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Farewell To Jessica G.

Jessica is hanging up her boots and returning to her old Kentucky home. And she’s taking the memories and the friendships she made as a Colts cheerleader with her.


When Jessica joined the Colts Cheerleaders, her life was an open book.

"I had no career, I'm not from here, I didn't have a job when I moved here – I was a little lost," she says.

Things fell quickly into place and before she knew it, three years had passed.

Now, she's preparing to hang up her boots and return to her old Kentucky home – where she'll pick up right where she left off.

"When I was in Louisville before I made cheer, I was interning at a real estate office. I'm going back to that real estate office. So it's literally like I pressed pause and came to Indy and cheered for three seasons and I'm going right back to what I was doing before, but now I actually have a plan and I'm more of an adult. I know what I need to do."

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She's excited to be back with her family and to start the next chapter in life.

Still, it's not easy to walk away from something you love – and it's even harder to walk away from the teammates you love.

"Being on a team, you're with these people all the time. And now I won't have that. I'll have to make the time and we'll have to make the time to see each other. When you're on a team, it's convenient, it's all planned out for you. I'll miss that convenience of seeing everybody all the time."


She can't take her teammates with her, but she will take the memories they made - including the time they spent together in Hong Kong.

"The biggest thing I took from that trip was our last performance, which was with 13 girls that were retiring. That was their last performance in Hong Kong, all of us together, right in front of the hotel and paparazzi cameras and video – it was an out of body experience. That will just stay with me forever."

She's already looking forward to returning to Indianapolis and going to Colts games as a fan.

"We'll be the cheerleaders' cheerleaders," she says.

For Jessica, Kentucky will always be home. But Indy will be her second home. And she has a message for Colts fans.

"Thank you for making this my perfect temporary home."

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