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Colts Mailbag

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Colts Mailbag Weekend Edition: Have The Colts Ever Had An Olympian?

Intro: In Saturday’s mailbag, readers inquire about the statue for Peyton Manning, if T.J. Green will be a starting safety this season and how the offensive line came together in Anderson.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

With the abundance of questions in recent weeks, we will have two mailbags each week. This one comes via a weekend edition (here’s the Wednesday version from this week).

Christian S. (Chicago)

Looking at the released depth chart the Colts have T.J. Green starting as FS. And Geathers is playing 3rd string SS. Is this just a pre-season assessment or has Geathers not panned out the way we had hoped. From my understanding Geathers was going to step into a starting role or at the least a role they got him more reps. Any insight?

Bowen: Clayton Geathers (foot) is currently on the injured shelf. It's going to be close for Geathers to make it back for the start of the regular season. With guys out for that period of time, it's why you see the depth chart as it is---with Geathers not listed as a starter. Coming into 2016, Geathers was certainly supposed to be a starter. That's a decision that will have to be made in the coming weeks---how do the Colts handle the return of Geathers? Do they put him into the starting lineup or do they stick with Green? No matter what, I expect both to play some role defensively, once Geathers returns to health.

Elliot H. (Lancaster, PA)


My question relates to the colts 2016 schedule. What non division games to you see being "must wins" for the colts to make the playoffs? I appreciate your time. Thanks.

Bowen: I don't think there are one or two specific "must win" games for the Colts. They aren't on the fringe of a playoff berth where the margin for error is that slim. When the schedule first came out, I pointed to a stretch in late November as critical for the Colts. It goes Steelers, @Jets, Texans (short week), @Vikings and @Raiders (short week). Right there, you have five teams that certainly could/should challenge for playoff spots this season. So I guess that would put some pressure on the start of the season for the Colts to get out of the gates nicely. Remember, this team has started 0-2 the past two years. Chuck Pagano said in Anderson how vital it is to get off to a better start in 2016. The Colts do travel to Denver in Week Two, with the Broncos having 10 days off after their regular season opener.

Wayne P. (Middletown, CT)

Hi Kevin,

With this year being the Summer Olympics, my question is have the Colts ever had an Olympion that made the roster, and if so what position did he play?

Bowen: Wayne, what a timely, timely question. The Colts have never had an Olympian on the roster. No Daniel Adongo (rugby) guys from the past have gone on to be Olympians.

Landen S. (St. George, Utah)

How's the offensive line looking in practice? Is luck getting hit or sacked a lot in practice? Thanks!

Bowen: It's impossible to completely judge what the play in the trenches looks like at camp. Defenders often ease up around the quarterback, considering those in the red jerseys are all but untouchable during practice. I think probably the best thing for the Colts is they head into their preseason opener with a very good idea of what their starting line looks like. The group is healthy and should get a couple series of work in on Saturday night. Right now, the line looks like: LT-Anthony Castonzo, LG-Jack Mewhort, C-Ryan Kelly, RG-Denzelle Good, RT-Joe Reitz.

Yeni T. (Fort Wayne, IN)

Once again. Thanks for ur time.

KB any update when is Peyton Manning statue would be ready for fans visit?

And I know HOF Game got canceled on Sunday night. And disappointed for nfl fans cross the country. Why can't they rescheduled for Monday night? That would be fun don't u think?

Bowen: Peyton Manning's statue will be complete in 2017. Here's the update on that. Onto the preseason snafu,* *the logistics would be difficult to make that work. Then you would already make a shorter Week Two of the preseason for the Colts and Packers even shorter (the Packers played on Friday, the Colts play on Saturday). Plus, where would you play? Would the field in Canton be ready in time? Would you have to move everything to Akron or Cleveland? That's not easy to do with 90 guys on a roster.

Landen S. (St. George, Utah)

Hi Kevin, quick question, how did Ron Thompson look in camp? I didn't hear that much about him. Thanks!

Bowen: Like I mentioned above, it's difficult to gauge just how effective the pass rush is in a camp setting. Evaluations for Thompson, an undrafted linebacker out of Syracuse, Curt Maggitt and Trevor Bates are needed in a game. What do they look like when everything is live, including taking the quarterback down to the ground? I'm anxious to see what those edge guys look like against other competition.

Nathan W. (Ventura, CA)

Hey Kevin,

I asked you a question about Amarlo Herrera a couple of weeks ago. I know he just got released. It has to be for some good reason. Do you have any idea of why they suddenly cut him?

Bowen: For Herrera, I think it's more of what guys were doing around him. The Colts drafted Antonio Morrison in the fourth round. That eliminated one inside linebacker spot this year. At camp, we saw Josh McNary and Edwin Jackson emerge behind the trio of guys in the starting mix---D'Qwell Jackson, Sio Moore and Nate Irving. That's six guys competing for roster spots. I can't see the Colts keeping more than four or five inside linebackers. I believe it was a numbers game with Herrera and the Colts like what they have around him at that position.

Phil M. (Bidwell, OH)

Hi Kevin thanks for answering all of the questions on here I really love reading the mailbag an keeping up with the team! Here's my question!! The chargers have not come to terms with Joey Bosa do you think it's possible that the colts could snatch him away from the charges or can we not do that cause he was drafted by them? Thanks an have a great day!!!

Bowen: Honestly, I haven't read too much about the Joey Bosa situation. I know that he will eventually sign with the Chargers, because no draft pick taken that high holds out forever. The Colts' funds aren't too immense right now so taking on that contract wouldn't really fit into the cap situation. Joey Bosa is going to be a Charger and the Colts will see him in Week Three at Lucas Oil Stadium.  

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