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Cheerleader of the Week - Nicole K.

Good morning! Today is a special day, because it’s my birthday! I am up bright and early though to head to work.


Monday-August 22

Good morning!  Today is a special day, because it's my birthday!  I am up bright and early though to head to work.  Luckily I get to wear scrubs to work everyday; this makes it easy for me to get ready in the morning.  I work as a Dental Hygienist cleaning teeth all day long.  I absolutely love my job which makes it easy for me to spend my birthday at work!  After a very long day at work, I met some friends for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  We enjoyed some very delicious sushi and the waitress brought out a slice of cheesecake just for me.  They even sang to me; I was a little embarrassed!  All in all, today was a good day and I am one year older!

Tuesday-August 23

I slept in a little this morning, which was nice after my long day yesterday.  I spent most of the morning doing laundry and catching up around the house, because I have the day off work today.  I then had to get ready for an appearance I had with a few of my other teammates.  Our appearance was at Australian Gold where we celebrated their new sponsorship with the Indianapolis Colts.  We signed many autographs and handed out our new 2011 Colts Cheerleader calendars.  This appearance was really fun and everyone there was very appreciative of us being there.  Following the appearance I headed off to practice.  We have many things to accomplish at practice because we have a game this Friday!  We all definitely worked hard and our coordinator, Theresa, was very happy with our hard work.  After practice I headed home and went right to bed!

Wednesday- August 24

I'm off to work again this morning! Today seems like somewhat of a boring day after my eventful day yesterday.  I am glad that I have such friendly patients today at work.  This is what makes me love my job so much.  I truly enjoy establishing rapport with my patients.  After work I decided to run a few errands around town and then head home for dinner.  I finished my day with a quick workout and headed to bed.

Thursday- August 25

Wow! I can not believe we have our second home pre-season game tomorrow.  I woke up this morning looking forward to a yummy breakfast before spending the day with my boyfriend, David.  He has been working all week on landscaping and we decided to go shopping today so he could take a break from all that hard work!  After spending half the day at the mall we had lunch at a restaurant nearby.  We then headed home so I could gather my things for practice.  I really enjoy going to practice because I get to spend time with many of my close friends that are also my teammates.  We practiced all the dances we will be performing tomorrow at the game. 

Friday- August 26

Good morning Colts fans!  Today is game day!  After breakfast I finished up some chores at home and starting getting ready.  I then headed to the stadium, which is always really exciting.  We practice on the field before each game and then have appearances at the stadium before the game starts.  Today, my squad performed in the Fan Zone.  We danced in front of the live band.  Needless to say, today is very busy!  Before I know it, we are headed out on the field.  The stadium is filled with energy!  I love performing especially in front of our lively fans. 

Saturday- August 27

I love weekends, because that means I get to sleep in a little later than normal.  I spend most of my morning catching up on laundry and cleaning at home.  A few of my teammates headed over to get ready because we were riding together to Larissa's wedding.  She is one of our teammates.  We were all so excited and couldn't wait to see her walking down the isle.  The wedding was beautiful and of course the reception was amazing.  We all had so much fun dancing the night away!  My weekend has been very eventful and as soon as I get home I head to bed.

Sunday- August 28

Today is a typical Sunday spent with family.  I enjoy a good home cooked meal and relax by the pool.  And if you haven't figured this out yet, I love cleaning.  So I cleaning a little at home and did a few loads of laundry.  I also found time to fit in a quick workout before dinner.  After dinner I relaxed while watching the VMA's.  I managed to catch up on some emails before heading to bed.  It's off to work again tomorrow! Thanks for allowing me to share my week with you Colts fans.  See you on the sidelines!

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