him for all of 2016. Bostic has starting history, which is needed at inside linebacker. If healthy, Bostic could certainly be a starter for the Colts. That competition is wide, wide open.

Ethan H. (Fort Myers, FL)

Hi this is my first time asking a question, thank you for your time in answering this. So with Chris Ballard's predraft conference do you think the colts will draft Sidney Jones in the 2nd maybe 3rd around or at all?

Bowen: Ballard definitely made it seem like he was very willing to take an injured prospect, didn't he? You know Ballard has the Colts' medical team busy right now in projecting just how serious things are for the injured prospects. I still think it's difficult to have that patience, and Ballard pointed out the "daggers" he would take for such a pick, especially for a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

Jay V. (Slidell, LA)

What's up Kevin?!? This is my first time in the mailbag and I just wanna say, I really enjoy what you and the analysis you give man. 
So here's my opinion on the draft and I just wanna see what you think.

I understand everyone is picking us to get an edge rusher at 15, rightfully so because we do need a game changer but I think we should go another route. In my opinion, it seems that CB is a much bigger need right now seeing the additions we've made to stop the run.

So I was thinking we take Quincy Wilson or Conely if they are there, or Kevin King if they are not. I think we can address the edge rusher in round 2 with a guys like Carl Lawson, Watt, or Tim Williams. Followed by another CB in the 3rd, ILB, RB, and TE in the 4th. 

But what do I know? I'm just a fan, you've got all the answers dude lol. So what do you think??

Bowen: Welcome, Jay. Appreciate the kind words. Haha, I definitely don't know all the answers. Taking a cornerback at 15 makes plenty of sense for the Colts. I've said it before, my needs would be OLB at 1 and then CB at 1A. Selecting a corner would partially help out the pass rush, too. A reason why I put OLB ahead of CB is because I think the pass rushing group is more coveted nowadays and not many could be left when the Colts get back on the clock in Round Two.

James C. (Bloomington, IN)

First time writer, but I have read the mailbag now for about a year. 

With the news that rueben foster has failed his drug test due to a diluted sample, how do you see this effecting his draft stock?

Will this change teams opinion on him?

How can he rueben foster "clear" his name from any wrong doing?

Last question: totally off topic but as a purdue student I am curious as if you know how Curtis painter is doing. I know he didn't play well for the colts but he did for the boilers. 

Thanks for looking at this. Go colts. Boiler up

Bowen: 1. We get into the Foster debate below. 2. Last I heard on Painter was that he was living in the Indianapolis area. I'm not sure what exactly he's up to though. Maybe some fan in the mailbag will know.

Roy B. (Richmond, VA)

Why don't we go for superstars play makers guys that can impact both sides of the ball players with leadership and bring the greatness out young players?

Bowen: Do you have any in mind, Roy? I don't know of hardly any "superstars" that hit free agency.

Andrew W. (Yuma, AZ)

Hi thanks for answering fans questions I really appreciate it. Thanks for answering my question a while back. I have at least 3 questions this time. 
1. Do we still consider drafting Reuben Foster if he is still on the board even though he failed his drug test? Isn't that a character concern? 
2. How do you feel about Hassan Ridgeway, Antonio Morrison, and Curt Maggit? Are they potential starters of the future? 
3. After recently signing Johnathan Hankins to a great deal( which I love this signing) do you think David Parry is going to be cut after his recent trouble with the law? 

I love what Ballard is doing as well. Thanks for your time.

Bowen: 1. Ah, this is one the Colts must make a decision on in the next few days. I think Foster is still an okay pick when you take into consideration his off-the-field "concerns." The Colts have to do their research into the latest on Foster, but I still think he's too good of a talent to let slip. 2. I would bet Morrison has the best chance of that trio. Ridgeway and Maggitt are behind several bodies at their respective positions. That's a lot to jump to slide into the starting lineup. Maggitt is a guy I'm really looking forward to seeing this offseason, now that he's healthy. 3. Parry, and several other defensive line guys are going to be in a major competition battle for roster spots. I see Hassan Ridgeway, Kendall Langford, Henry Anderson and Johnathan Hankins as locks. Does that leave just two open spots for a four-man group of Al Woods, David Parry, Margus Hunt and T.Y. McGill?

