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Cheerleader of the Week: Natalie

Read about Natalie, the Cheerleader of the Week.



HAPPY MONDAY, COLTS FANS!!! Today is a good day to start off the week after winning our game against the Giants last night! First thing this morning, I woke up and took my boyfriend back up to school. He is a senior at Purdue and he came down for the game yesterday. It was his birthday Friday and I didn't get to see him then, so I figured it would be nice for me to take him back to school and that way we got to spend a little more time together. After that, I headed back home and quickly got ready to go meet a couple friends from school for lunch. I've been out of school for about 3 weeks and so I haven't seen my friends in about a month now. It was fun to meet with them and catch up! We were so used to seeing each other every day, all day long that this past month seems like a year s has gone by without hanging out at all!  After lunch, I went to pick up my little sister from the dentist and dropped her off at dance class. Then, I headed to LA Fitness for kickboxing class! I love going to the classes at the gym - they are super fun! After a good sweat, I headed back home for dinner and the premiere of Dancing with the Stars! Soon after, I was off to bed as I am still pretty exhausted from the game Sunday! Nighty-Night!


Rise and shine!!! This morning, I started my day out with an intense workout at Core Pilates and Fitness. Our trainer, Sean, has a great facility and equipment that he allows us to take advantage of a lot! Erin B. is starting to teach a ballet barre class at his studio and was having a trial class today. Britney G. and I both joined in on the workout today and boy was it a tough one! I won't be surprised if I can't walk tomorrow….Ha-Ha! After that, I headed home to take care of my dad. My dad has Primary Progressive MS (multiple sclerosis). He was diagnosed about 7 years ago. Because of his disease, he is unable to walk or move his legs and since I recently finished school, I am now available to help take care of him during the day. After awhile, it was time to get ready for practice.  On Tuesdays, we practice at Curtain Call Dance Studio. Tonight's practice went really well! We learned our breast cancer pre-game dance for our next game on October 10th and we learned another sideline dance for that game as well. We really pulled everything together and were able to learn these routines fast! Then, we did a little Zumba, led by Mara. After that, I headed home and soon enough I was off to bed. See you tomorrow!


This morning, I was up bright and early for a doctor/s appointment at 7 a.m.! Boy was I right about not being able to walk today.  I can tell it's going to be a rough day! After my appointment, I headed home and had a little breakfast. Then, I had to quickly get ready for a last minute appearance at Lucas Oil Stadium! I have never gotten ready that fast before! Malori and I met at the stadium for the appearance which turned out to be a commercial shoot! Lucas Oil sponsors "Kicks for Cash" and they were making an advertising commercial for it! I'm very anxious to see how it all turns out. We were told it will start airing Monday on Fox, so everyone keep your eyes out for it!! After that, I headed home and had a little lunch.  Then it was time for me to get ready to head to Decatur Central High School. This year is the first year Decatur is having a dance team and I was asked to choreograph and help with the team. Tonight was the first night of rehearsal. We will have two weeks to prepare and learn routines for auditions and then the third week is the actual auditions. We had a lot of fun tonight!  It was very exciting to see everyone being so eager to learn! Not all of them have had technique dance experience, so most of the routines was very new for them.  But everyone was very into learning new things! We did a little ballet warm up and then went over some technique steps across the floor. Then, I taught them the first half of their jazz audition routine. Everyone did a great job!  After that, I headed home. I was pretty worn out after the rehearsal and before I knew it, I was out!  Goodnight!!


Gooooood morning!! Man I had one deep sleep last night! I woke up this morning and had some breakfast. My legs are still sore from my workout at Core Pilates (thanks, Erin!).  I still pulled myself together for a little workout at LA Fitness. I came home and got caught up on my captain's reports for my appearances and helped my dad out, too. Then, I finally realized it was time to face my mess of a room!  Geez, no matter how many times I clean it up. it still continues to be covered with clothes…so weird! Ha-Ha!! Finally, my room is clean again and I can actually see the floor! Well, now it's time to get ready for practice! Tonight, we have practice at the practice pavilion. After arriving at practice, I was asked to join in on the appearance that was going on in the pavilion. The appearance went by super fast and it was a lot of fun hanging out with all the sponsors. Then, it was time to practice. Today, we were able to go over all of our dances for the next home game on Oct. 10. Then it was time for our fitness test! Luckily, the test was over in no time and I was very happy that I improved from last time! Finally, it was time to head home and off to bed!


Good morning!! Today I woke up and had a little breakfast and then it was time to get ready for my Blue Friday appearance in Kokomo! After getting ready, I met up with Britney G. because we both live on the south side and then we headed to the appearance together. Once we got to Applebee's, we went inside for the appearance because it had been sprinkling a bit before. The appearance was a lot of fun and many fans came out to see us. After it was over, we were all even able to stay and have lunch! We had a lot of fun today with the Colts staffers!   Then, it was time to head back home. Once I was home, I made a quick run to the bank and then I stayed in and took care of my dad for the night. My boyfriend had come home from Purdue so he came over to hang out and keep me company.J And soon enough, it was sleep time again!


Today, I woke up early to head to Core Pilates and Fitness for a workout with our trainer, Sean. Oh boy, that was a tough workout.  I am definitely going to feel that tomorrow!! After my workout, I headed home to shower and get ready for yet another appearance at the Colts complex. My appearance today was for the Circle City Classic Cheer Clinic! There were four of us cheerleaders there to help a local cheer squad lead the clinic and teach all the young girls a cheer, chant, and dance. All of the girls were super excited to see us there and we all had tons of fun! After that, I headed back home. It had already been a pretty exhausting day, but I was excited to have a fun and relaxing night with my boyfriend. We ended up having a little date night with dinner and then we rented a movie. Before I knew it, it was bed time and I was out!


Today, I was able to sleep in a bit! I got up and had a little breakfast and then got all set up to do my boyfriend's moms' hair! She has been looking forward to me coloring and cutting her hair today. After a while, I was completely finished with her hair and it turned out great! She really liked how it turned out and I was happy. We got done just in time to watch the Colts game! I was so happy we won the game!! What a perfect way to end my week!! After the game, I got caught up on some emails and just relaxed! Well, Colts fans, that's it for my week! Thanks for tuning in and I look forward to seeing you on game day! GOOOOOO COLTS! J

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