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Farewell To Brookelyn

For four years, she took it all in. Now, Brookelyn is hanging up her boots and passing it all on to the next generation of Colts cheerleaders.


Brookelyn came into Colts Cheer right out of college.

"I was thinking about starting my life and my career and it was a great transition for me because it's so scary leaving college and those friends and that group of people and that life, so the Colts just automatically felt like a family that I could go to," she says.

And it was for four years.

Now, she's hanging up her boots. And while Colts Cheer will always be family, she's getting ready to start her own family.

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"I bought a house and I bought a dog and I met the one and I got engaged and I got a new teaching job where I'm the head coach of a dance team. So, I just feel like I have a lot more responsibilities and I can see my life in five years. I kind of feel like I'm adulting, I guess you could say."

Of her many memories over the years, nothing tops making the team her rookie year.

"I just remember how excited my parents were and how excited the girls on the team were for me. And then Kelly saying, 'Rookies, welcome to the NFL. Vets, welcome home.' It was surreal. I worked for that all year and then to actually get it was just insane."

For Brookelyn, the next chapter is all about new beginnings.

"I get married in about three months. I'm also starting my second year as a head coach, so I'll have tryouts for that coming up."

As she puts her own team together, she finds herself modeling her squad after the Colts Cheerleaders and modeling her coaching style after Director Kelly Tilley.

"I'm trying to make the program bigger, I'm trying to do more community outreach, I'm trying to just be more involved," she says. "I think Kelly was a big influence on that. She loves our dancing, but she's so much more interested in what we do for the community and how we bring people together."


And she hopes to have a similar influence on the girls she leads. For four years, Brookelyn took it all in. Now, she's passing it on.

As she wraps up her time as a Colts cheerleader, she takes nothing for granted. She's grateful for the example she had and the opportunity that came with it.

"I just really appreciate that the Colts value us and they treat us well and they treat us fairly and they support us," she says. "I'm really appreciative that I got to not just be an NFL cheerleader, but I got to be a Colts cheerleader."

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