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Cheerleader of the Week - Marissa S.

10-7-2011 Cheerleader of the Week Marissa S.

Monday September 26, 2011

Hey there Colts Fans!  Happy Monday!  I am so excited to share my upcoming week with you!  I live a crazy life so get ready and hold on tight!!!!

Today was my day to sleep in.  After last night's disappointing loss and long travel home in the rain, I definitely did not want to get up!  Monday's normally are long days for me but I asked off of work knowing that after the late Sunday night game, I was going to need some extra TLC and sleep!  Fortunately, my finance Ryan had the day off as well!  Today we took our time getting up but once up we were on the go go go!  Today we are running errands to tie up some last minute details for our upcoming wedding this winter!  First we ran to Auburn today to finish up on some cake details then to the furniture store!  After the trip to Auburn, we went back to the jewelers to pick out wedding bands.  After the wedding bands we had to make some phone calls to the our service providers to make sure everything was in order.  Wedding planning is so time consuming! I give credit to those who do it for others in enjoyment!  Next we went back to the house to do some cleaning and painting.  We have been remodeling our home for the last couple of months and we are almost finished! I am so excited!

Monday evenings I go to the YMCA in Huntington where I teach dance classes.  I love teaching dance!  Dance is one of my biggest passions and being able to teach young children is so much fun!  I teach on Mondays for about four hours and afterwards, since I am already there, I jump on the treadmill and get a get cardio workout in.  By the time I am done with dance and working out, it is time to go home, shower, make dinner, and go to bed!  Hope you all had a great Monday like I did!  Goodnight Colts fans!!!

Tuesday September 27, 2011

Rise and shine Colts fans!  Today is an early day for me!  First things first, off to the gym for my workout!  I love working out and is such a great way to get some stress out!  It feels great to just give 110% at the gym and work out all of your problems and melt the stress away!  After my workout, its off to the house for a quick shower and to work by 8 am! Did I mention that this was an early morning?

Work went rather quick today!  Tuesdays I work from 8 until about 2 in Huntington.  I normally leave work so early so I can get home and ready for practice!  Since I live a good 2 hours from Indianapolis, I have to leave Huntington around 3:30 to get to practice on time!  Unfortunately today though, while I was getting ready to leave,  I started to feel ill and it came over me quick!  Being sick is never fun, but being responsible for getting teammates sick is not good either.  Unfortunately, I could not make the trip to Indianapolis for practice and missed all of the girls!  I heard they had a great practice!  I was sent early to bed!  Sleep tight Colts fans!

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Good morning Colts fans!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  This weather certainly is not the greatest but hopefully your week is!  I unfortunately am still down with this yucky flu that is going around!  I have been ordered to stay in and rest rest rest!  So today that was exactly what I did!  I watched a couple of good old movies and took lots of naps!  Sure that may sound good to many, but adding the flu on top of this doesn't make for such a great Wednesday!  Another bum fact for today is that we have to take one of our dogs in for surgery L We found a tumor on Montana's back leg that needs removed!  Poor puppy!

I hope everyone is staying warm, dry, and healthy!

My normal Wednesdays when I am not sick are typically similar to my Mondays.  I would usually get up and head to work.  Wednesdays at work are slower than Mondays but usually not too bad.  Wednesdays have been nicked-named "crappy Wednesdays" for a reason though I am sure!  After work, I head to the gym for a cardio blast workout class and abs class.  It is a really tough class and keeps me in shape!  It is always nice to mix workouts up every once in awhile to keep the body guessing!  After my workout classes , I have a few minutes of down time before I teach two dance classes.  On Wednesdays, I also teach a hip hop aerobics class which is a lot of fun!  I try and theme the classes (something we have done in the past for Colts workouts) and it makes the work outs more fun!  Tonight would be animal print night!

After all of that, I am usually pretty tired and I am off to shower and bed!  Sweet dreams everyone!!

Thursday September 29, 2011

Good morning ya'll!!  I hope everyone slept well!  I sure did!  But unfortunately I am still under the weather. L  Being sick is NO fun!!!!!  Back to old movies and napping for me I suppose.

