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Colts Wednesday Mailbag: Is Washington Cornerback Sidney Jones An Option?

Intro: This Wednesday, mailbag readers inquire about the role for T.J. Green this season, how the Colts should handle drafting a running back and if Stephen Morris could be the backup quarterback in 2017.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:Brian M. (Fort Myers, FL)

Hi Kevin, it's been a while since I've written to the mailbag. You do a great service to all Colts fans. All of Ballard's signings have me quite anxious to get the season going. I'm still skeptical of Luck's shoulder rehab. The lack of news besides "he'll be ready for camp" doesn't have me totally convinced he will be ready. I liked Stephen Morris last year in the preseason. I really have the feeling that he has the talent to be Luck's backup and release Tolzien to save some cap space and get a 3rd string QB in the draft or a released QB from another team. What is your opinion of Morris and the possibility of him becoming #2. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Bowen: We had a similar question to this a few weeks back. One thing we've learned from Chris Ballard: competition is throughout the roster. I don't think for a second that Scott Tolzien is locked in as the backup. Because of Tolzien's experience, I still think he will be the backup. But Morris is going to get some chances this offseason, and maybe even some first-team work with Andrew Luck limited. It's really going to come down to what the Colts want from the backup: a veteran who has started NFL games before (Tolzien) or a young guy who might have a higher ceiling (Morris)?

David P. (Indianapolis)

Good day Kevin, hope all is well! I have a several questions for you, but first thanks for all your hard work and insight week in and week out.

With the thought of the Great Bob Saunders on our minds, do you like that Geathers could be the second coming of Bob? He plays almost as hard and physical as Bob did, with total disregard for his body or the opponents.

With Gore aging and career possible coming to an end after the season and our need for a playmaker, what do you feel about us possibly drafting a rb from right here at IU? Haven't heard much about him from many of mock drafts but he is a playmaker with great hands and vision.

Last question with all the signings this off-season which do you feel will have the biggest impact for our defense this season? As we all know, a good front seven makes any secondary look great. Pressure up front creates turnovers on the backend.

Bowen: 1. I do think there's some Bob Sanders inside of Clayton Geathers. Hopefully, Geathers doesn't have the same injury history though. I do know Geathers models his game and playing style after Sanders. 2. I could see it. Devine Redding should be in the later-round draft area that the Colts have talked about. 3. Johnathan Hankins. I see his ability to absorb blockers and space in the middle as exactly what the Colts have longed for in trying to open things up for their inside linebackers. Jabaal Sheard is a strong candidate for this answer, too. I believe Sheard has 10-sack potential.

Cole H. (Fort Leonard Wood, MO)

So with the team now having 4 TE's do you think the colts will draft one? Chris Ballard said it's a TE rich draft. 
Also what are the best options at RB I heard names from Kareem Hunt to Joe Mixon and assorted other RB's. I believe the 4th is the best round to take a RB, do you agree?
Lastly, what would Hassan Reddick role be more on the team? There's a stress about a pure pass rusher, but he isn't, but he's viewed to be more valuable at the OLB position, can you please explain?
Thanks for your knowledge! Keep up the good work, good at what you do!

Bowen: Yes, I don't think the signing of Mo Alie-Cox impacts the tight end draft plans at all. Go right ahead and draft one, Chris Ballard. I like the fourth-round target range for a running back. With Reddick, I'm really curious to see where he lines up in the NFL. I think that versatility is intriguing to teams. With the Colts, I see value/need for him at both inside and outside spots.

Rick C. (Virginia)

With all of the defensive signings I still believe the colts should trade up to 2nd pick by trading the 15th pick in rd1 and 1st rounder and 5th rounder next year to move up to #2 and select Solomon Thomas. As far as trading down I think it's a mistake. Get best player to help D now. I would use the 2nd rounder on CB or RB. What do you think the odds are the colts move up to get a cornerstone player?

Bowen: I'd be really, really surprised if the Colts wanted/could move all the way up to No. 2. It would cost you more than just one first-rounder to move up 13 spots to No. 2 overall. With seven picks, I'm a firm believer in the Colts need at least that many to take care of their other needs. I get what you are saying Rick in trying to find a cornerstone player. I think you just have to hope your scouting is/was good enough and try to get that player at No. 15 overall.

