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Colts Mailbag

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Colts Mailbag - June 25, 2014

This week, mailbag readers talk or ask about Dallas Clark and his retirement, if Brandon Flowers is in the mix, the addition of Mike Adams, Henoc Muamba’s roster chances, where LaRon Landry will play and catch the Colts’ training camp practice days and times on





INDIANAPOLIS – Readers of may submit questions during the week and have a chance to have them answered during the middle of each week.  **Submit your question here**.

Here are responses to some of the questions received recently.  We thank you for your interest in the Colts.  Please make an effort to be concise when submitting a question.

RICKY T. (from Iowa) Where can I send the following letter?  "Dear Ryan Grigson, As a Colts, fan I wonder what we fans can do to ask you to promote Craig Kelley to Colts Media Leader/Asst. GM since he knows EVERYTHING about the Colts, future and past."  Thank you, and GO COLTS!"

A:  Lost in the electronic process is if you are serious or sarcastic.  If serious, thank you very much, but I don't know it all.  I just try to, and I learn something new every day.  If sarcastic, well……  Like Bo Schembechler always preached, 'The team, the team, the team,' we ask our fans to, 'Engage, engage, engage.'  We like when they do that through the mailbag and visiting  What I can do best for Colts fans is stay away from football ops.  Ryan and his staff are doing just fine.  I wouldn't want to louse things up.  Thanks for following 'our team.'

BOB B. (from Deltona, FL) This isn't a question, it's an opinion.  The only Colts jersey I own is Dallas Clark's.  I still wear it proudly.  He was a total player and a value to the team and organization.

A:  I commend your taste and like I told Dallas last week, 'I can't say you were the best guy all-time to deal with, but I know no one was better.'  Dallas is a tremendous person who happened to play this game very well.  I hope you wear his number 44 for many years to come.  Everything you said about him is right – he's a Horseshoe guy (**click here to read a story on him from last week**).


LEVI F. (from Grand Ridge, FL) I know we have Vontae Davis, Darius Butler and Greg Toler, but I still think we could use more depth at CB.  What is the possibility of signing Brandon Flowers?  He would be great fit.  I like the signing of Mike Adams.  Will he be a starter?**

A:  We had a number of letters on Brandon Flowers, and he now has joined San Diego.  When we signed Mike Adams, you got the sense we likely were done shopping in the secondary.  Mike has not been promised anything here but opportunity.  He's up for the competition, and so are the others guys.  We have the right kind of competition in the secondary and will be fine.  Flowers is a good player and while you're always interested in getting as many as you can, I don't believe there was any pursuit of note by us for him.

MICHELLE M. (from Fort Wayne, IN) Considering our secondary, why don't the Colts jump on Brandon Flowers?  It would be a huge asset.  Ryan Grigson should do whatever it takes to get him.  It would be a very smart move on his part and I'm sure the players would welcome him!

A:  Michelle, you can see my answer above, and thanks for checking in.  I don't dispute your opinion on Flowers, but I don't think we're in that hunt.

TOMMY F. (from Louisville, KY) I like the Mike Adams addition.  I think he will push Delano to be great and be able to spell him without any drop off.  One of my all-time favorite players has retired a Colt, Dallas Clark!  I have so many fond memories of the amazing catches only THIS guy could make.  Will he be put in the Ring of Honor this coming season?

A:  Mike Adams will fight for a starting job, but we don't need him to push Delano to be great.  Delano is a very driven person on his own (and one of the more fun guys to chat with).  I bet you probably didn't really mean it like that, but I thought I'd respond by letting you and other readers know how Delano is (**click here for a story on Howell**).  It will be some fun competition in camp.  As for Dallas (**here is another story from last week on Clark**), the retirement ceremony is the only thing planned.  I have heard of no Ring of Honor inclusions set for this year.  Is he worthy?  He's certainly in the hunt, along with a lot of others from his era here.

BOB M. (from Milwaukee, WI) Watching Dallas Clark's heartfelt press conference, I was reminded of the supreme offensive talent assembled in Indy:  Dallas, Marvin, Reggie, Edge and Peyton.  Yet it wasn't until the Colts defense captured lighting in a bottle with Bob Sanders that the ultimate goal was reached.  Maybe it's an old school way to think, but carrying a big stick on D always seemed to make everything else work so much better.  Is that era gone?  Has the game been changed so much in order to feature the offense, that D is only window dressing?

A:  The game does evolve, but the need for defense never declines.  Rules have tilted the game a bit to where it's a passing league, but you see the styles of play Seattle and San Francisco have and it reminds you of the bedrock principle of defense.  You saw also how the Giants were able to win two recent Super Bowls with some pretty good D.  Defense never will be passé (no pun) in this league.  We won Super Bowl XLI (**click here to review 2006 season**) with what was probably our fourth- or fifth-best team, and it was the one that was playing very well defensively when it counted the most.  We had an array of talent offensively like you mention, and all of us will remember those days for a lifetime.  


WYATT M. (from League City, TX) I've done some research on Henoc Muamba.  He seems like someone who could contribute if given the opportunity.  He was the first pick in the 2011 CFL Draft and had a productive career with Winnipeg.  I think he could at the very least be a good special teams player.  What are your thoughts on Henoc, and do you see him making the 53-man squad?**

A:  Our rosters the last two years under Ryan and Chuck have been dotted with players like Henoc (**click here for a story on Muamba**) who have come from different leagues.  When he started in the CFL, Henoc took note of Jerrell Freeman's style of play and patterned himself after it.  Henoc had a good off-season with us.  I think he'll make a push when we get to camp.  I won't make any 53-man predictions at this point, but you like the makeup and traits Henoc has.  You spent time wisely looking at his background.  There are so many stories like his on our roster that it will provide fans a lot of things to watch in less than 30 days.

LAURENCE F. (from Bedford, TX) Is LaRon Landry a FS or SS? Wouldn't his best position be a SS?

A:  LaRon started at FS for us last year, though he and Antoine Bethea were somewhat interchangeable.  He has played both positions during his career, and Chuck will have LaRon where his impact is the best.  He must be a difference-maker this year, and I bet he will.

ROBERT F. (from Marion, IN) I am looking for the dates of the Colts training camp. Can you help me?

A:  We have published our training camp practices dates and times, plus information on our entertainment elements at camp on  The camp, presented by Verizon, will be held at Anderson University.  Players report on August 23.  The first practice is the following day, and camp runs through August 13.  Please visit our website for the practices that work the best for you.

KEVIN R. (from Indonesia) How much of a role do you see Donte Moncrief play this season?

A:  It's tough to tell with a crowded position group, but my hunch is he will see the field a decent amount.  Donte is a worker whose ethic matches his physical size and tools.  It's not out of the question that he will find a home in the return game as well.  Donte had a very solid spring and showed exactly why he was so high on our draft board.  I doubt it will be hard to find him on the field this year.

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