I am Nicole T. and welcome to my week!


Monday, 4-2-2012

Good morning! I am currently a full time student at Indiana University Bloomington. Whenever I am not dancing, I'm usually studying! Being a full time student, a Colts Cheerleader, and working makes for a crazy lifestyle but I love every minute of it! J

On Mondays, I don't have class until 11:15 so I normally start my day off with a nice workout! After my intense workout and two hours of class, I go into work. I am a leasing agent for an apartment complex near campus. I get to show people apartments and I love this because I get to interact with so many different people.

The month of April, tryouts for the 2012 Colts Cheerleaders are in full swing. We have to be at the complex every Tuesday and Thursday. Normally we learn a new dance and then audition in front of a panel of judges with the acquired material. With this kind of schedule, I knew that the rest of my week was going to be busy, so after my shift at work, I went home and finished my homework for the week.

Tuesday, 4-2-2012

Hello! Today was a tryout day but before I could head to the fabulous Indianapolis, I had to go to class first. In my first class, we performed a lab where we had to weigh ourselves under water. I was really worried about this lab because I have naturally curly hair and the second it gets wet it turns into an afro! Luckily, I found an old swimming cap and my second class for the day was cancelled so I had plenty of time to fix my hair before going to Indy. Tonight at auditions was pretty relaxed. We learned a new dance to a song by Bruno Mars. I'm always exhausted on nights that we have auditions so I fell fast asleep the second I got home!

Wednesday, 4-3-2012

Rise and Shine! On Wednesdays, my alarm goes off at 6 a.m., yikes! Today I had class from 8:00 a.m. to1:15 p.m. and then I went into work until 6 p.m.— needless to say, I was pretty busy! After I got home from work, I had a healthy grilled chicken dinner and then practiced the audition routine. Tomorrow we will perform the routine in front of the judges and they will make cuts after evaluating our scores. Even though I was tired, I made sure to make time to practice so I would have the dance down for tomorrow! Good night Colts fans!

Thursday, 4-4-2012

Today was another early morning! I normally have class during the day and then practice at night on Thursdays so I go into work at 9 a.m. Since tonight is a cut night at auditions, I was eager to get to Indy! I arrived around 5:15 (about 45 minutes before the start time). I love getting to practice early so that I can get physically and mentally prepared. The audition process was a little longer than usual tonight. We performed our dance in front of the judges and as we waited to find out the results, we worked out with our trainer from Core Pilates, Sean. After our challenging, but great workout, we found out who all made it to the next round. I made it through the cuts! There are a lot of beautiful and talented girls trying out this year so it was a great feeling when I found out that I made it through to the next round. We then learned another dance for next week's tryouts. At about 10 o'clock, I left the complex and started my way back to Bloomington. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

Friday 4-5-2012

TGIF! I work every Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then I have the rest of the day to catch up on some sleep from my busy week. However, I spent today running errands instead. I went to the mall to pick up a few things and then I had a meeting with my academic advisor. I will be a senior next year and we planned out my last two semesters of school…scary! I am a little nervous to head out into the real world but also very excited and eager to start my life!

Saturday 4-6-2012

I started today off with my own version of the crazy workout we do with Sean at Core Pilates. It's not as good but still kicks my butt! This weekend is my weekend to work so after I cleaned up from working out, I went into work. We were really busy today and it made my shift go by really fast. After I got home I spent the rest of the night with some good friends watching TV and catching up. Night!

Sunday 4-7-2012

Happy Easter!! I started today off by going to church with my family and todays service was great! After that, we headed to my grandparents house where my grandma had prepared a wonderful lunch. We had ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken and dumplings, corn, and rolls. My grandma's rolls are a big weakness of mine! I had a little bit everything but watched my serving size since its audition time! After eating, my dog, Tebow, and I met my friend, Holli, on the walking trail by my house.  It was so nice today so we walked about 4 miles. It was nice to catch up with her! After our walk I met my mom's friend, Mandy, and tried on some tryout outfits. Mandy makes most of my tryout tops and accessories. One of my favorite things about auditions is making my tryout outfits but I am not creative at all so I'm thankful I have Mandy's help! Finally I went home and relaxed while watching some of my favorite shows.

Thank you so much for sharing this week with me! Be sure to go to and vote for your favorite Colts Cheerleader candidates. ; ) GO HORSE!

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