Izzy I. (San Diego)

Hey Kevin! this Free Agency period has been ridiculously productive this year. Chris Ballard is a genius and every front 7 addition made us better than what we've been defensively under He who will not be named for 5 years. I feel like this draft is built for the Colts to succeed. With all the additions and cuts I believe Chris Ballard is targeting CB round 1. Darius Butler is moving to safety, which leaves only 2 respectable CBs on our roster Vontae Davis & Rashaan Melvin. Whether it's in the 1st round or not, I think a CB haul is a must in 2017.. what do you think of these 2 scenarios(trying to be realistic);

R1: Gareon Conley R2:Raekwon McMillan R3: DeMarcus Walker R4:TJ Logan(who I love) R4: Jourdan Lewis R4: Jaleel Johnson


R1: Haasan Reddick R2: Sidney Jones (longterm reward) R3:Tyus Bowser R4: TJ Logan R4: Jourdan Lewis R4: Zach Banner

I believe there are many ways to go about this draft because of its depth. What are your thoughts?

PS: Colts coming to LA Week 1. Catch me there!

Bowen: Okay, I've got a few questions. I like scenario 1, however I would want a true edge rusher in that haul. I'm not sure if you address that from the OLB position. In scenario 2, I worry about having a Day One ready cornerback. The Sidney Jones debate is endless. Would he be ready to play right away? Overall, I like the scenarios, with these questions as my only worries.

Jay E. (Raleigh, NC)

With us looking for a running back in the draft, what do you see the colts doing with Josh Ferguson? Will he get any snaps at running back, kick and/or punt return, or will he eventually be cut from the team because of his lack of productivity. I think that he just needs oline help because he isn't your biggest running back that can shed off tackles. But I'm pretty sure that 
Question will be answered after the preseason. What's your take?

Bowen: Josh Ferguson should, and will, get some chances to produce this offseason. With Frank Gore playing very little in preseasons, Ferguson could have a decent amount of reps. If Ferguson can be a kick return option, that's going to help his cause to make the team again in 2017. Also, how the Colts handle the running back position in the draft will impact Ferguson's chances of making the team. Such a pick will really impact how much the Colts will need Ferguson behind Frank Gore and Robert Turbin. Ferguson does have the speed element that I would look for in a running back draftee.

Greg C. (Wilmington, DE)

Looking toward to this weekend and I agree totally with your emphasis on OLB in the first and picking up a couple of CBS and a RB, after that. My question centers on TJ Green: after going back and reading his draft prospect write ups, the. consensus was; he was fast and. could cover, but was inexperienced and didn't tackle well. The estimates were varied (from end of first round to mid-rounds). I can't help but wonder if he could be coached up enough to start over Butler (or even at outside corner). As Rick Venturi said; "Butler is one of the best slot cover guys in the league". If somehow, Green could start, to me that changes the whole secondary situation. CBS in the draft would still be needed but I just think it's too early to call him a bust. Thoughts?

Bowen: We had a few T.J. Green questions in this week's mailbag. The Colts do have some flexibility back there given what Darius Butler can do. However, I think they want Butler at safety. Now, if the Colts can't find any cornerbacks in the draft, maybe that changes some things. I still believe that how Butler's skills can co-exist with the physical nature of Geathers, makes more sense at the safety position. Let Green play that nickel roll and find some corner talent in the draft.

Cody B. (Tampa, FL)

First time writing in, long time fan from Indy really became die hard around 2001, I was in high school with a cousin of edge. Have read the mailbag for many seasons always very appreciative. Tons of draft questions and incredible depth
So what happens to be your ideal best case scenario for us. I agree with your previous statements other than I feel a corner is 1A to edge. Second question how do you feel about a few sleepers as Johnson at 3rd round he's talented covering te and RB on strong side? Last question Wisconsin tackle Rd 1 he's a powerful run blocker and fairly sturdy could he be our guy?

Bowen: Thanks, Cody. I'm sticking with my outside linebacker in spot 1, cornerback in spot 1A, opinion. My best-case scenario would look something like this: Round 1: OLB, Round 2: CB, Round 3: CB, Round 4: ILB, Round 4: RB, Round 4: TE, Round 5: OT.

