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Stephanie is a third year veteran on the squad. She is true Hoosier at heart, born in Greenwood, IN.


Stephanie is a third year veteran on the squad. She is true Hoosier at heart, born in Greenwood, IN. After moving around when she was younger, Stephanie eventually returned to her native Indiana and resides in Carmel. She stays busy working on her biology degree at IUPUI. "I am hoping to venture into the medical sales profession after graduation." Until then, she works part time at a local restaurant and enjoys cheering on the Colts at every home game.

Stephanie started dancing as a toddler and never stopped. "My favorite type of dance is tap, which I actually got to do during our tour show in 2006." She is no stranger to the spotlight. At 19-years-old, she was selected to be in an all girl pop group in Los Angeles. In just three days, she moved her whole life to the west coast. "Living on my own in a new city taught me to branch out and meet new people, be more independent, and that I'm capable of achieving my goals."

If you know Stephanie, it is no surprise that her favorite thing is making people laugh. If she could learn anything new, she would brush up on her snowboarding skills. "Unfortunately, I'm extremely accident prone and would most likely break every bone in my body!" Her other interests include movies nights, shopping and "crafty projects." She also considers herself the little matchmaker of the squad. "I tend to be a bit talkative and goof around a lot." She jokes that when she first made the squad, she did not completely understand the game of football. "I had a captain that taught me all about it, and now I enjoy it so much more."

Being a cheerleader means a lot to Stephanie. "I feel honored to be an advocate for such a classy, conservative team." Her favorite memory was cheering the Colts to an AFC championship win. "The dome was insane with everyone screaming about the win. It was impossible not to have chills from all the excitement!" She can't wait to see what this season brings!

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