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Monday November 22, 2010

Hello Colts fans! It was hard to get up for work this morning at 6 am. I was still sad about the loss last night; we almost had an amazing comeback. We will now just have to focus on the upcoming Chargers game for Sunday Night Football! Work went by quickly today for me because it is only 3 day work week. After work I stopped at home for a snack before heading to LA fitness. I had one Thanksgiving celebration yesterday and more upcoming this week, so I need to work hard at the gym so that I can enjoy all the treats! After my workout I came home to make dinner, clean my apartment, and watch a little TV. We have practice tomorrow so I also reviewed our routines for a little while. After packing my practice bag for tomorrow I am off to bed for some beauty rest!

Tuesday November 23, 2010

At 6 am I am up to get ready for work. I work downtown so I like to leave around 7 am to avoid traffic.   Tuesdays are always long, since I stay at work until about 5 pm when I head off to practice. Most of us girls arrive early to practice for practice! It sounds silly, but we have some much to do. We have to make sure we have our routines down to show Theresa that we are prepared for the game. Today's practice is at the Colts complex, which we usually only practice at on Thursdays. However, since this is our last practice before the Chargers game we needed to practice on the field to make sure we have our positioning set. Practice was long since we not only had to perfect our routines for this Sunday; we also needed to learn the pregame routine for the Cowboys game.   December is going to be a very busy month for us! After practice, I was exhausted so I came home and went straight to sleep!

Wednesday November 24, 2010

I am up early once again for work and am looking forward to having a few days off for Thanksgiving! My boyfriend is home from IU so he came downtown and took me out to lunch. Work flew by after that and the 4 day weekend started. When I got home, I decided to do a workout video instead of going to LA Fitness, I love ExerciseTV On Demand! Later, my boyfriend came over and we ran a few errands, had dinner, and rented a movie. Somehow we left with Robin Hood, it was not my pick but it was good. I dozed off a few times on the couch, so after the movie it was time for bed. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have plans to sleep in!

Thursday November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Colts Fans! I already celebrated Thanksgiving with my family last weekend, so today was pretty easy going, which was nice. LA Fitness was open in the morning so I slept in then headed to the gym before they closed. After making some homemade soup, I cleaned up, snuck a little nap in, and watched some football before heading over to my boyfriend's parent's house to hang out with his family. I brought my dog so she could play with their bichon. Today was relaxing and just what I needed!

Friday November 26, 2010

Today is a little bit busier than yesterday. First, I had to drop my dog Gracie off to get groomed. Gracie is a toy poodle and is like my baby! I got her 6 years ago as a stray from Animal Care and Control. She can have her moments, but I love her! I went to the gym , went tanning, and showered before picking her up and the groomers had a surprise for me….they did her up for the holidays! She had bows, bandana, and even painted nails! I thought she looked adorable, but I don't know how much she cared for it. Then it was off to a second Thanksgiving celebration. There was lots of good food, especially dessert. If you saw my plate, you would understand why I haven't been skipping the gym this week! Once I got home, it was officially time to decorate for Christmas! I decorated the tree and fireplace while listening to Christmas music. My apartment is much cozier now, I love Christmastime!

Saturday November 27, 2010

At 9 am I had an hour workout with our team trainer, Sean, at Core Pilates and Fitness. It definitely wasn't easy, but we did get to skip the 55 pushups and triceps dips we did last week because he didn't want us to be too sore to cheer at tomorrow's game! I was thankful for that! After stopping home for lunch, I was ready to go shopping. We went to the Fashion Mall; it was nice because it wasn't too crazy with holiday shoppers. I love the mall at Christmastime! That evening, I went to the Noblesville basketball game with my boyfriend and some friends. We then watched the Notre Dame game, and it was time to get home and go to bed; we have a big day tomorrow!

Sunday November 28, 2010

Good morning, it's game day! I woke up at a decent time to pack my game day bag. I had breakfast then stopped by Sun Tan City for a spray tan. After that, I headed to Lucas Oil Stadium. We needed to be in the locker room at 1:45 pm and had practice on the field at 2:15. After reviewing our pregame, end zone, and sideline routines, we went back to the locker room for lunch. I had about an hour to get ready before we had to be back on the field to practice for our halftime performance with the ISU Marching Band. Afterwards, my squad changed and went to the main level to sign autographs for fans. It pumped us up to hear how excited everyone was for the game! At 7:15 pm we went down to the locker room and had our hair and makeup touched up by our stylists from Tyler Mason Salon. It was time to get our uniforms on and stretch. Our coach Theresa led us in prayer, and it was showtime! All of our routines went well, but unfortunately the game did not. We appreciate all the fans that stuck it out till the end with us, it was a tough loss. I quickly changed and packed up my things to head home. After sitting in traffic, I got home around 12:30 am. I am worn out; it is going to be hard to wake up tomorrow morning for work! Goodnight Colts fans!

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