Jim H. (Forest City, NC)

Hi Kevin
I hope all is well with you & yours. I have a scenario I would like your thougts on. How about trading our 1st & 5th rd pick for Malcom Butler in exchange for the Pats 1st rd pick. They get an extra pick and move up 17 spots good deal for them. Then we can draft like this.
32 pick 1st rd edge rusher
Rd 2 RB
RD 3 & 1st pick RD 4 TE & ILB
2nd & 3rd pick 4th RD OLB & CB
This takes care our CB need and allows us to get RB a rd sooner. Look forward to your thougts. Go Colts!

Bowen: I'd be shocked if a trade involving Butler would mean the Patriots have to give up their first-round pick, too. That's quite a bit to give up when you are only moving up 17 spots. I totally get the reasoning for wanting Butler. But New England is going to want a nice package in return, one that I can't see including a disappearing first-round pick.

Damian M. (Ridgecrest, CA)

I keep reading mock drafts and I see names like budda baker Justin evans and even Jamaal adams. As much as I love these 3 guys I gotta wonder why don't we give t.j. green a real chance? We signed butler again when I didn't think we needed to and now we're talking about drafting another safety. Aren't geathers and green good enough? Why not take foster or Reddick or even mckinley or barnett. I don't get it. T.j. green looked great in his little opertunity.

Bowen: I expect T.J. Green to get a pretty good chance here in 2017. Even if Green isn't a starter in the base defense, his likely nickel role is going to put him on the field a lot. Green had his ups and downs in 2016. He's still very young though. I see no problem in placing him in that nickel role and find out if you see more consistency in him eventually becoming a full-time starter. This is a very deep safety class in 2017, so that's why you are hearing some safety chatter for the Colts. I like the combination of Clayton Geathers and Darius Butler and how their skills complement each other at safety.

Riley S. (Fillmore, IN)

Hey Kevin, what are your thoughts on what our record will be this year now that we know who we will be facing and predicted to have the easiest schedule.

Bowen: Riley, send me this one during May. The draft and what the Colts can acquire with those picks is going to influence my answer. I do think this team can be a double-digit win squad in 2017.

Nathan C. (Indianapolis)

Why would the Colts pass up on a talent like Dalvin Cook? If you like at his film he is a stud. Maybe even the next Ezekiel Elliott.

Bowen: Because they really need defensive help. Let's not crown Cook in the Elliott category. Cook appears to be falling in this draft. Will he last into the 20s on Thursday night? The Colts should wait for a running back in this draft class. I like Cook, but the defense needs early attention in 2017.

Anthony F. (Louisville)


I really appreciate your insight in your mailbag responses. Keep up the good work!

I have been paying close attention to what Ballard has been saying over the last month and would not be surprised if the draft plays out similarly to what I have below… Let me know your thoughts.

Quotes, "It takes time to build a team" - "We need guys defensively with speed and explosive playmaking ability, guys that can go get the ball" - "Bigger, longer is better. Bigger, longer, with hands" He doesn't appear to be against the idea of trading back and getting "more picks" and will find a partner on Thursday. I believe that he will use the 2017 draft to build the foundation for our DB's of the future. The first two picks will fit the mold of "Bigger with hands".

Trade: R1 (15) with Houston R1 (25) and R2 (57) or KC R1 (27) and R2 (59).

R1 (25 or 27): S- Obi Melifonwu 
R2 (46): CB- Sidney Jones
R2 (57 or 59): Best OLB available Bowser / McKinley / Harris / Williams / Watt
R3 (80): Best RB available- Christian McCaffrey / Joe Mixon / Alvin Kamara / Marlon Mack
R4 (121): BPA CB (137): BPA OG (144): BPA ILB
R5 (158): BPA

Bowen: The pick of Jones still worries me a bit. Basically, with your first and second pick here you are getting two guys who likely won't start. The Colts especially need a Day One-ready corner in this draft. I'm not sure if that's a guarantee with Jones. I understand what you're thinking with regards to Ballard's comments, but I'm not sure if this is the best draft to go that route. You need more Day One impact from those high picks.

