Monday 2/27: Good Morning Colts Fans  It’s a beautiful day and though this weather is crazy and unpredictable… I’m loving every minute of it!!!


I actually just got back from our Polar Bear Plunge Trip on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky over the weekend. For those of you who don't know, The Polar Bear Plunge raises money for Special Olympics and as part of the fund raising experience you jump in freezing cold water off the back of a houseboat J One year we actually broke the ice before jumping in, so this year it was actually pretty nice outside, the water was in the 40's……. That why their motto is, Freezin for a Reazon  J I'm beat, so off to bed to catch up on sleep after this jam-packed, yet very fulfilling weekend……………………. * Give back*

Tuesday 2/28: Happy Tuesday, this week is actually a little boring compared to the past couple weeks…. Just 2 weeks ago, we were busy from the time we woke up until the time we went to bed with Superbowl. I have heard and received nothing but positive feedback about how Indy did an amazing job hosting the 46th Superbowl. It's hard to come off a natural high on life because being apart and involved in Superbowl, downtown Indy was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I feel so completely blessed to be a part of it. Today and this week are actually being used for me to get on track to life after colts L sad but part of it. I have been blessed to be a Colts Cheerleader for 3 years and now it is my time to close this chapter, and I'm ready to open a new one……. Life

Wednesday 2/29: Its Wednesday, and leap year, so to all those born on this day, Happy Birthday J It must be different only having a birthday every 4 years… If it were me, I would celebrate both the day before and after, every year that isn't leap year =) haha, just a little advice. Today I'm preparing and applying for a high school dance team coach position that I am very passionate and enthusiastic about pursuing, I feel that this would fill the void in my heart that I will miss from dancing with the Colts. I also think that choreographing is something that comes natural to me… I constantly have all these ideas in my head that I would love to be able to use with a dance team, so wish me luck. My fingers are crossed, and I'm saying my prayers….. Perseverance

Thursday 3/1: Today is the day of our end of the season dinner at the Colts Grille!!! I am so excited to see all the team tonight. Its felt like forever since I've seen them, when really it's only been a few weeks, but that's how close we are.  It sounds cliché but we are a family.  I have loved every minute of being on a team with such amazing girls. They really are my best friends. Tonight we will all get dressed up and watch a presentation the Colts have put together and have dinner together. I am so excited to see everyone because the last time we were all together, as in the whole team, was back before playoffs during practice, so I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the quality time that we can spend together tonight…… Simple things in life

Friday 3/2: Well last night was as fun as I thought it would be, it was sooo good to see everyone! Today I am spending time with former Cheerleader and last year's Pro Bowl Cheerleader, Tessa C and her insanely precious baby boy Jacob!!! Omg cutest baby in the world award goes to him J Its fun, playing Aunt Sam and feeding him, burping him, getting him to sleep …… practicing for the future for when I have my own one day…………One day ;) Today is just soaking up life and enjoying spending time with the people I love…. * Blessed*

Saturday 3/3: Today, I am praying for those who were affected by the devastating tornados. I actually am from Kentucky and I drove home from Indy to Ky Friday afternoon, about an hour before the storms and devastation hit. So I have said my prayers that God kept me safe during my travels home, because it is scary that everything can change in the blink of an eye. I know from my coach that they are needing/taking all the help they can get, so please look up online or call your local news/ radio station to find out more information about helping the people who were hit by this tragedy…. Every little bit helps and you never know how much your kindness and generosity can change someone's life or inspire someone else to offer their time as well………………… Change the world

Sunday 3/4: Sunday Funday =) Today there is an important game…. UK vs. Florida. I am a born and raised  Ky Wildcat fan, so between the Cats and the Colts, I will always bleed BLUE! I want to enjoy Sunday because this is the day that God literally says, Honor thy Sabbath…. So I'm just doing God's word by relaxing and taking it easy today….. ;) This week has been one of humility and appreciation; I have taken in that this is the last entry for my Cheerleader of the week and my last year with the Colts. I have been so blessed with this opportunity and the experiences I have had with Colts, are once in a lifetime. From being able to cheer on the Colts in Superbowl in Miama, to hosting the Superbowl at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. I couldn't think of a better way to go out…….. Thank you for everything.

Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened

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