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Cheerleader of the Week: Kathleen

Read Kathleen's blog in this week's addition of Cheerleader of the Week.


Monday November 15

Welcome to my week Colts Fans! Today is Monday and it's always a busy day for me. I'm worn out from a day of classes and projects that I am trying to get done before Thanksgiving break comes along. I'm also a little tired and sore from last night's game against the Bengals but I'm so happy about the win! It was such a fun game! We wore patriotic costumes and wore our military uniforms in honor of Veteran's Day. The whole team was super excited about our half-time performance, which was a tribute to the various branches of the U.S. Military. We danced with a couple dancers from dance studios around the Indianapolis area and the Junior Cheerleaders. Michelle, one of the choreographers from Curtain Call, the official dance studio of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, choreographed the amazing half-time performance. Meagan M. also sang the song "Hero," and it was awesome. She is so talented, and she's on my squad…the shorties, Squad 1!! Be sure to check the video, coming out soon, on!

Tuesday November 16

Today is a practice day for the Colt's Cheerleaders! After my classes, I headed to Indianapolis for practice. It was a busy couple hours at Curtain Call. With the next four home games sneaking up on us, we learned new routines and cleaned a couple that we already had learned. We also have off the Thursday practice, which is Thanksgiving, so we have to be sure to get a lot done this week to be fully prepared for our upcoming games!

Wednesday November 17

Today is another busy, busy day for me at school. I have classes from 7:30AM to 2:30PM! After my classes, I attended a meeting for a trip I am going on after the football season has ended. I will be spending a couple months in the south of France to improve my French speaking skills. Seeing as I am planning on being a French teacher, I am really excited about the experience. After the meeting, I attended a play called Amadeus that my university was showing. The students did an amazing job and the play got awesome reviews. I worked some more on homework and called it an early night.

Thursday November 18

Another practice day! After two classes and an exam, I was ready to forget about school and enjoy my time with my teammates and dancing at practice. Once again, it was a busy night full of learning new routines and cleaning previously learned ones. A former cheerleader, Krystal, came to teach a super cute routine to "Baby I Like It". I'm excited to perform it for the Dallas game on December 5. We also found out today at practice that we will be performing at half time of the Chargers game with the ISU band. The song we will be dancing to is Lady Gaga's "PokerFace". It's going to be a fun show!

Friday November 19

It's my favorite day of the week, Friday!! I had a short day of classes and then went with my boyfriend, Ryan, to see the movie I have been waiting months for….Harry Potter!! I read the book twice and have been so excited to see The Deathly Hallows Part I of the film. It was amazing!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good movie to see over Thanksgiving break! After a movie date night, I got a good night's rest.

Saturday November 20

I started my Saturday off to a good start with a morning workout at Core Pilates with our trainer Sean. He always kicks our booties pretty good during his workouts but at least he's kicking them into shape! I like our morning workouts because it gets me moving and productive for the day. I spent time at home after my workout and went to get lunch with my little sister, Molly, and my mom. I love going home to be with my family as much as I can. I cannot wait for the holidays so that I can be with them all! After an easy afternoon, I headed downtown to meet the other cheerleaders to celebrate Natalie's birthday! Natalie is another one of my squad mates on the shortie squad! We all had a lovely dinner together. I love being able to spend time with my teammates outside of practice where we can just relax and have fun together. It was a great night!

Sunday November 21

It's game day for the Colts! Except this time, I will be watching the game from my living room sofa, as oppose to the sidelines of our field. The cheerleaders only cheer at the home games, so it was nice to watch the game from the comfort of my own home. Unfortunately, then game did not turn out so well. We suffered a defeat from the Patriots. However, it is just a bump in the road! Next Sunday, for Sunday Night Football, I know our team will be ready to take on those Chargers! Be on the lookout for me and the other Colts Cheerleaders on the sidelines! See you next Sunday!


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