HELLO EVERYONE!! I’m Kimberly and thank you all for coming to to take part in my week as Cheerleader of the Week!!



Today was a very basic day at work!  Not too busy, but I enjoyed hanging out and talking with my co-workers.  After work I went to visit with my mom for a bit and then headed to Curtain Call Studio for the Performing Arts where I teach Cheer Dance!  Its also one of our sponsors as Colts Cheerleaders!  After class, I went home to meet my roommate so we could head up to LA Fitness.  I had an amazing work out and a personal record!  I ran 5 miles in 44 minutes, I was extremely proud of myself!  From there I went home and cooked dinner (baked fish, broccoli, and rice) then got ready for bed!  Good night Colt's fans!  See you tomorrow!


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  Today is my day off from work and it just so happens that today is $2 Tuesday at the Indiana State Fair!  I'm going with my mom, my grandma, and my three little cousins!! I've included pictures for you all to enjoy!  I couldn't partake in all the food I wanted to eat because we had our fitness evaluation later at practice and I didn't want to get sick!  But I had tons of fun riding the rides and hanging with my family!  I wish the Fair was here year round!  After the fair I met up with LeAndra to go over some of the routines before practice then we headed over to the Colts complex!  We had a great practice!  We learned a routine for the 1st preseason half time, and it is going to be AMAZING!! I can't wait to see all of you out in the stands on August 19th!  After practicing, duh duh duuuunnn….we had our fitness evaluation!!  I actually did really well and made another personal best of level 9.4!!  Soon I'll be in the double digits! J  After practice we all went into the pavilion and good ol' Theresa had a surprise up her sleeve!!!  THE SWIMSUIT CALENDARS WERE IN!!!!!! We were all SUPER excited to see how wonderful they turned out!  I'm March for the second year in a row!!!  It must be my lucky month!!  After practice I went home, took a shower, and fell right into the bed!! How exhausted this day had made me!!  Well until tomorrow, SWEET DREAMS!!


Good morning!  It's 6:00am and I'm on my way to work!!!  Today at work was pretty hectic we were running around literally all morning getting everything ready for our clients coming in and trying to make sure the clients already there were still comfortable!  I love it when Its busy like this, makes the day go by so much faster!  After work I took a short run on the canal.  It was a bit hotter than I had expected, but I made it through!!  After my run, I ran home took a shower then headed up to LA Fitness to meet my dance partner and go over our dance for the half-time show!!  My dance partner's name is Godfrey and he turned out to be a much better dancer than I had thought he would be!  Good job Godfrey! Haha After LA Fitness I went back home to get ready for bed!  I played outside with Caleb (my pit bull) then we laid on the couch and watched TV for a while before falling asleep!


Today I have off as well!  I slept in until about 8:30am, then I got up and went to meet Godfrey again so we could get one more practice in before our real practice at the complex!  Again, he did an excellent job and afterwards I ran a few errands downtown!  Then I met my friend Corey for lunch at Bazbeaux Pizza!  After lunch, I went home and did a little laundry before practice but ended up only doing one load before falling asleep!  Practice was really fun and went by extremely quick!  We had a dress rehearsal for the half time show and all the guys were there giving us their best moves!  Well, I'm home now and in bed so I will talk to you all tomorrow!!


Cheers to freakin' weekend!!!  Today is the start of the weekend buuuut a long day for me!  I had work from 6:30am until 3pm and then I had to rush over to the complex to meet the limo for an appearance in Evansville, IN.  Work went by extremely fast because we were extremely busy!  Then I slept the whole way to E-ville!  The appearance was awesome!!  It was for Ellison jewelry!!  And all of us girls got to wear around this BEAUTIFUL jewelry the entire time!!!  I'm still in awe!  It was so much fun and we love to do it every year!  Maybe next year we will see you there!  Enjoy the pictures!  After the appearance we got back into the limo and drove right back home!  So now it's about 2am and I'm just getting in and getting ready for bed!  But what an exciting day!


Today was pretty much unexciting! Haha I slept in until 11am.  Then watched a movie before getting ready for work!  Work was very busy for the 1st couple of hours then it slowed down tremendously, which is never good!  But I love my job so it wasn't too bad!  After work I was so exhausted for some reason and I just came home and got into the bed!  See you tomorrow!!


Today was a nice day!  It started with me waking up and getting ready for church!  LeAndra's younger sister Gabby is in town, so while Le was at work I took Gabby to church with me!  Church was amazing like always!  Our Pastor is on vacation, so we had a guest speaker, but he was great!  After church Gabby and I went and grabbed some food, then headed downtown to work!  I worked in a different department today, so I didn't get to interact with hardly anyone which made the hours creep by.  But eventually, it ended and I got to go home!  I hung out with my roommates and my good friend Arbara came over and we all just sat around and talked for a while!  I'm sad my week with my favorite fans is coming to a close!  But I had a blast sharing with all of you and until next time: GO COLTS!!!

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