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Colts Wednesday Mailbag: Should Darius Butler Move Back To Cornerback?

Intro: This Wednesday, mailbag readers inquire about the latest with David Parry, the defensive improvements coming in 2017 and how the undrafted free agent class looks for the Colts.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:Joshua K. (Ontario, Canada)

Hey Kevin, two question for you.

1) can rookies take part in phase 2 week 4 of the OTAS? or do they really only get the rookie minicamp? 

2) Ok I see David Parry in the gallery for the OTA workouts, so I wasn't sure what his situation was with the charges he was facing... has that all been resolved? Are the colts still evaluating what happened? or have the charges been cleared?

Bowen: 1. They cannot. Rookies will start participating in the offseason program next Monday (May 15) as the Colts close out Phase Two. So, starting with this weekend's rookie minicamp, the rookies will be finishing out the final five weeks of the offseason program with the veterans. 2. From the sound of it, David Parry will be competing for a spot on the roster. Chris Ballard had this to say on Parry during the draft: "You've been around David. Good young man, smart. Made a knucklehead, young man mistake. He was sitting on my doorstep two days later, like a puppy. I don't know (about a league discipline). Who knows what they'll do."

James S. (Muncie, IN)

When I was growing up with Peyton Manning, the Colts dominated sports shows and commanded a lot of media coverage, which has lasted until two seasons ago, when we missed the playoffs for the first time with Luck. Now, the AFC South is only discussed in terms of being terrible or in terms of Tennessee and Houston improving. 
Question: is there a chance that the Colts get a little "nobody believes in us" mojo heading into this season?

Bowen: I don't think you need to worry about Chuck Pagano finding an underdog mentality for his Colts. Pagano has played up that card before and now he has some ammunition to do it this year with the national chatter about Houston and Tennessee atop the AFC South.

Ian W. (Fort Wayne, IN)

Defense has changed a lot this off season, do you think the Colt's playoffs will be good this season? If they pull off ten wins we should make it for sure. 9-7 is the record to beat for two years now. I think the defense will surprise and dominate, and defense wins championship's I think.

Bowen: It might be a bit premature to use the term "dominate" with this defense. It's going to take some time. I do see the Colts as a playoff team in 2017. For me, it's going to take double digit wins for the Colts to win the AFC South/reach the playoffs. That's very realistic and should happen.

Troy W. (Cedar Grove, IN)

I keep hearing about the players that were drafted having potential, but not a lot of talk about their play being nfl ready. This has me concerned. Don't you want to draft players who are nfl ready and not so much on their "potential"? Potential is what your imagining the player being able to do. NFL ready means that they have shown they can do it.

Bowen: You can be ready to play in the NFL and still have potential, too. That's part of guys developing in the NFL. It's rare for a guy to enter the league and reach his peak in Year One. I look at Quincy Wilson as a Day One ready guy. Whereas Malik Hooker can come in and make an early impact, while also developing into a high-caliber talent. Plus, outside of the first couple of rounds you aren't finding instant impact locks.

Jesse K. (New Jersey)

Hey Kevin, I saw we signed UDFA, Ken Griffey Jr's son. Haha this is jsut a good throw back for me as I grew up a die hard Griffey fan. What are the realistic chances he finds a roster spot? I haven't seen him in college or anything, don't know too much of him.

Bowen: We had a couple of questions about the undrafted wide receivers in the mailbag.* *A roster spot? Probably not great. The Colts have so much depth at wide receiver. It's going to be hard for an undrafted wideout to crack the 53-man roster. Practice squad openings are there to be had though, so Trey Griffey should have a chance for that route. Now, if one of the UDFAs has a Chester Rogers-type preseason from last year, that could change things.

Philip R. (Carmel, IN)

Jhausten Thomas is one of the players that the Colts signed after the draft. Looking at his statistics, he had a high percentage of solo tackles and tackles for loss in limited starts. Iowa State definitely not a football factory but they do play against good competition. Does he have a chance of making the team or practice squad?

Bowen: Sure. I think practice squad is the more likely option. The Colts are really deep on the defensive line and will be cutting some quality players for the 53-man roster. Thomas could certainly be a practice squad candidate.

Ryan P. (Indianapolis)

Im not convinced hooker was better choice than Jonathan Allen , but do you our later rounds 4,5,6 are solid players instead of project players? And do you think hooker will be better for us than Jonathan Allen ? And why did 
Alabama Tim Williams drop so far?

