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Cheerleader of the Week: Mara M.

Cheerleader of the Week: Mara M. - Diary


Mara Mayle Colts Cheerleader Bio Week of Jan 2nd -Jan 9th

Monday, 1-2-12

Happy Monday morning Colts Fans!  My name is Mara M. and this is my second season as an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader.  The Colts have given me such a great experience these past two years and I am so excited for Super Bowl 2012 coming up soon.  Hopefully everyone is excited for the new year and have their New Year's Resolutions figured out J  This week is technically my last week to relax because I am currently finishing up my four year nursing degree at Indiana State University and school starts next week.  So, today I started my day with a great cup of coffee, Dunkin Donuts, which is one of my Christmas presents from my mom because she knows it is my favorite.  My sister and I decided to tackle the mall today and saved our Christmas returns for after the holidays.  However, it was still a madhouse but we had a great day together and ate our lunch at a new restaurant that just opened up in our home town.  I also am a fitness instructor at our local YMCA and had a class to teach at 5:30.  We had a great workout and sweat out all the bad food we all ate during the holidays.  My sister, being back home as well from college, and I watched movies together afterwards and fell asleep on the couch.  What a great day!

Tuesday, 1-3-12

Hey Colts fans!  Today I am headed to my wedding venue to plan my menu for my upcoming wedding in October.  We got so much accomplished and I have a great wedding coordinator to help get everything figured out.  I can't wait until October comes.  After our meeting with the wedding coordinator I had to do some grocery shopping and replenish the house with some healthy food which was a part of my New Year's resolution.  My sister and I are doing a new healthy diet together and helping one another make good food choices so grocery shopping was quite an adventure.  After grocery shopping, I got ready for my appearance at Lucas Oil for the Colts Kids Club and got to meet some of you great fans!! Well its 9 o'clock but I am headed for bed…Goodnight!

Wednesday, 1-4-12

Wednesday is here and it is already the middle of the week.  It's going way too fast and I am not ready to be thinking about school starting next week quite yet.  However, today I had to take care of some boring tasks of textbook rentals and class scheduling but I got it done and now I am ready for school to start.  My sister and I like I said earlier started our healthy diet regimen and one of the items are these great lean protein shakes from GNC.  For lunch I fixed myself a protein shake and then went back to the YMCA to teach my fitness class again at 5:30.  We had such a large turnout tonight with roughly 40 people in my class.  We got a great workout in and it was such a good time.  After a shower and change of clothes, my family and I headed up to my grandmas who we call Mammy, to have a great supper.  We usually try to spend one night with all of us together and eat supper.  My family and I all love to eat so we take meals serious ha-ha.  Tonight we rented a movie from Redbox and enjoyed a movie by our Christmas tree which is planned to be taken down in the morning.  Off to sleep

Thursday, 1-5-12

Good Morning!  Well the time is come according to my mom and we started our Thursday off taking all the Christmas decorations down.  I was so sad because I love Christmas and hate to see it leave but I guess I'll just wait till next year when we can put everything back up.  My mom decorates the house quite extravagantly and literally every room so this cleaning job occupied our Thursday, but we had fun doing it together and spending time together.  Today was actually a "family day" all the way around so we decided to continue it with our workout.  So all five of us, my mom, dad, sister, and fiancé headed up the Y and had a family workout together and then back home for one of my mom's specialties, chicken enchiladas, which are a recipe that our Colts Trainer gave us, and I must say it was delicious. 

Friday, 1-6-12

The weekend is finally here and today I am headed to get a spray tan.  I love getting spray tans and since our sponsor is Sun Tan City I can get as many as I want which is great especially before games and appearances.  The only bad thing is you can't shower for at least six hours afterward so I am headed home to do some laundry and let my tan continue to soak in J  Tonight my family and I are headed out for dinner at our favorite restaurant.  This is a tradition we do before my sister and I go back to school and I look forward to it every year.  I love getting ready with my little sister and we use to do it all the time when we were little.  Tonight was such a great night and when we got home we watched some TV and hit the sack.

Saturday, 1-7-12

Saturday mornings are my favorite day of the week not only because Saturdays are relaxing and allow you to be lazy, but my little cousin plays basketball and I love going to watch him play.  Carter is four years old and loves sports, making it so exciting and fun to watch.  After Carter's game my sister and I got a great workout in.  We did thirty minutes of cardio and then did 40 minutes of some core exercises with stability balls and weights.  Just let me tell you...I bet we are sore on Sunday.  Tonight though I am excited because my fiancé and I and another couple are headed downtown Indy tonight and are going to go out to the new Colts Grille for dinner, and we are spending the night in a hotel just to have a little vacation.  Talk to you all Sunday while we watch some playoff games. 

Sunday, 1-8-12

Morning everyone! Well we are headed home from Indianapolis so this is a great time to talk to everyone.  We had so much fun last night.  The new Colts Grille had amazing food and such a neat atmosphere.  Last night was the first time that I had got to actually try their food and we loved the fact that you could watch so many different things from all their televisions they had.  When we get home I am headed to a bridal show to get some ideas for my fall wedding. 

Well the bridal show was great I won a couple of things and got a lot of neat ideas to do for my wedding.  We are now headed to my grandma's for Sunday night dinner, and then I am off to bed, because like I said, school starts officially for me in the morning, and I have been taking it easy all Christmas break.  I am so excited because I am graduating this May and can't wait to be a registered nurse.  Have a great week Colts fans and remember be kind to one another and stay safe this winter!

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