James C. (Northwest, England)

Hope you're good Kevin and excited about the draft. 
Here is my mock draft that can and should easily happen-
Round 1- Chidobe Awuzie Colorado CB
A man opposite Vontae is critical right now and if we can protect the perimeter it'll help our newly acquired pass rush.
Round 2- Raekwon McMillan Ohio State ILB
Good athletic linebacker at a huge position of need. He has the leadership characteristics that we sorely need at the heart of our defense.
Round 3- Tyus Bowser Houston OLB
Value pick here, great athlete with a great motor and so much potential so we could get the steal of the draft with this pick.
Round 4- Marlon Mack USF RB 
We get Franks eventual replacement in a home run hitter so a lesser version of Dalvin Cook three or four rounds later.
Round 4- Howard Wilson Houston CB
We need to stock up on corners and this could be a lovely pick up here.
Round 4- Zach Banner USC OT
The huge Banner offers depth and a lot of potential as a 6'10 right tackle for the future and you can't ignore how the size could make him a great blocker with a Joe Haeg like impact.
Round 5- Deatrich Wise Arkansas DE
Defensive line depth will help behind the often injured Anderson and Langford and Wise has a lot of power.

To me all these guys will be at the spots I've put them come our picks so this is very realistic and it fills nearly all the holes we have. Tell me what you think thanks for your time.

Bowen: For the most part, I like this Mock Draft. Waiting until Round Three for an edge rusher might be a little too late for my liking, but maybe I'm nitpicking with that wish. I really like your fourth-round haul with those three picks.

Nathan J. (Sellersburg, IN)

Hey Kevin, first time writer here but I've been reading the mailbag during draft season for two years now. With the national media often being a bit... misguided, it's great to have our own Colts specific Q&A! 

So I wanted to say I agree that the cornerback position is the Colts #1 position of need. Lucky for us, the first two rounds of the draft are stocked with quality corners. 

So my question is: What are the chances the Colts double dip at the corner position? 

Unlike the new linebacker core, our CB group is desperate for young talent. Ballard recently said that need comes into play when "it's even". And he said that a difference of 8-10 spots may be a neglible gap. My thinking is that there has to be several press-man corners (Conley, Tankersley, White, Lattimore) that fall in the Colts top 30. Meaning there's a high chance to land one in the first round. 

Also, I think (depending on medical evaluations) that Sidney Jones in the second round is the steal of the draft. And for the Colts, he's a perfect fit. Ballard has patience and the Colts are rebuilding. Where teams will pass on Jones for the lack of instant impact, he's a great value for Indy in the second round. 

So, what do you think? I'm not familiar with double dipping in the draft, I'm sure it has risks. But it seems to be a great match in draft value and team needs.

Bowen: I think above 50 percent. Chuck Pagano brought up such a scenario, unprovoked, at last month's League Meetings. The Colts do not have too much (proven) starting talent at corner, behind Vontae Davis. With Davis also in a contract year, the selection of two corners would not be too much to ask for at all.

Aidan M. (Ireland)

Hi Kevin,

Do you see right guard being addressed in the draft, and if so, what round? I was kind of thinking using one of our fourth round picks, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of depth in this area.


Bowen: If it is, I think the fourth round is a good area to go ahead and take care of that position. This is a very weak offensive line class. The Colts do not really have an immediate pressing need in the offensive trenches, like they did last year. However, the staff has said taking an OL could happen next week.

Luke R. (Rochester, NY)

Hey Kevin,
Got some questions for you,

  1. If the Colts were to trade down in the first round, what team are they most likely to trade down to?
  2. Do you have any sleeper prospects in the later rounds of the draft?
  3. Who's your favorite Indianapolis Colts player of all time?

Bowen: 1. I think teams that have an interest in a quarterback. An ideal situation for the Colts would be if there's a run on QBs right around the 13th picks or so. 2. I can't say I follow the draft that closely, in terms of Saturday draft guys,  to give you a guy in the later rounds for the Colts to jump on. 3. Let's go with Robert Mathis. His journey to becoming the franchise's all-time sack leader is so inspiring.

Tim H. (Lafayette, IN)

Hey Kevin new questiom and you do a great job helping Colts fans.
Trade in draft to somewhere in the twentys give 4th or 5th, get a 2nd or 3rd pick to with trade. Take TJ Watts first round
2nd. CB
4th OLB
4th S/DE
I think from reports TJ Watt will be a stud LB for the COLTS. Thanks with our chamges and schedule. Andrew healthy we surprise people.

Bowen: This is intriguing to me. The trade package would have to be solidified, but I like what you have going in assessing some big-time needs for this team, especially the two corners in the first three rounds.

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