Don W. (Indianapolis)

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for all you do! With the draft next week I would like to make an observation. Grigson biggest issue I feel was he was not in tune with what the Colts really needed. Polian worked hard with his coaches to make sure he knew exactly what they needed and the player would fit the schemes. I'm not picking on Ryan as much as I'm saying if Chuck said we needed a runner, receiver, pass rusher, etc. Ryan would just go out and pick one up without assuring they fit the scheme we were running. I see Mr. Ballard following more in the lines of Polian than Grigson. Would you say from the short time you've been around Ballard that this would be a fair assessment?

Bowen: I would say that is a fair assessment. Jim Irsay has said the same thing. He mentioned how Ballard and Polian had breakfast earlier this year. Ballard has spoken specifically on the integration between the scouting and coaching sides of things. Ballard has also made it a point to sit down with coaches while evaluating film to see what sort of fits the coaches want/need for their schemes.

Jesse K. (New Jersey)

Hey Kevin, been reading the mailbag for awhile, thanks for the work! My question is about our RB situation, if it's Cook in the first, or Mixon or Perine. Whoever it is, is there a chance they become the starter over Gore this year at all? I mean I guess there's always a chance, but realistically could one of these guys just take the 1 role? Especially with the schedule we have an a potential playoff return, maybe keep Gore's legs healthy?

Bowen: I don't see a rookie running back overtaking Gore's starting role. I could see a rookie receiving some touches for sure. But Gore has been a full-time starter in this league his entire career. He hasn't missed a game since 2010 (he has 70 more consecutive starts than the second longest active streak at running back). Ball carriers rotate so much nowadays that the "starter" is not going to play 90 percent of the snaps. I expect Gore to start, Robert Turbin to play more and a potential draft pick to also see some time.

David S. (Richmond, VA)

I noticed that Mr. Sheard has retained the #93 from his days at New England...have you heard about plans on that number eventually retiring because of the great playing by Freeny?

What would happen if they do decide to do something with that number?

Bowen: I haven't, and would be surprised if that happens. Erik Walden wore No. 93 for the last four years, once Dwight Freeney departed. Freeney was a great player for this franchise, but not sure if he's a "retire his jersey" type of guy.

William F. (San Diego)

Hey Kevin, I have not written in in a while so I hope this finds you well. Let's get to it.
1) Offensive line talk has not seemed to account for D Good, who I think should have first shot at starting guard. Between J Haeg, A Schwenke, and D Good. Who would you have at RG and why?
2) This may be weird but why don't teams ever employ a five man defensive front? Three smaller / penetrating tackles in the middle and two monstrous ends. Then you populate the backfield with all of these tweener hybrid safeties.
3) With all of the bodies that Ballard has brought in, I would prefer the Colts trade up instead of down. I have heard that multiple teams are looking to trade back, so we might get a good deal and we still have competition because of all the signings. Who would you trade into the second or third rounds for, and what do you think it would take?

Bowen: 1. I do agree that Denzelle Good has not been talked about that much this offseason. Right now, I would have Good as the top swing reserve on the right side. I see Joe Haeg and Le'Raven Clark, the duo that started together to end last season, getting the first look at right guard and right tackle this season. 2. I think you do see some five-man looks with the edge guys putting their hand in the ground or coming off the edge in a stand-up position. It might not look like a traditional five-man defensive front pre-snap. But then it turns into one after the ball is snapped. 3. I would not trade up. You have several needs to fill on this roster. To do so, giving up one or more of your seven picks would really hinder the opportunity to accomplish such a goal.

Ryan B. (Drums, PA)

Hey Kevin,

I was hoping to get another question in before the draft. What do you think of CB - Teez Tabor? His name was everywhere in the first round awhile back, but now I see him going in the third round in a few different spots.

So how would you feel about this hypothetical: Assuming Foster is either off our board (which I dont believe is the case) or already drafted, Round 1 could be a pass rusher such as Derek Barnett, Takkarist Mckinley, etc. Then in Round 2, Sidney Jones, and Tabor in Round 3. We load up on corners and when Jones returns, our secondary is 
vastly upgraded, plus a quality pass rusher in the First.