Bowen: We get into Allen below. I think the Colts have a mix of ready/project guys from the final day of the draft. RB-Marlon Mack and ILB-Anthony Walker played so much in college, they should be ready to go. Guys like DT-Grover Stewart (Division II level) and OT-Zach Banner (re-tooling his body) could probably benefit from not too many reps early on. With Williams, some off-the-field concerns and a lack of production in the playoffs last year had to have attributed to his fall into Round Three.

Roger S. (Kokomo, IN)

Hi Kevin, thanks again for a great job! I'm fast becoming a Ballard fan. That being said, there's just one decision he's made I can't understand and reconcile: that being dropping Matt Overton. It can't be a salary cap issue; just not all that much saved and his play was generally very good. I'm all about getting younger, but it can be overdone. Overton had a valid point when he commented Ballard was all about having competition, but yet he's not allowed to compete for his position. You thoughts?

Bowen: The surprise I had with the Overton release was that the cut came in early May, not offering him the chance to compete for the job he had held since 2012. I get why two long snappers on a roster might be a waste, even with the roster at 90 guys right now. Yes, the Colts save around half a million and Overton's age (turns 32 in July) probably played some role. There's no doubt some pressure on undrafted free agent Thomas Hennessey is coming. He's the guy. He's the one going to be snapping to a Hall of Fame kicker in 2017. That's pressure. But the Colts obviously feel he's more than capable to handle those duties.

Devyn G. (Bakersfield, CA)

Hey kev thanks for all the insight you give us to our obsessions over the boys in blue. Anyways, I was wondering do you think a guy like T.J. Green could possibly play a diffent position given his freakish athletic ability? I hate to see a guy like that go to waste and was thinking maybe he would be better suited for a different position. I mean it may sound dumb but what about like MLB or CB? I know he may not be big enough for linebacker but I'm sure he would have no prob putting on a few. I seriously don't think he could outplay geathers or butler. Thanks.

Bowen: If T.J. Green is going to play a completely different position, it's going to have to be cornerback, not inside linebacker. Green cannot be an every down inside guy. I understand the worry about "wasting" Green. You want to see what he can do given his rare athletic traits. I think the Colts will carve out enough of a role for him, but I don't know exactly what that will be in 2017. The Colts have to make a decision on Green, a player they remain high on. I don't think he will change positions. If he did, it would be corner, not inside linebacker.

Patrick B. (Evansville, IN)

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for answering so many of these questions for the fans! Always enjoy reading the responses!

I have 3 questions for you:
1) With the team drafting Hooker in the first round and resigning Butler as a safety, with Geathers and Green what do you think the chances are we will see more 3 safety looks on defense? Possibly using Geathers down in the box as LB like Buchannon in AZ?

2) I really liked the picks in the draft and FA signings. I especially thought Anthony Walker in the 5th could be one of the bigger steals in the draft. Some analysts had said he got too bulky for the position, what are your thoughts?

3) Finally; with Ballard always preaching competition, is there a chance the team might take a flier on Victor Cruz? I know he's had injuries and the receiver group is already crowded but what could it hurt right?

Thanks again for keeping the mailbag going!

Bowen: 1. Chances are very, very high. The Colts used sub packages around 65 percent of the time last year. I'd expect it to be right around that number again in 2017, if not higher. That means multiple safeties on the field. 2. He's listed at 235 pounds, so I'm not sure if I totally agree with that assessment. Walker is going to have a chance to compete for the most wide open position on the roster. 3. I don't see it happening. You need to find out what you got in Donte Moncrief and Jacoby Brissett entering the end of their rookie deals. I don't think this receiver bunch needs a guy like Cruz, who turns 31 years old in November.

