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Cheerleader of the week Megan O.

January 13-

Today is the big game to see who will go play the Patriots in the AFC Championship. My boyfriend, roommates, and I decided to go shopping and to head to get wings and watch the game with a room full of people at the Hurricane bar and grille in Brownsburg. The Ravens won! That was bitter sweet to me because of our loss to Baltimore last week. I just hope they beat the Patriots!

January 14-

Today is Monday and I am busy applying for jobs! I just finished up with my Museum Studies Certificate at IUPUI. I have been focusing on Colts and school for the past year, and now the road is wide open. I am looking forward to change and getting a career started. Today, I went to workout with my buddies at the gym. What a good stress reliever. I spent the day sending out 12 resumes! That made for one time girl! Goodnight! J

January 15-

This morning I had a phone interview for an archivist position at a small museum! It's exciting that I'm seeing some results from my hard work. Thank goodness college is paying off!  I took an afternoon "sweat break" with Kristine, a fellow Colts cheerleader. We went to L. A. Fitness and took a cardio class that has a boxing twist to it.  Not only was the workout great, we had a great time together!


January 16-

I have a part-time job with Indy Laser and I had an awesome meeting with my boss, Chris today. We are planning a splendid contest with the Colts and I am so excited about it. I have always been interested in Sales and Marketing and this has been a very fun and creative job! After work I headed home to spend some time with my Cavalier puppy, Harvey.  He was a Christmas present from my boyfriend. He is going to be 5 months old soon! I am such a proud mama! When I got home, I had a Skype call from my brother in Afghanistan! I can't wait until he can come home and our family can head to the beach! We have a huge family vacation that has been planned for a year! We are staying in a big beach house called the Sea Monster! Our whole family is going which, is about 40 people!! I guess you could say I have a huge family!


January 17-

I had my year-end cheerleader meeting today and turned in my uniforms and all of my gear. It's so bitter sweet when you have to hand over your uniform until next year. I miss having all of my cheer apparel hanging in my closet…but for now I have room to fill in that space; shopping time! Overall, it was a great year. My third year as a Colts cheerleader was filled with fun memories like, weddings, birthdays, unforgettable appearances and crazy games! Tonight, I met another friend of mine, Ann who is also a cheerleader, for dinner. We went to Broad Ripple for some sushi!! It was delicious!

January 18-

I worked out today on my own which I hate…I'm a social person and I like to talk and run. J After the workout, I headed straight to the couch with my roommate Tiffany, our friend Chelsea, and my sister-in-law Molly. We watched Fashion Police and had a lazy evening! Perfect Friday.

January 19-

Top priority on my to do list today, clean house! After I dropped my friend Tiffany off downtown, I met up with my friend Chelsea at an awesome restaurant in Speedway called Dawson's. Tonight my aunt and uncle are coming to Indy and staying with me because they are flying out very early Sunday morning to go to Hawaii. I am driving them to the airport in the morning.  I guess if I don't get a museum job I could always be a personal driver!

It has been such an amazing season and I am so happy for our team and how far we got this season. I am so proud of my cheerleaders. They are the most beautiful people inside and out. Thanks Colts fans for all the great memories!

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