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Cheerleader of the week - Tessa D.

Hey there all my fellow Colts enthusiast! I’m Tessa; this is my fifth year as an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader. I absolutely love the Colts, and I am so happy to be your Cheerleader of the Week, especially since this is my birthday week! Today, is a pretty normal day, as far as Mondays go.



Hey there all my fellow Colts enthusiast!  I'm Tessa; this is my fifth year as an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader.  I absolutely love the Colts, and I am so happy to be your Cheerleader of the Week, especially since this is my birthday week!  Today, is a pretty normal day, as far as Mondays go.  I work at MJW Financial during the day, and I teach dance classes after work at Indy Dance Academy.  After dance, I ran home and made a sandwich so that I could go to the grocery store and not want to buy everything in site.  There's nothing worse than grocery shopping on an empty stomach!  I went home, put my groceries away, and watched some Bachelor Pad with my favorite roomie, Erin B, who is a cheerleader as well.  I don't typically like those shows, but I have a friend on the show, so I like to watch and give him a hard time about it.  Now, it is time for bed…nighty night Colts fans! 


Well good morning!  I am so excited for work today, because I bought an Asian Money Tree at the grocery store last night to bring into the office.  I felt it was quite appropriate to have a money tree at a mortgage company, plus it will give us fresh oxygen for our noggins while we're working!  I headed straight over to Curtain Call Dance Studio after work to make it on time for cheerleading practice.  We are working on some new dances for the upcoming games as well as dance technique and some Zumba.  I drove home after practice to make some food since I was about to eat my own arm off, then straight to bed for this little lady.


Happy Wednesday…halfway through the week already!  I decided this morning that since my birthday is tomorrow and about three other cheerleaders have had or are about to have their birthday this week as well, I am going to make cupcakes for everyone to enjoy at Thursday's practice.  After work I went to Indy Dance Academy to teach my dance classes, but once I was done with teaching I headed straight to the grocery store on my way home to get all the cupcake supplies that I would need.  I made sure to ask all the birthday girls about their favorite cupcake flavor, so I bought the three different flavors that were requested.  I started baking the second I walked in the door because I knew this was going to take quite awhile!  Erin and I baked, frosted and decorated cupcakes until about midnight.  We decided we might have to start our very own cupcake shop.  We finally finished all the cupcakes and put them in Tupperware.   The end result was somewhere around 78 cupcakes!  They were quite delicious and beautiful, if I do say so myself!  After I got most of the mess cleaned up, I showered and headed to bed.   I fell asleep in about two seconds.


YAY!  It's my birthday! I have an appearance on Fox 59 this morning, so I got up pretty early to make it to their studios by 8:00am.  I was there with another cheerleader, Sara F, and Chuck O'Hara, the Colts Senior Director of Marketing.  We were there to talk on the news about the 5th Annual Zup's BBQ for Kid's, benefitting the Children's Bureau.  Chuck mentioned that it was my birthday as well and everyone sang happy birthday to me, on air!!  What a great way to start my birthday!  I headed into work after we finished up with the news and got a little bit of work done before I went to breakfast with people from work at Café Patachou, my favorite breakfast spot.  I had to change back into my cheerleading attire after breakfast and head downtown for Zup's BBQ.  The appearance was so much fun; we signed autographs, cheered on the rib eating contest, and we even got to eat a little BBQ ourselves.  I headed back to work for a few more hours, and then headed to practice with all of the cupcakes to share with the rest of our squad.  I hope everyone likes them, I'm pretty excited!  We had a great practice besides it being about 110 degrees outside, but we managed to get done a little bit early.  We all got to go inside and eat some yummy cupcakes, then some of us headed over for dinner at the Mexican restaurant near the Colts Complex.  It was a fun time and such a wonderful birthday day, I am so exhausted and ready for bed though!  Sweet Dreams!


TGIF!!  Another fun day of appearances!  I have an appearance at the JW Marriott today for the Colts Kickoff Luncheon, which is an appearance I have done for the last five years because it is such a fun appearance.  We got there around 9:30am for a run through of everything that we would be doing when the coaches and players came out of the game day type tunnel that was set up.  Once the luncheon started and everyone had been announced, we were able to sit down at our table and enjoy the food and entertainment.  Greg Gumbel was the special guest and he was quite funny.  He talked to several different players up on stage and it was very entertaining to say the least.  We got done with the luncheon around 1:30pm and I headed to Bloomington, IN. to visit some friends and family and celebrate my birthday even more! 


I slept in till about 10:30am today, which felt great and was much needed, because I woke up Thursday with a sore throat and a stuffy nose.  I get sinus infections all the time when allergens are bad or if I haven't gotten much sleep, so sleeping in was very nice.  I went to breakfast with a friend at Uptown Café in Bloomington, if you couldn't tell breakfast is definitely my favorite type of food.  I hung out at my dad's house for awhile after that and enjoyed the nice weather, even though it was smoldering hot.  I very much enjoy the heat.  I drove back to Indy to meet up with my dear friends Kristine and Brittany, who are cheerleaders as well, to have some craft time.  We enjoy going to craft shops to get cute things to revamp old clothes with.  It's fun plus an inexpensive way to help out your wardrobe.  Later in the evening we headed downtown because Kristine received some great tickets from a friend for the Indianapolis Indians game.  We had such a great time there and the fireworks were awesome!!  It's always fun to have some girl time! 


I slept in again, how wonderful!  Plus, I am really excited about the fact that it's a long weekend, so today is technically Saturday again!  A bunch of friends and I had made plans to go out on the boat today, but after feeling how chilly it has gotten outside and the fact that it's supposed to thunderstorm, we decided to make other plans.  We all met up at Scotty's on the north side for lunch, and then we began our Sunday Funday!  On the list of activity options:  Go carting, putt-putting, bowling, or laser tag.  After participating in a couple of these super duper fun activities, we were all about ready for a nap.  We all went to dinner as a group and hung out awhile longer, before I had to head home for an early day tomorrow.  My dad is coming from Bloomington to go with me to visit my mom, sisters and some of my cousins up in Plymouth, IN so that we can all go to the Blueberry Festival there in Plymouth.  We do it every year for my birthday weekend!  Well that's the end of my cheerleader diary.  Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope everyone had as great a week as I did!  Now let's get fired up for regular season football to start…GO COLTS!!!

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