So since my week is not turning out to be what I normally do I will still tell you my typical week!

So Thursdays are normally early mornings again!  I get up and get to the gym for a good sweat!  Makes me feel like I start the day off right and on track that way. After a good workout I am off to work.  Today I would work at the YMCA and have my little pre-tappers and pre-ballerinas for class.  This age group is such a fun age group!  I love young children!  They are so interesting and keep you on your toes!  These young ones have made me realize what it is I really want to do and I am making plans to go back to school and become a teacher!

After my dance classes, my boss (which is also a really great friend of mine) and I usually go out to lunch and hang out!  Thursday late morning-early afternoon is both of our down times so we like to hang out together and touch base on this day!  After my time with her, it is time to get ready for practice and head to Indianapolis for another fantastic practice!  After practice and the 2 hour drive home it is bedtime!! 

Good night Colts fans!

Friday September 30, 2011

* *

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Congratulations Colts fan we made it through the rainy week to another weekend! 

So I woke up today, feeling a little better but still not 100% yet.  I am hoping that this is my last day of this wretched flu!  Today I am going to spend inside again.  I don't want to risk getting others sick and that way I can hopefully go to my Jr. Cheer appearance practice tomorrow!  I can't wait to get out of the house!

Fridays are pretty boring up until 5 o'clock!  I work all day on Fridays.  Fridays are the best, but during work, it seems like such a slow day.  I think it is because I am always looking at the clock waiting for the weekend to start!  After work on Fridays, my fiance and I usually go out to dinner or out with friends.  Since I have been ill, Ryan decided to have friends over and have a nice 'chill' night. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!  Cheers! J

Saturday October 1, 2011

* *

Happy October everyone!  Can you believe it is October already!?  This year is just flying by!  And I am finally feeling all better!  I hate being sick!  It takes the fun right out of everything!

So today is Saturday and October… my two favorite things!  I love Saturdays!  Saturdays are those days that I can make whatever I want….busy, relaxing, everything, and nothing!  Today was a busy day.  I woke up today feeling much better so Ryan and I went out and got birthday presents for his two sisters!  After purchasing those, my mother met up with us and bought us our first wedding present….the Dyson Animal vacuum!  We have two large Huskies that are major fur shedding machines!  It has made all the difference having this vacuum compared to our old one!  Thanks mom!

After our little shopping trip it was time for me to head down to Indianapolis for the Jr. Cheerleader practice!  These girls are so much fun and great little dancers!  I really enjoy seeing them and helping them learn a choreographed dance that will be performed outside at the FanZone at the next home game! Please come check out these talented girls October 9th!

After the Jr. Cheerleader practice, I drove home and decided to stay in and relax with Ryan.  Today was a fun and great October Saturday!  I hope everyone had a great day!  Goodnight Colts fans!

Sunday October 2, 2011

Good morning Colts fans!  I hope everyone has had a good weekend!  I have enjoyed sharing my week with you!  It definitely helped keep my spirits up all week while I was feeling ill!  Thanks for sharing it with me!

I love Sundays!  They are great for relaxing and spending time with family and those you love and care about!  Today after church, we are celebrating two birthdays!  Both of Ryan's sisters have birthdays coming up (well one has passed)!  Kandi celebrated her 23rd birthday last Sunday and Kassie will celebrate her 25th birthday next Wednesday!  Happy birthday to the both of you! You are great girls and I love you both!  We always get together to celebrate birthdays with a meal, presents, cake (YUM!), and quality family time!  Today was a great day!

After sharing this afternoon with Ryan's family,  we shared the evening with my mom.  We stayed in and relaxed on the couch and watched some Sunday Night Football.  Even though the Colts weren't playing, I like to keep up on the other teams. 

Again I want to thank you for sharing this week with me!  I hope to see you all again!  Don't forget! Monday Night football tomorrow night!  Colts vs. Tampa Bay!  GO COLTS!!! J

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