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Colts Wednesday Mailbag: Will Andrew Luck Play Again This Season?

Intro: This Wednesday, mailbag readers inquire about the playoff chances for the Colts, Donte Moncrief’s future and draft needs for the Colts.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:Paul M. (Pittston, PA)

Hey Kevin, is there any talk about sitting luck for the rest of the year. I'd hate to see him get hurt with the season out of their hands

Bowen: Chuck Pagano was asked this very question at Monday's press conference. Luck has already been ruled out for this Sunday's game against Miami. If the Colts don't make the playoffs, then next week's season finale would be the last chance for Luck to get back on the field. Here is what Pagano had to say about Luck when asked if he would play again this season: "Yes. That's if the doctors clear him, he's 100 percent healthy and then we can get some practices under his belt. But if it came to pass where, he got cleared and then we're playing the next day, then highly unlikely."

Philo V. (Lacey, WA)

Hi Kevin, just a few questions, do we still have hopes of making it to the playoffs? Either way, it will be best if luck stay out this year and prepare for next season when come back 100 percent healthy then coming back and lose in the playoffs if we make it.

Bowen: I will send all playoff inquiries here, where we break down the ways the AFC South could unfold in the coming weeks. Basically, cheer for the Colts and against the Texans. Houston finishes the year with a trip to Tennessee (without Marcus Mariota) and a home game against Jacksonville.

Jordan G. (Laramie, WY)

Hey Kevin, with Andre Johnson not producing as much as thought he would, do you think it's a possibility the Colts release him after the season is over? And let Dontae Moncrief take over in place now that he has experience and is starting to prove himself?

Bowen: Donte Moncrief has been playing much, much more than Andre Johnson this season, especially as of late. The Colts know the talent they have in Moncrief. It's why the second-year wide receiver is challenging T.Y. Hilton for even the No. 1 wide receiver reps. As far as Johnson's future in Indianapolis, I have no idea what the Colts will do with the 34-year-old wide receiver. He's under contract for the next two seasons. Next year, on paper, the Colts have another crowded wide receiver group with the names above under contract, along with rookie first-round pick Phillip Dorsett. Then you will also have Duron Carter likely back next season. I don't view wide receiver as that important of an offseason need with the skill coming back, and the needs elsewhere.

Corri Q. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Do you think the colts will get a running back in this upcoming draft or do you think gore is there option for a couple of years?

Bowen: This is a question I've thought more and more about as the season has gone along. Frank Gore will turn 33 next year. I do think Gore has at least one more year in him (if not more). However, the Colts would be ignorant to not think running back is still a need. The Colts haven't had the luxury of a true, consistent backup this season. We've seen rookie contributions at the running back position this season from guys drafted high, and even undrafted free agents. So, the Colts can certainly find a productive rookie next year to help spell Gore, and then eventually have for the future.

Brian B. (Indianapolis)

Whats the Plans For Next Season ? will The o line improve , will anybody else come off the practice squad and come into the roster ?

Bowen: This is a question that I'm sure we will get a bunch of answers to in the month of January. As far as the roster is concerned, early January is when we will see future contracts being announced. In past years, the Colts have usually signed their entire practice squad to future contracts for the following season. Rosters expand to 90 in the offseason, so the 10 guys on the practice squad will add to 53 number that the team ends the season with (then you have free agents, draftees and undrafted free agents to build that number up).

Evan S. (Wichita, KS)

Is it possible that the colts can draft defensive end Joey Bosa out of Ohio state or a offensive lineman like Taylor Decker. Who do you want the colts to draft in the 2016 nfl draft.

Bowen: Evan, I can see you are an Ohio State fan. I get into specific draft needs below. Those names you mentioned would be terrific additions. However, for a guy like Bosa several draft projections have him going in the top-10 picks.

Simon B. (Greenville, SC)

Kevin it is quite clear for all observers, both fans and otherwise to see that the Colts need skilled pass rushers as DE's or Lb's if they are going to compete for wins and championships in the NFL; therefore are you aware of any pre-draft strategy that Grigson may have in mind so that he might fill this huge need ?Secondly are you privy to any particular rb in the draft that Grigs may be noticing? Thanks for your responses Kev; happy holidays to you and the entire Colts staff!

Bowen: Unfortunately, this guy isn't privileged to that sort of information. Like I said last week to a draft question, the Colts aren't going to draft solely based off position of needs. I will give you my positions of need though (something that will inevitably change with what happens in free agency). I would say that the trenches are atop my list (both side of the ball, with interior offensive line slightly above the defensive line). Next up, I would put the linebacker position and the secondary. I could also see a young running back needed come draft time with really no consistent backup this season and Frank Gore turning 33 next year. Happy Holidays to you as well, Simon!

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