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Farewell To Megan

From a college girl to a confident young woman, Megan has grown up in Colts Cheer. Now, she’s hanging up her boots and moving on to the next chapter in life.


Megan came into Colts Cheer as a young ballerina trying to find her way in the NFL.

"It was hard for me to get the sexy NFL cheer style down. It was hard for me to step out of that boundary that I had always been in," she says. "It's not little movements like ballet is – it's bigger moves and more hips and hair and all of that."

At the same time, she was navigating her way through college and wondering where life would take her next.

Four years later, Megan is hanging up her boots. She leaves Colts Cheer a bigger dancer and a better version of herself.

A fun farewell gallery for the Colts Cheerleaders who are hanging up their boots!

"I've really stepped out of my boundaries," she says. "I've really grown as a person."

Once shy, she now finds herself striking up conversations with people she doesn't know when she's out in public.

"I'm out shopping with my mom and there's a kid and I'm talking to them and my mom is like, 'What are you doing?'" she laughs. "It's really hard to be a cheerleader and then just turn it off."


The time she spent surrounded by her teammates is what she'll miss most.

"I will definitely miss the sisterhood, the friendships that I have made being on this team. This has been my life for the last four years. This is my group of friends," she says. "I would never have met any of these women and they are strong and confident women and that has made me a strong, confident woman."

Megan plans to go back to school for aesthetics and hopes to work as an aesthetician in the future.

No matter where she goes and no matter what she does, she'll take the love of the Horseshoe with her – along with the relationships she made and the lessons she learned while part of it.

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