Roger S. (Potomac, MD)

Hello Kevin,

I was moderately pleased with our draft. I think Ballard did a good job with balancing talent and positional need and, of course, the more informed grading of the draft comes at the end of the season. The one thing that nags at me though is passing on Jonathon Allen. I hope we don't, but we could come to regret passing on him. I know people say the need at defensive line isn't great, but everyone seems to assume that Langford and Anderson will return to form; not to meniton that there could be injuries to others. Even if everything goes as planned, Allen is projected to be a Hankins-like upgrade on the DL and an outstanding DL makes everyone behind him better. Just wondering if you had any of the same thoughts? Obviously I'm hoping things turn our as planned for Hooker and the rest of our picks. Thanks. Roger

Bowen: Roger, I completely understand this question. It was startling to see Allen drop from a potential top-five pick to the second half of Round One. The playmaking ability of Hooker is what ultimately sold Chris Ballard. When the opportunity presented itself to take a guy known for finding turnovers, Ballard could not say no. Also, let's not forget the injury concern with Allen's shoulder. That had to have played some role in him dropping. When healthy, Allen can torment opposing offensive lines. But with the Colts finishing 29th in interceptions last season, they had to find different options in the secondary.

John K. (Syracuse, NY)

Hello Kevin,

I like the draft picks and the UDFA signed, I think we could have drafted a RB sooner, but I do like Mack, he has some Edgerin James style in him, with that said, My question revolves around the coaching. It seems we have added plenty of talent this offseason, Do you feel that coaching up these younger players will be easier than working with the older veterans who are entrenched in their ways. Also if we struggle this year with all this talent, should we be evaluating coaches? I feel there should be no excuse to be extremely more competitive this season, if not than we should be considering serious coaching changes from the top to the bottom. 

Next Question, do you feel this Is a "lame duck" year for Pagano?

Last Question, as I have mentioned previously, im not a big fan of OC Chud, do you see us playing aggressive on offense more so early on, and putting our foot on the gas for the whole game, we have the talent, we need to unleash it, I hate having to comeback in a game and with the pieces we have in place we should be able score frequently. Thoughts?

Bowen: Chuck Pagano mentioned back at the League Meetings that how quickly the staff can get the young guys up to speed is vital to the 2017 season. Does the staff need to simplify things to rev up that process? Maybe. Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard are going to be evaluating Pagano. This aspect of things is part of that evaluation. Technically, it's not a lame duck year for Pagano (he's under contract through 2019). Anytime you have a new GM in the fold though there's obvious intrigue to how the coaching position will be handled going forward. With Chud, it comes down to execution. The Colts lacked it too often on offense in leading to those early holes. Whether it was poor offensive line play in London against the Jaguars or drops against the Steelers, the offense is too talented to be hamstrung by those mistakes. If the Colts can clean those up, I see no reason why this unit shouldn't be a top-10 offense.

Adam S. (Cedar Lake, IN)

Thanks for answering my question last time Kevin! I want to go off of it. This will be a Sammy Watkins vs Alshon Jeffery question. This offseason, it seemed we really wanted Alshon but settled for Aiken on a one year deal. Well Alshon also signed a one year deal and it seems Sammy might be a free agent soon. Who would you pick if you were GM? And why? Alshon or Sammy?

Bowen: Oh boy, this is a good one. It's like flipping a coin in my mind. I've always really liked Sammy Watkins. Would an established quarterback end his ups and downs as a receiver? I'll go with Watkins (remember his old receivers coach, Sanjay Lal, holds the same title now in Indianapolis), but I would be just fine with the either.

Bruce C. (Windsor, Canada)

Why haven't the colts hired Mathis as a lb assistant?
Seems like he been hinting at it.

Bowen: This is the latest on Robert Mathis and his first few months into retirement. I think it's clear that Mathis isn't quite sure yet what he definitely wants to do post-football.

Rick H. (Avon, IN)

First time caller long time listener. I have a few questions for you. What is your take on the new tackle banner? He was introduced as a guard so I'm not sure where he plays. Seems like a "huge" project. Also is this what you were looking for in the draft as a whole. Defense, defense, and defense is what you've been asking for. I really like Ballard so far. What you think?


Bowen: Zach Banner is a tackle for the Colts. I still look at Le'Raven Clark as the favorite to start at right tackle, so I think Ballard's rookie season will be in a reserve role as he tries to fine-tune his body. With the off-season approach from Chris Ballard, I'm certainly a fan of it. The defense had to be addressed and Ballard did just that. From six draft picks to seven new free agents on defense, the Colts have been busy on the defensive side of the ball. You still need to look for young pass rushers in the coming years, but I think the Colts have taken a step in the right direction of rebuilding the defense.

Jim O. (Avon, IN)

I understand that Ballard wants his people in the admin and on the field, with that said Grigson brought in the CFL Bazzie, on this web site he was touted as being a possible very good pass rusher and several teams were looking to sign and now before he got a chance to try to make the team he is cut, can you tell me why he did not get a chance.

