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A look at the week of Cheerleader Tessa S.



Hello Colts fans! Thanks for choosing to spend your week with me! A normal day starts out at about 7:15 a.m. and today was especially hard to get out of bed since I am coming off a 4-day weekend! Christmas was awesome this year – my husband Pete and I hosted our families because it is our first together as a married couple. My parents were still here this morning so I headed downstairs after I got ready, said goodbye to my dad, and left for work. I work for a case management company that specifically works with individuals who have developmental disabilities and are on the Medicaid Waiver. My role is assisting our training department, as well as our Intake and Assessment division, so I work on behalf of our employees and our consumers. I keep track of our employees' continued education requirements, produce spreadsheets, process Medicaid applications and answer lots and lots of emails everyday. Today was pretty typical. I left around 5 p.m. and headed home. Pete and I went to grab a bite to eat and watch The Blind Side at the movies – it was so good! I highly recommend it, especially for football fans! We were back in time to watch the second half of the Vikings-Bears game, but I fell asleep before it was over. If the Colts aren't playing, I can't make myself stay up that long!


Good morning! I am actually up on time and out the door by 8 a.m. which is what I try to shoot for everyday (it doesn't normally happen though)! I am super busy at work because in addition to my job, I am covering for another assistant who has been on vacation for the past week. I kind of like it though – the constant work flow makes the day go by so much faster! I headed home, worked out a little in front of the TV, and made dinner (frozen pizza counts as cooking, right?). We normally have practice on Tuesday nights, but our cheer director is becoming a grandmother today, and gave us the night off! Congratulations to Theresa and her family! Pete and I just stayed in and watched Revolutionary Road – which is super depressing by the way, in case you haven't seen it – and headed up to bed after. We are both normally very busy during the week and hardly get to see each other until the weekend, so the change of pace over the past week has been great! See you in the morning!


Today started out like normal but work was sloooow today! Plus it was super quiet in the office because it was only my supervisor and I. Our office is also used as a training facility for new hires and a conference venue but because of the holiday week, there were no trainings or meetings scheduled. So I rocked out to some internet radio and read Samantha's Cheerleader of the Week diary in my downtime! I am excited to get through the day because I am meeting my friend Seazun (a former Colts Cheerleader and Pacemate) at the Pacers game tonight! I was a Pacemate for three seasons before deciding to try out for the Colts, so it was good to see all my girls in action! They looked awesome! I waited for them after the game so I could say "hi" and then headed home sometime after 10. Pete and I crashed on the couch and watched TV for a bit and then headed up to bed. I get to work to from home tomorrow so I am excited about getting to sleep in a little later than normal!


I woke up around 9 a.m. (sooo nice!), took a shower, and headed downstairs to get some work done. The company I work for is almost entirely web-based, so as long as there is an internet connection I can work! I answered some emails, processed a couple of referrals, and then Pete and I decided to grab some lunch downtown at Weber Grill. We also got a 20-minute mall massage which I know sounds weird but they are awesome! When I got home, I finished up some work and then started getting ready for New Year's Eve. We kept it very low key this year – just invited a few friends over for food, drinks, and games. A little known fact about me – I might be the most competitive person in the world and not a good loser! I actually threw my Wii remote across the room a couple of times! Everyone headed out after it started getting late, so I cleaned up a little and headed up to bed. Hope you had a great and safe New Year's Eve!


Happy New Year!!! Since it was later when I went to bed I didn't wake up until about 10 a.m. which I never do! I finished cleaning up the kitchen and started getting ready to go work out. Pete got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a couple of days ago and has been completely obsessed ever since – I literally had to drag him away from it to go to the gym with me! We worked out for an hour, and it felt great since we have had a couple weeks off of practice (which is where I normally get the majority of my exercise in). We went home, got ready, and headed over to our friend's house to watch some college football. We left around 9:30 to see another movie – Sherlock Holmes – at the theater. There are just way too many good movies out right now! We went home and crashed. I am excited for tomorrow – we are going to Chicago to stay the night and see Cirque du Soleil!


Good morning! I slept in until about 9 a.m. and then starting packing my stuff for Chicago! We left town right after breakfast, and made a stop in Merrillville to see Pete's family and have lunch with them. His little nieces were in town from Charleston, and it is always a blast hanging out with them! We got back on the road and made it to our hotel around 3 p.m. so we had a couple of hours to hang out before our dinner reservation. We stayed at The Talbott Hotel and it was beautiful! All of the Christmas decorations were still up and they played Christmas music in the lobby – it's nice to be able to hold on to the holidays just a little bit longer! Our room was on the 13th floor…yikes! I have never been to a building that had a 13th floor, let alone stayed on one in a hotel, so I was convinced our room was haunted (though I found no evidence to back it up)! We had dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant called Vivere near the theater district. The food was good and the atmosphere was even better! After dinner it was off to the Chicago Theater to see Cirque du Soleil: Banana Schpeel. I love Cirque du Soleil – this particular show incorporated comedy and dance with acrobatics, and I am always amazed by the performers! It has been an amazing day (even though it was about -8 degrees tonight)! Goodnight!


We slept in this morning and headed down to the hotel restaurant to have breakfast before taking off. We thought about sticking around to shop a little but it is just WAY too cold outside! On the way home we stopped in Merrillville again to have the car serviced and meet family at the mall. After shopping for a bit and saying our goodbyes, we headed home. We caught a little bit of the Colts game on the radio once we got out of Bears country! I am so excited for playoffs – we will need all of the fans to be extra loud at Lucas Oil Stadium! We take our 12th man very seriously ?. Thanks for spending your week with me, and I'll see you on the sidelines! Go Colts!

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