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Farewell To Sable

In a time of transition, Colts Cheer came into Sable’s life and helped her find her way – and in the process, find herself.


Sable was in transition when Colts Cheer came into her life.

"I spent my freshman year of college in Portland," she says. "When I came into Colts Cheer, I had just moved home from Portland. At that point in my life, I didn't really know what I wanted to go to school for. I didn't know exactly what I wanted out of life yet."

Two years later, she can't believe how different her life looks – or how different she looks at life.

"I came in very young and maybe even a little nervous, not really even knowing exactly who I was as a woman yet. It's just interesting to see all the changes that have happened and now feeling a lot more confident in who I am, knowing my core values, I feel like I'm more of a well rounded person, more responsible – the Colts have really helped with developing me as a person."

A fun farewell gallery for the Colts Cheerleaders who are hanging up their boots!

The decision to hang up her boots wasn't an easy one, but she knew it was time.

"I think that God was telling me it's time for one chapter to end and for another to begin. And now that I'm married, that comes with all new responsibilities," she says.

Responsibilities she's better prepared to handle, thanks to her experience with Colts Cheer.


From game day to appearances – for Sable, it's about the moments she shared with her teammates – playing a Disney princess at Riley Hospital for Children, handing out hats and hugs to underprivileged kids, and performing at the Pro Football Hall of Fame – where she got to sing on stage before the Tim McGraw concert.

"I was so nervous because I had a short paragraph I had to say at one point and we were all on the bus on our way to the Hall of Fame and I kept telling Coach Kelly, 'I can't do it, Kelly. I'm so nervous. I don't know if I'm capable.'"

But Kelly saw something in Sable that she didn't see herself.


"She spoke life into me that day and I'll never forget it. I've been confident in public speaking ever since. She was like, 'Sable, you can do this. I know you're capable. You were meant to do this.'"

And those words left a lasting impression.

"Any time I've been nervous or feel like I'm not capable of something, I picture her and I remember those words that she said to me."

After two seasons in the bright lights of the NFL, Sable's biggest takeaway is the concept of having a platform and using it to shine.

"It's made me think, 'What do I represent? Is it something bigger than myself?' I think ultimately, deep down that's what we all want. That's the goal, to represent something bigger than ourselves and I think the Colts have taught me that."

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