Cheerleader of the Week: Sadee R.

Cheerleader of the Week: Sadee R. Diary


Hey there Colts fans!  I am very excited to share my week with you as a Rookie Sweetheart of the Horseshoe.  Today I woke up and arrived at work at 7:30am.  I work at a place in Carmel where I am the recruiting assistant.  My job right now pretty much entails everything from the recruiting assistant work to being the assistant to the vice president of human resources.  Today my morning was filled with tons of meetings and process improvement tasks.  I went to lunch around 11:30 with one of my closest co-workers, Wendy.  After lunch, I had plenty of items to catch up on before the day was over, so needless to say I was pretty busy.  After my long day at work, I finally got to head home to my sweet dog Berkley (he is a miniature yorkie-poo) and my fiancé Nick.  I ate a quick snack before heading off to my next activity, church league softball.  This is also a great workout and another way to stay in shape while having fun!  Once I got home, I reviewed the dances and vamps for the first game, took a shower and finally headed to bed.


Well, today started off great, got to work at 7:30am!  My Tuesdays are rather slow, which for this week was a good thing and a blessing for me to get things caught up.  For lunch I usually pack my lunch, but today I forgot so I went to Which Wich to grab a sandwich and wouldn't you know that I had to wait 30 minutes to grab something quick!  It was extremely busy in there, mostly high school students who are out for the summer.  After lunch, I finished some other ad-hoc items that needed to be taken care of and I left for the day at 4:00.  As soon as I got home, I fixed a small snack (which consisted of an all natural peanut butter sandwich and an apple), grabbed some water and a power snack for later and headed to practice at the studio.  At practice tonight, we got split into two groups and worked on technique with Michelle, and then we cleaned our routines for the first game!  It is so exciting to know that my first game as a Colts Cheerleader is only 2 weeks away!  After practice, I came home, prepared my things for Wednesday and headed to bed.


For the third day in a row, I arrived at work by 7:30am.  Today is going to be quite a busy day, as I will be in charge of running the intern program, since our coordinator, Wendy, is out this week.  We have a very important luncheon with one of the Vice Presidents and I am in charge of making sure things are just right.  Our lunch was going to be delicious, taco bar from Happy Everything!  I was looking forward to it and so were the interns.  The luncheon with our guest speaker went extremely well.  It was very exciting to see our interns (which majority are electrical engineers) become so interested in the economics/politics side of our industry.  It was all around a wonderful day full of learning.  Since I am doing an appearance this evening at training camp in Anderson, my day will be cut short and I will leave the office at 3:00.  I headed to the complex and our transportation left around 3:45 for Anderson!  Training camp was a lot of fun; a little toasty in the start, but once the sun went down it was perfect.  We got to see a lot of dedicated Colts fans who are definitely ready for the season, about as ready as we are.  We were there from 5-9pm and let me tell you, there was a STEADY line of signing autographs the entire 4 hours (which for me was a great time to practice my signatureJ).  I even got to see a co-worker of mine and her two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Rachel!  After the appearance, we headed back to the complex and from there I proceeded home to head to bed.  Needless to say, I was exhausted!



It was so hard to get up this morning, but luckily I still made it to work on time.  Today pretty much flew by and after work I headed to practice where it was quite a busy, hectic place.  They were having an appearance and double booked the practice field, so we ended up being outside on the practice turf.  We started off practice with learning the halftime show for the first pre-season game, which is a tribute to the Beatles.  This is where our "guys" come into play.  (A few weeks ago, Theresa gave us an assignment – we had to find a guy who would dance with us at the halftime performance).  We learned the first song with the choreography and I have a feeling it is going to be a blast!  After 2 hours of learning, we got to work out with Sean.  Although it was nice being outside, since there was a breeze, for some reason I found it harder to complete my workout.  The "guys" got to stay and workout too, which was quite an eye opener for some.  At the end, Sean made the guys say they were sorry, to never doubt how hard we work and how much they really love us! It was pretty funny.  After that, as you can imagine it was time to head home and go straight to bed.


Well, it's Friday, and I am extremely thankful for the weekend to be here.  It was pretty quiet at work today, we only had one manager onsite, as opposed to the four we usually have.  During my lunch break I had to run some errands, so I quickly grabbed a Jimmy Johns sandwich for lunch then headed back to the office.  The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quickly and since I had a few things to catch up on, I took my computer home for the weekend.  By the time Friday comes, I am usually so exhausted that I do what needs to get done for Saturday and call it an early night.  My body was definitely telling me that I needed the rest tonight, so Nick and I had dinner with my parents and then we headed home and I proceeded to spend the rest of the night on the couch, where we watched my new favorite show, Shark Week! Of course I fell asleep, which I knew was going to happen, and my excuse was that I had to get my rest for tomorrow's workout.  J


Today I woke up, had a small breakfast, grabbed my Gatorade and headed to my workout.  This weekend's workout was the cardio workout, so I was prepared to sweat it out!  After the workout I headed home to do some work around the house.  Nick's parents were out of town this weekend, so we took charge of dog sitting.  While I was at my workout, Nick headed to Mooresville to pick up the dachshunds; Misty and Heidi.  They were so happy to see me when I got to the house and of course, so was Berkley.  Since we bought our house in February, we hadn't really had a chance to see what the plants and flowers looked like until this spring when they were in bloom.  The plants around the front of the house were not of my choice, so I decided that they were all coming out.  There were 7 of them and let me tell you that I was on a mission!  I started digging one up and realized that the roots were a lot deeper than what I was expecting, so Nick and I took a break for lunch and headed to Lowe's to get a bigger, better shovel.  When we got back home I went straight to work.  Nick and I took turns pulling the plants out and putting them in trash bags to put in our garbage cans.  When we finally got finished, the front of the house looked completely different! I love it and can't wait to put flowers by the front porch.  It is really starting to look like a home.  After the hard work, we were supposed to go to a baptism for our god daughter, but it ended up being switched to October due to schedule conflicts.  So instead we cleaned more of the house, I reviewed our dances and vamps and then headed to my parent's house in Mooresville for some dinner with our good friend Jorey.  Jorey and Nick fixed chicken and steak shish-ka-bob's and they were delicious.  Afterwards we went back in the house to rest and watch more shark week!  It was a great Saturday of being productive but also relaxing, since I didn't do any of the cooking.


I always try to sleep in on Sunday's but end up waking up about 8:45am, which technically is sleeping in since I get up at 6:00am for work.  After I woke up, Nick and I had some breakfast and I started working on the laundry.  After doing the laundry, we decided to run a few errands.  We headed to Michael's to get a book about reception decorations then had lunch at the Japanese restaurant in Avon.  After that we headed back home to our pup, to finish the rest of the laundry and prep for the week.  I spent majority of the evening on the computer trying to get more ideas for my mom for reception centerpieces. (She is very creative and is going to be creating the wedding decorations)  I also looked through my new book, which I liked, but wasn't too impressed with the reception section.  After surfing the internet, Nick and I decided that we needed to head to the grocery store to get items for the week.  We have become pretty familiar with the local Kroger, so we split the list to make our trip faster.  Once we got home, we unpacked the groceries and I made our lunches for Monday.  It's always nice to start the week off with homemade lunches full of fresh fruit, veggies and delicious yogurt parfaits!  I sent a few emails for work and practiced my dances before I headed to bed.  As most of you may know, I have another exciting week ahead of me!  Until next time, GO COLTS!

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