Have fun watching/covering the draft, and thanks as always for taking the time for the mailbag, Kevin! Go Colts!

Bowen: Tabor's speed is something that worries people. Remember, Chris Ballard has stated several times he wants to upgrade the speed on his roster, especially defensively. That's why I don't think Tabor would be in the cards for the Colts. I do like the pass rusher approach to start the draft.

Jeff B. (Saskatchewan, Canada)

First off you are doing an awesome job Kevin.

1) I would like a "what if" answer from you about the draft. What if you were GM Kevin Bowen of the Colts and pick 15 came up. Would you consider trading down in the first round? What would your reasons be for it or against it?

2) What smaller school or lesser known players are you high on for mid to late rounds that could be diamonds for the future?

Bowen: 1. I would probably not trade down. I think with seven picks in the first five rounds, the current draft haul is already pretty good for the Colts. My worry about trading back in Round One is you run the risk of squandering a chance at nabbing a big-time defender. 2. I haven't studied the draft that, that closely to know of the Denzelle Good's of the world in this year's draft.

David F. (Massachusetts)

When will the Colts play a game with an alternate uniform? Like the kicking horse logo? Or blue helmet?

Bowen: Could that happen in Week 15 this year against the Broncos? The Colts did not wear their color rush jerseys last year (because of the Thursday game on Thanksgiving). There was talk they would wear them in 2017. I'm still waiting for confirmation on if this year's Thursday night game (Dec. 14 against the Broncos) would be when we see it.

Alton M. (Virginia Beach, VA)

Hi Kevin! 

Thanks for the mailbag! First time writer, long time reader.

I am a Colts fan since Mora and Clemson fan since Bowden.

In my opinion the Colts have been extremely fortunate to have Manning and Luck.

Why have the Colts struggled to attract high end coaching? You would think great coaches would be attracted to a situation with a Manning or a Luck. I feel as though coaching (particularly in-game coaching) has been as big a reason as any for why Manning only won 1 Super Bowl with the Colts and Luck has won zero. I do understand winning a Super Bowl is extremely difficult and not something to take for granted. However, I can't help but think if we had better coaching, Peyton might have had a few more Colts rings. Your thoughts?

Bowen: I'm not sure who the Colts would have acquired back in 2002 that would have won multiple Super Bowls. Since '02, how many coaches have won multiple Super Bowls? Just Bill Belichick. The Colts definitely had their opportunities during that run. 2005 and 2009 are the two playoff run the Colts would love to back. But in one-and-done formats it's just so hard to go unblemished. It's why Belichick is the greatest of all time. You just don't find really any coaches nowadays who consistently win Super Bowls. Much easier said than done.

Nicholas M. (Kokomo, IN)

Hi Kevin,
As always I want to thank you for answering everyone's questions. My question is about free agency. Now that the colts are mostly done signing free agents, who in the afc south do you think has signed the most talented free agents. I know the jaguars got good players (bouye and campbell) and I know we got some (hankins, sheard, simon, etc.). Anyway, I was hoping you could rank the 10 or 15 most talented free agents signed by afc south teams that way I could know how the division is looking before the draft.
Thanks again,
Nick M.

Bowen: I'd say the Jaguars once again made the most noise, which was expected. I said the same thing though this time last year and the Jaguars did not make much of a jump from a win standpoint. Each team really had their own unique approach to the offseason. Houston lost Bouye and is still without a proven starting quarterback. Tennessee was pretty quiet with two picks in the first 18 selections coming Thursday. The Colts were very active in free agency with the draft now offering a chance to support the building. I'd say the Jags had the biggest FA in terms of getting impact talent. Having said that, it comes down to the play of Blake Bortles in seeing what type of season they will have in Jacksonville.

Joseph B. (Kokomo, IN)

Hey Kevin my question this week has to do with Ruben Foster with this new story coming out about him failing the drug screen do u think that this would take him off the Colts board or might he slide to the second round now ....what are you thoughts and how much of a chance do the Colts have on taking him at 15

Bowen: This is one of THE questions regarding a prospect this week. How far will Foster fall? Some Mock Drafts already had the Alabama inside linebacker dropping, before this failed test. I have no idea if this test would take Foster off the board for the Colts. Reports out there that the Colts had Foster in for a top-30 visit earlier this month. So the Colts have had some one-on-one time with arguably the top inside linebacker in the draft. I still think Foster would be in play at 15, but it all is going to depend on the background checks from the Colts.