Bowen: Well, my educated guess was Chris Ballard looked at Bazzie's film and did not see the ability for the CFL-er to translate to the NFL game. Measureables are a big thing to Ballard and with Bazzie weighing around 230 pounds, maybe that was a factor. The Colts have brought in so many bodies at outside linebacker this offseason. They all are much bigger than Bazzie.

Marcus M. (Antioch, Turkey)

Hey Kevin, long time reader and I appreciate what you do for us fans. Now to the nitty gritty. Typically when a team loses a GM there is quite a bit of turn over. While we did see that in a big and much needed way with the defense, I sense mr. Ballard isn't done. Lots of rumors amongst us fans that we may see parry gone with the 53 cuts. Can you foresee any " old regime" players on the hot seat either come cuts or neXT season? We see the pressure on Dorsett but I hope those hands improve because I'd hate for us to play against a polished version of him. Thanks again #Coltstrong

Bowen: Nobody really comes to mind, to be honest. Ballard has already parted ways with a plethora of veterans I would have thrown into this category. David Parry is a name to watch. After him though, I don't see many returning vets in serious jeopardy of being cut. I fully expect Phillip Dorsett to make the roster.

Jesse D. (Gainesville, FL)

When will all of the rookies get their number?

Bowen: Should come this weekend at rookie minicamp. That's when the rookies report to Indianapolis and hit the field for the first time.

Jacob M. (Moore, OK)

Hi Kevin the draft was really exciting wasn't it. I think Hooker was a really good pick but with him being another safety and having Green and Gathers what do you think about Butler moving to corner or playing the nickel role

Bowen: This is probably THE position to watch in the offseason. It's not often at the NFL level you have many position switch questions. But the Colts have one with Darius Butler. I see pros and cons on both side of the Butler position switch dilemma. I love Butler at safety, but if a nickel corner does not emerge this offseason, the Colts might be forced to send him back to the slot.

Derek C. (Philadelphia)

How will the defense be this year considering the past few years it's been lackluster?

Bowen: It should, and needs, to be better. The Colts ranked 30th in the NFL last year in total defense. As long as the communication aspect of things gets worked out, the improvement should be there. Why? I point to a couple of things. A new-look defensive line with Johnathan Hankins and healthy returns of Henry Anderson/Kendall Langford. A cornerback that should secure that No. 2 corner position in Quincy Wilson from Florida. More versatility/playmaking at the safety position with Malik Hooker and Darius Butler finding the football and Clayton Geathers lining up all over the field.

Chris E. (South Wales, UK)

Hi Kev, long time reader and first time writer from South Wales in the United Kingdom! Looking ahead to September and the inevitable roster cuts, now that the dust from the draft has settled, the colts seem to be pretty well stocked at all positions. 
A) Can you see there being any free agent signings who fail to make the final 53?
B) Do you think there may be a few surprises when the cuts come? I see how stocked we are at some positions and wouldn't be surprised if guys like TY McGill, Quan Bray and Akeem Ayers find themselves on the outside looking in.
C) Do you see new free agent signing punter Rigoberto Sanchez making a good run at becoming the punter this year? I know we brought Jeff Locke in during free agency but his numbers are very underwhelming and I think Sanchez could put Locke under pressure during training camp.
Thanks Kev, Go Colts!

Bowen: 1. Definitely. Especially on the defensive line. Is there room for both Al Woods and Margus Hunt? Probably, but that's no guarantee. 2. All three of those guys will be fighting for a roster spot. Those position groups are the most crowded in my mind, leading to the possibility for some veteran-like cuts. 3. My gut says no, just because Locke is a veteran in this league. But Chris Ballard has made it clear that competition is the only way to decide roster spots, so Sanchez is going to have a chance for sure.

Nick M. (Long Island, NY)

Hello Mr. Bowen, my question has to deal with a qb rankings list that was recently published by cbs sports. The list divides qbs into 6 tiers.....Superstars, top pros, rising stars, average guys, placeholders, and the last tier simply being guys that just are not good. The list puts guys like Rodgers and Brady in tier 1, rightfully so. But they include Andrew Luck in the 3rd tier, rising stars. Luck is placed into the same category as jimmy garropolo, Carson Wentz, and Dak Prescott. It is ridiculous. So my question is: Why do people tend to try and degrade Andrew Luck? He has worked with makeshift offensive lines and bottom of the league defenses his whole career. And even with all of the teams faults, he brought them to an AFC championship while leading the league in TD passes that year. I really hope that people acknowledge how much of an impact Andrew really has, as they would be a 2-3 win team without him. Any response is greatly appreciated!

