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Colts Cheerleaders Check In From Haiti

Intro: What are a handful of Colts cheerleaders doing down in Haiti to start the month of March?





INDIANAPOLIS – Five Colts Cheerleaders traveled to Haiti last week in partnership with the i'm ME Organization to help children in orphanages by bringing basic needs to them and educating the youth.

Here is an update from cheerleader Ciarra in Haiti:

Day 2

Hey, Colts Nation, Ciarra here.  I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Haiti.  So here is a behind the scenes look at my trip.  The first night was a bit rough.  I only slept a few hours because I was so hot. I went from twenty degree weather to ninety degrees.  Yikes!  But I awoke to a good breakfast and strong coffee, so that made it all better.  Our first line of business was the I'mMe after school program where we taught the kids an English lesson and helped serve lunch.  The kids were such a vibrant group, loving to get out of their seats and sing.  My favorite part was when the kids sang "All of Me" by John Legend.  It was so adorable.  Later we went to the I'mMe kid's home.  I was able to hold the babies, dance and color with the kids.  I also took about fifty funny selfies with one of the girls.  So cute!  We ended the day with dinner and Devotion.  Now off to bed.  There's a lot in store for us!

Five Colts Cheerleaders traveled to Haiti last week in partnership with the i'm ME Organization to help children in orphanages by bringing basic needs to them and educating the youth.

Day 4

Hey, Colts Family.  Ciarra here.  Today we began our day at the Apparent Project.  This project is a great benefit to the Haitian community, helping them learn numerous skills and a living.  We met the owner, Shelly Clay.  What a strong and selfless woman.   Later we walked around the community.  We met a man who was recovering from a car accident, where he was injured and he lost his wife.  Sadly, he didn't have any bandages, medication or money to go to the hospital.  He had what looked to be a bandana around one leg and a lot of scaring on the other leg.  His house was the size of a walk-in closet, only fitting two twin beds and a small television.  Our group took a moment to pray with him.  While walking through the rest of the community I spotted the world's most adorable little girl.  She had these big beautiful eyes and was smiling the entire time.  It was great to see that the children there could still smile despite their circumstances.  Later I taught a teen dance class at the I'mMe after school program.  At first the girls weren't too sure about it.  But as soon as the poms came out and the music came on it was like a light switch.  The girls were all smiles and so excited.  We even got Fred, one of our translators to dance with us.  My favorite part was the Q&A session with the girls.  They had so many great questions.  But the best question was when they asked how old I was and thought I was five years younger.  Yes! We concluded our day with devotion and singing around a guitar with the I'mME family.

Day 5

Hey, Twelfth Man.  Ciarra here.  Today we visited Fort Jacques.  We learned how the Haitian's gained their independence from France.  After a small climb we were rewarded with a truly stunning view of Port Au Prince.  Later we helped with meals at the Mission of Hope orphanage.  It was sad to learn most of those children only have three meals a week.  But we were glad to help.  For our final evening we went to dinner.  The restaurant was beautifully decorated and the food was wonderful!  In summary, I genuinely adore the people I met and my experience in Haiti.  Although there was some sadness that came with this opportunity, there was so much beauty.  I will never forget this past week.  I have been blessed by Haiti!

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