Wesley B. (La Porte, IN)

I really view Christian McCaffrey as a potential difference maker and scoring machine. I know we need to bolster the defense, which free agency has helped tremendously. With the nightmare McCaffrey could be for opposing defenses how logical does it sound to take him in rnd 1 and use the rest of the draft on d? I hate to see such impact players passed on like Landon Collins a couple years ago.

Bowen: From the most recent Mock Drafts, Christian McCaffrey isn't lasting until pick No. 15. Several draft pundits believe that McCaffrey could go as high as No. 8 to Carolina. I would be surprised if McCaffrey was around when the Colts pick on Thursday.

Ron H. (Newark, DE)

Hi Kevin,

With the draft only days away I have to hit you with another mock draft especially since I will be at the draft!!!! Here's my updated mock draft.

Rd 1: We trade back in the first round. Our good ol gm Chris Ballard has expressed his interest in trading back for more picks here we trade back in exchange for an additional second rd pick and grab CB Chidobe Awuzie in the back end of Rd 1.

Rd 2: Our defense needs a leader that will be there for yrs and has good character for this pick we go with ILB Jarrad Davis

Rd 2: with the additiona pick we acquired we select a pass rusher that can develop behind the competition we recently signed Olb Tyus Bowser/Jordan Willis either player would be great

Rd 3: I love Vontae but he is in a contract yr and 30 is on the horizon time we start grooming his potential replacement to go along side Chidobe in the future and who better than CB Ahkello Witherspoon his teammate from Colorado. He brings a long frame, athleticism, and the ability to not give up big plays against big WR.

Rd 4: S/ILB Josh Harvey-Clemons yup I am still pro Harvey-Clemons for this pick. him and Geathers can be interchangeable one can roam the box as the ss while the other play ILB on sub-packages allowing us to maintain size, intimidation, and speed on passing downs

Rd 4: RB here we will have options all can be immediate contributors Jeremy McNichols/Kareem Hunt/ Brian Hill either of these guys could become great backs learning behind Frank

Rd 4: TE this draft is filled with pro ready TE talent this is where indulge in the talent available.

Rd 5: Here we grab an OL that can live his life playing as OT or OG when needed.

Tell me what you think!!! Blood Flood!!!

PS... How about we print this mock draft out and leave it on Chris Ballard's desk lol {~_O}

Bowen: Ron, I'm heading to the printer now to collect your Mock Draft. First thought? I like what you've done here. I'm not the biggest fan in waiting until the back of the second round to get a pass rusher, but I like how you've built around that pick. I'm a fan of the two cornerbacks in the first three rounds. Then you add some juice to the offense in the fourth round.

Patrick T. (Houston)

Hi Kevin, I know the draft is dominating the mail bag lately but is Tyus Bowser on the radar for the colts in the draft. I live in Houston and i have watched him play in person. He is a game changer and an even better person off the field. Im just curious i havent heard his name much at all. The "experts" have graded him as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He could be a steal in my opinion. Im not an expert though just an avid fan. What are you hearing about him?

Bowen: I've seen a few Mock Drafts with Bowser going to the Colts in the second or third round. If the Colts go cornerback in Round One, the selection of such a guy off the edge would make plenty of sense to me.

John Y. (Franklin, TN)

Getting excited for draft day Kevin. I think we have completely forgot about Alex Bazzle being in the fold, with that being said I think cornerback should be our first pick this year. Seems like we already have lots of competition at edge rusher on the roster already. Trading down would be great since cornerback is so deep this year. Getting a slot cover corner would be nice with an additional second round pick. Your thoughts.

Bowen: Even with all the new faces at outside linebacker, that would not discourage me at all from taking an edge rusher. The real elite pass rushing talent at outside linebacker comes from the draft. If the right guy is there in Round One, you do not pass up such a talent.