Bowen: Without looking at the specific article, I would guess Luck should be in tier two. None of the quarterbacks in Luck's tier have won a playoff game. Luck has won three and is coming off probably the second best individual season of his career. I'm not sure why people are not acknowledging Luck's impact. It's kind of a slap in the face to his resume to slot him in with those quarterbacks you mentioned.

Joseph B. (Kokomo)

Hi Kevin thanks for do all that you do in the mailbag ... I have a couple questions this week 1. Have you herd anything about Anderson and Langford recovery time line? Last I hurd was at the annual meeting that there doing good with rehab.... 2. What is the toughest part of the schedule next yr to me it's the first 4 weeks ...due to previous yrs of slow starts and correct me if I'm wrong week 2 and 3 or 3 and 4 are the longest road trips we have ...but thoughts on that?

Bowen: Expect both guys to be full go for Training Camp. Anderson feels a little better than Langford right now, based off what they said earlier in the offseason program. 2. I know the Colts have had recent early-season struggles and Week One (Los Angeles) and Four (Seattle) are the two longest road trips of the season, but I think the start of the year is pretty manageable. You have the @Rams, Cardinals, Browns, @Seahawks and 49ers. That's a chance for 4-1 in my eyes. I think the hard stretches are in the middle (@Bengals, @Texans, Steelers, Titans) and then to end the year (@Bills, Broncos, @Ravens, Texans).

John C. (Indiana)

Last year the O-line was porous to start, allowing 31 sacks through the first 8 games, but then tightened up and only allowed 13 the final 8 games. With that whole lineup returning and gaining more experience together, do you see our O-line (barring injuries) finally breaking free of the stigma of failing to protect Luck? Also, to aid the O-line shouldn't we be working to improve on quick action passes that get the ball out of Luck's hands much like we see in New England or Pittsburgh?

Bowen: You listen to Jim Irsay, Chris Ballard or Chuck Pagano and all three of them are extremely high on the offensive line. They believe the arrow is pointing up on that group after a much better finish to the 2016 season. I'm of the belief that a right side combination of Joe Haeg and Le'Raven Clark can solidify that starting unit. Yes, the Colts need to stress quicker rhythm action to relieve the stress on Luck. That's a must. At the same time, the deep ball is a weapon for the Colts and should not be completely written off.

Ciaran M. (Ireland)

Hi Kevin, do you think Hassan Ridgeway will have much of an impact this season. Hehad a decent rookie season and is certainly one of the players I'm most excited about next year.
And is Zach Banner too slow to play as right-tackle? He seems like a better fit at guard, but I'm constantly seeing him referred to as a tackle.

Bowen: Right now, I think Hassan Ridgeway is the first defensive line sub for the Colts. You rotate so many bodies in the defensive trenches, so he should see quite a bit of action in 2017. We have not talked too much about Ridgeway this offseason. With Banner, the Colts feel he's agile enough to handle the tackle position. Area scout Dave Razzano pointed to how Banner handled some of the quicker pass rushers (UCLA's Tak McKinley, a first-round pick in 2017) as something that impressed him during the scouting process. I think if Banner can keep on losing the weight he wants to, it should help in him transitioning to the tackle position in the NFL.

Chris C. (Indianapolis)

Hey kevin first time writer here feels good,how are you? Thanks for all the work you do COLTS NATION loves you. Who do you think will have the biggest impact for us in offense defense and special teams? Who is your player to keep your eye on this year and do you think we done enough to be a top 15 defense and go deep in playoff?? Even though the afc south is getting to be a tough division

Bowen: Chris, thanks for joining us. I'm doing great. Kind of a broad question to start things off. I don't want to state the obvious but Andrew Luck, Vontae Davis and Jeff Locke are my answers for your first question. A player to keep an eye on is Donte Moncrief. I'm really curious to see what Moncrief can show in a contract year. He's such a unique weapon for this offense. I'm not sure if the Colts have made quite that big of a jump defensively. Honestly, if the defense can get into the 15-20 range, that should be enough to support an elite offense. I do believe the defense can creep closer to the top half of the NFL.

Paul M. (Pittston, PA)

Hey Kevin, Love what the new GM did on the D side, but "Pff ranked the o-line dead last in the NFL in terms of pass-blocking efficiency in 2016. And franchise quarterback Andrew Luck was the most frequently pressured qualified quarterback in the NFL".Luck can't complete passes when he's on his back or the side line. Why haven't the Colts found a way to protect their best player. You can't let the players grow into their jobs at Luck's expense. Thoughts?

Bowen: Where the Colts feel better about the offensive line is how the unit ended 2016. The sack numbers were down on Luck to end last season. When the line was at its best in '16, you had a right side combination of Joe Haeg (right guard) and Le'Raven Clark (right tackle). That's where letting this unit grow comes into play. You drafted Haeg and Clark for a reason last year, it's time to see what you've got with a young line filled with relatively high draft picks.

Sean M. (Ireland)

Hi Kevin, love reading the mail bag every week from Ireland.
My first question is, how big of an impact should we expect from Tarell Bashan in his rookie season. He certainly seems like someone who should improves or pass-rushing unit right away.
Secondly, will T.J Green see much playing time this year after his well below average rookie season? He certainly has the athletic ability to contribute.

Bowen: I'm unsure of exactly what the Colts are realistically hoping to get out of Basham and vice versa. Ideally, Basham would give the Colts a third-down presence, probably playing behind Jabaal Sheard and John Simon. If Basham can contribute 5-to-6 sacks as a rookie, that would be a pretty good first season, in my opinion. Basham is making a jump in competition, but Chris Ballard believes he has some unique traits (specifically length and get off the ball) that should ease the transition to the NFL. With Green, this is another unknown for me. It's going to come down to how the Colts want to use Darius Butler. I believe Malik Hooker will start at safety, even though he's expected to miss the rest of the offseason program in recovering from off-season surgery. I still think the Colts want to get Green on the field, but I just don't know what that look like right now.

James S. (Australia)

This question is nothing more than a "what if?", but when the Eagles selected a player I really liked in Derek Barnett at Pick 14, I thought back to coin flip at the combine. Let's say that instead of the Eagles winning, the Colts do, and are awarded the 14th pick in the draft instead of the 15th. Assuming the draft shakes out exactly the same, and with the Colts now ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles, do you think we would have still taken Hooker, or Barnett?

Bowen: This is a great question, James. Readers of the mailbag will know I was a fan of Barnett and thought he would be the best option for the Colts, considering the need for a pass rusher. However, I never thought Malik Hooker would be sitting there when the Colts got on the clock. I probably still would have gone with Hooker, but the decision would have been tougher if Barnett was available.

Landen S. (Washington)

Hi Kevin I made an early 53 man roster prediction and would like to see ur thoughts on it 

Qb: Andrew luck, Scott Tolzien

RB: frank gore, Robert turbin, marlon Mack, josh furgeson

TE: jack Doyle, Erik swoope, Brandon Williams

WR: ty hilton, donte moncrief, Phillip Dorset, kamar aiken, Chester Rodgers, quan bray 

Oline: Ryan Kelly, jack mewhort, joe haeg, Anthony costanzo, laraven clark, Austin Blythe, schwenke, Zach banner, denzelle good

Dline: Henry Anderson, Kendall Langford, john Hankins, Hassan ridgeway, Margus hunt, Grover Stewart, al woods

Linebackers: Edwin Jackson, Antonio Morrison, Jon Bostic, Sean spence, Anthony walker, jabal sheard, john Simon, Terrell basham, barkevios mingo, curt maggitt

Cornerbacks: vontae Davis, Quincy Wilson, mate Hairston, rashaan Melvin, Reggie porter

Safeties: Malik hooker, Darius butler, Clayton geathers, TJ green

Special teams: Adam vinetaieri, Thomas Hennessy, Jeff Locke 

You don't have to waste ur time counting I promise it's 53 haha

Bowen: It's early to be predicting 53-man rosters. Since you've gone to the trouble trying to fill one out, I've taken a look at it. All in all, it looks pretty accurate to me. Who rounds out the corner group, how many receivers the Colts end up keeping and the linebacker makeup will impact the backend of the 53. I think Akeem Ayers is a guy I would have on his 53-man roster though.

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