Devin C. (Edgerton, OH)

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for answering my question last week! I've been hearing talk about use being interested in trading down in the draft to acquire more picks. While I agree this would benefit us to add more picks for our holes on defense, I feel we should do so with caution. My question is then, how far do you feel we could fall down the draft board while still getting a premier pass-rusher or corner and acquiring more picks? Along with that, based on how far we would drop, what do you think we could get out for our 15th pick??

Thanks for your time!

Bowen: This is a good question, Devin. I'm going to say early 20s. Moving back 7-ish spots should get the Colts another pick in the Round Three-range. That's the dilemma though when trading back. Sure, you are getting a nice package of pick(s) in return. But you are risking that one of those defenders could be gone when the pick does come up. It's a tough juggling act and not a lot of time to think through all the scenarios.

Theis S. (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hello Kevin! 
So last question before the draft i guess :)
Lets pretend 2 qb's go before our Pick, probably trubisky and watson.
How do you see us trading our pick with fx, chiefs or texans, so they Can get a qb, while we get some more ammo for the next cuople of rounds. And then Pick up Charles Harris? He is sooo fast from the edge and have solid rush moves. How do you feel about his potential in general?
Go Colts! Can't wait any longer!!

Bowen: A quarterback run in the early teens would be ideal for the Colts. There's a definite possibility that could happen, too. If that does occur, it could easily provide the Colts an opportunity to move back in the first round, and still get a quality defender.

Stan C. (Minneapolis)

Hey, Kevin! Thanks as always for all your hard work. With the draft closing in, I figured I'd give you a breath of fresh air and ask about something else. Now, I know it's a little uncomfortable to talk about, but we need to face the facts: Chuck Pagano doesn't have a lot of breathing room this season. Chris Ballard has been open about working alongside the current coaching staff... but if the team disappoints, Ballard could easily convince Jim Irsay to bring in a coach of his choosing. It's simply the way this business works. With that in mind, here are 3 potential scenarios for different points in the season. Give us a 1-10 rating (1 being "job security isn't even an afterthought", 10 being "just got off the phone with my real estate agent") in terms of how nervous you would be if Kevin Bowen was a member of the coaching staff in each the following scenarios:

1) Andrew Luck doesn't start the season, and (when coupled with Pagano's tendency to start the season slow) the Colts start 0-3, including blowing 2 of our scheduled "should win" games @LA and vs CLE. The season is long, but we have given ourselves an unnecessarily and uncomfortably steep climb the rest of the way.

2) The team goes back and forth, struggling to string wins together before stumbling through the tough stretch leading up to their bye week. The team wins @LA, vs CLE, vs SF, and vs JAX, but loses vs ARI, @SEA, @TEN, @CIN, @HOU, and vs PIT. The team enters the bye 4-6, 1-2 in the AFC-South.

3) The season has ended, but the team remains kind of where it started... Winning the easy games, but struggling against contenders. The Colts go 4-2 in the AFC-South (taking home games plus @JAX) and overall finish 9-7, but still can't win the division and will sit home for the playoffs. The team incrementally improves, but poor/inconsistent showings against ARI, SEA, PIT, TEN, and HOU demonstrate that the team isn't ready to truly compete with the top third of the league yet.

As always, I don't want to be bleak about our boys, nor do I take any pleasure in speculating about someone's job (well, I was a little unprofessional while writing about Ryan Grigson... but c'mon, I'm only human). However, I feel that as fans, we should be prepared for any scenario and think about what it could mean in the bigger picture. Thank you for tackling this touchy subject, Kevin!

Bowen: 1. Luck not starting the season, which we've gotten no indication of being a possibility, would be the ultimate unknown in this scenario. We have no idea how Jim Irsay/Chris Ballard would handle this situation. Could Luck return and the Colts somehow climb back above .500 and win the division? I really have no clue how this would play out 2. This would not look good for the coaching staff. The wins are coming against teams likely near the bottom of the NFL and you've already dug yourself a hole in the AFC South. One thing to keep in mind is that Irsay said the evaluation of Pagano is bigger than just the team's record. That makes it a little fuzzy to give hardcore answers. 3. If the Colts are struggling against the elite teams, that should be worrisome for the coaching staff. Irsay has spoken before about being able to compete with playoff caliber teams. 9-7 would give Pagano yet another season at .500 or better. That would be huge for him, but like I said above the evaluation of Pagano is going to extend past just the record.

Carlos F. (Miami)

Hello Mr. Bowen
Can you please update me on C. Geathers neck injury, and will he be ready to play by the start of the season.
Thank you very much

Bowen: Clayton Geathers has said he will be just fine for the 2017 season. Geathers is in the building and is participating in the offseason program. I'm hoping to catch up with Geathers soon to get his thoughts on 2017.

Gilbert M. (Salt Lake City)

With the loss of two OL with Jonothan Harrison signing with Jets and Joe Ritz retiring, will the Colts look at Round 4 to pick an OL? Remember Colts have poor record in protecting A. Luck. Resending: Here are Utah Utes for Colts to draft or sign as an Undrafted Free Agent: For Draft----OL Garett Bolles; OL Isaac Asiata; DE Hunter Dimick; RB Joe Wiliiams; S Marcus Williams. For FA Signing-----DB Reginald Porter; DB Brian Allen; DB Jason Thompson; WR Tim Patrick; and Snapper Chase Dominquez. Give to Colt Scouts. Gilbert, Disabled Vietnam Veteran/Marine Corps.

Bowen: I could see the fourth round being a good target area for an offensive lineman. In my eyes, if the Colts can get a swing tackle (similar to Joe Haeg, a fifth-round pick last year) that would provide the necessary depth up front.

John B. (Indianapolis)

How are you doing Kev Huge Fan I see the future of our team and we got it!
Question: Richard Sherman.. In my opinion if we get him 9/10 we make the Afc championship game we got package on the defense including w/e comes out the draft even though draft pics would be involved in that trade obviously! It's a match right?? Would you trade?
Question #2: Sheard Simon E.Jackson Spence Mingo Morrison Bostic!!??? What do you see in that compared to last year?
Personally If Geathers and Tj Green can stay on the field together and Green Get his College Look back I think the defense is set especially with Hankins Woods and if Langford and Henry is healthy that's a Defense that'll take you somewhere once the chemistry sails in! Do you approve?
To be honest If everything go as planned. The colts got Rings to come
#GoColts #ThanksForYourTimeKevin

Bowen: 1. I don't believe it's a match. The Colts cannot afford to give up the package it would take to acquire Richard Sherman. They have to get younger at cornerback. Plus, it sounds like Seattle is not close to trading Sherman (right now). 2. I'm really, really curious to see how the linebackers play out in 2017, and the draft could certainly change up how the group looks in Week One. Right now, I say Jabaal Sheard and John Simon are your starters at outside linebacker. The inside linebacker group is really up for grabs. I honestly have no idea how the quartet of Edwin Jackson, Antonio Morrison, Sean Spence and Jon Bostic will play itself out.

Trey A. (Birmingham, AL)

Haven't submitted a question in a while...but here goes

With Freeney on the market is there any possibilty with bringing him back? Situational pass rusher and leadership role to groom younger incoming talent.

Thanks for any pending insight. Go Colts!

Bowen: I get the reasoning for such a question, but this isn't the sort of path Chris Ballard has followed at all this offseason. He's parted ways with so many older free agents. In my mind, drafting a young situational pass rusher and letting him grow into an every down player would make the most sense in finding a player to fill that specific role.

Alex H. (Indianapolis)

Dear Mr.Bowen,
I have a question concerning the draft. The way I see our picks is 2 LB's, 2 CB's, 1 safety 1 running back, but do you think we might use our last pick on the o-line or on the d-line. The d-line has gotten better but there's still work that needs to be done, and I know Ballard has said we have our o-line, but the fact that Luck was sacked more than 40 times last year concerns me. Both areas need to be addressed. The only question is which one gets the pick? Thanks and GO COLTS!
Alex H.

Bowen: Yes, the trenches will likely receive some pick in the coming days. Chris Ballard has always said that two of his core positions come draft time are the offensive and defensive lines. Basically, when the board is jumbled, Ballard is going to look to the trenches to break such a tie. I think offensive line is more likely than defensive line, but could see either.

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