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Cheerleader of the Week - Julia P.

Cheerleader of the week - Julia P. diary

Hey Colt's Nation! It's the beginning of another fantastic week in October!  As a Rookie on the Colts Cheerleading Squad, a graduate student at Ball State University and Fitness Graduate Assistant at the BSU Rec Department, being on the go is a daily scenario for me!  I'm excited to be Cheerleader of the Week and can't wait to give you a glimpse into my world!

Monday 10/24/2011

Good Morning Colts Fans!  Well, Our boys may not have brought home a victory last night against the Saints, but I'm still optimistic about our next game!  I started off my morning with my usual cup of coffee and a slice of my Moms homemade banana bread (she made her special low-fat recipe for me - score!)  Upon finishing emails and homework from home, I arrived at work ready to hit the ground running.  I had many interviews lined up for potential Group Exercise Instructors that I am looking to hire.  The first interviews were with several male students looking to start teaching fitness classes geared towards men.  They each gave me a short demo of a Strength Training class. (I've never done so many push-ups in one day! Ouch!)  I was extremely impressed and I'm eager to bring new talent onto my staff!  Once the demos were finished, it was back to my desk to complete a couple more phone interviews and organize my afternoon demos and meeting.  At 8pm, I had nine lovely ladies come in for their second round of interviews!  We had them demo many different fitness classes including Turbo Kick, Zumba, Pilates and Step!  It was a successful interview and I am confident that we will have a strong group of new Instructors for Spring '12 at Ball State University! I finished out my night with a staff meeting involving my 80 Student Employees that work as Fitness Room Monitors. Knowing that many of the guys were eager to get back home for Monday Night Football, I whipped through the meeting as quickly as possible!  Overall, they were cooperative and attentive and we got through the meeting in a timely manner.   It's now 10pm and as I lay here in bed, I'm counting my blessings and am thankful that my busy Monday went pretty smooth ~

Tuesday 10/25/2011

Ever wake up to Spongebob Squarepants dancing around your TV Screen? I did!  Last night I fell asleep watching an episode of my favorite TV series Friends on Nick at Night, only to wake up to cartoons on my TV. It made me laugh, and it was quick to get me out of bed to change the channel! I got ready for work and made it into the office by 7:30am.  The morning absolutely flew by with completing a deposit report, answering emails, phone calls and working on my employee schedules.  Before I knew it, it was time for lunch!  I pulled out some frozen Chicken-White Bean Chili I had made the week before.  I was given this recipe from our Cheerleading Fitness Trainer; Sean Bartram.  It was 380 calories of scrumptiousness and I'm thankful for flavorful AND healthy recipes! (Thanks Sean!) I headed right back to work for a couple hours to get a few more things checked off my To-Do list before I was headed to Indy around 3pm!  I commute from Muncie so the drive is a little over an hour each way.  Before practice, I met with Theresa, our cheerleading coordinator (and our second mother!), to have a progress meeting.  She sets up meetings with each girl on the squad several times throughout the year to let us know individually how we are doing, what we are doing well and where we may need to improve.  It was great chatting with "Momma T" today and being able to catch up!  Getting that one-on-one time with her is something I really appreciate and look forward to.  Practice started promptly at 6pm, but in a different way tonight.  The entire squad lined up (40 yards long!) to do a massive Calendar & Poster Autograph Session for our loyal fans!  In an assembly line fashion, we signed for over an hour to be sure we got as many calendars autographed for our fans as possible.  My hand may be hurting tomorrow, but you loyal fans were well worth it!  We took the rest of practice to learn a new pre-game routine for the last game in November.  Natalie and Sara did an amazing job teaching and the dance is absolutely killer!  I can't wait to perform it for you all!  (Photo:!/nflcoltscheer/media/slideshow?url=

Wednesday 10/26/2011

Good morning Colts Fans! A quick glimpse at my calendar this morning tells me I better put an extra shot of espresso in my coffee this morning.  Ek! I started off my morning with a quick 20 min jog through the neighborhood behind my apartment complex to refresh my mind and get my body geared up for the day.  After a quick shower and breakfast, I was booting up my up best friend: my MacBook Pro!  This morning I tackled some homework and reading assignments for my Graduate Classes before heading into the office. I was only in the office for a short period of time this morning to have a meeting and finish some Training documents before zooming right back out the door.  Today I have a TRX and Pilates Reformer workout with Sean at Core Pilates in Carmel Indiana and an appearance at the Colts Grill in downtown Indy.  The workout kicked my butt as usual, but I love the feeling of accomplishment once I'm finished!  After grabbing lunch with squad mate Alex A and running a couple errands in Indy, I nestled up in Panera Bread with my Mocha and Laptop to do more work.  Luckily, I am able to complete a lot of work responsibilities away from the office on my laptop on days that I have obligations with the Colts.  I am very thankful for their flexibility!  Once 5pm rolled around, Lauren M and I were set up for our appearance in the Colts Grille in our pink Breast Cancer Awareness jackets and white boots ready to meet and greet fans.  We had the 2007 Superbowl Trophy set up for this appearance.  We did pictures and autographs for about two hours.  I love to see the fans light up when they see that silver beauty! ("Is that the real thing?" they would ask.  Oh, It sure is! I even get chills seeing it glisten in the light!) I'm glad we can share something so special with the fans.  We wrapped up around 7pm and I was back in Muncie by about 9pm!  I came back into the office when I got home to get some things finalized for a couple events tomorrow.  It's about midnight though and I think it's time to head home before I fall asleep on my keyboard.  I'll have to be up early tomorrow for another exciting day!

Thursday 10/27/2011

Rise and Shine Indiana, it's Thursday and "Well-O-Ween" at the Rec Center!  I walked into the office only to hear the buzzing of students coming from the gym floor.  Well-O-Ween is a health fair which gives students the opportunity to get many different screenings done for free!  We offered testing of body composition, blood pressure, blood sugar testing, sun damage screening, spinal analysis, chair massages, and FREE fitness classes! I had Pilates, Toning and Zumba class lined up throughout the day for students to participate in.  We charge a fee for our regular scheduled fitness classes, so people get excited when they are free!  We had a great turn-out and I was excited to see everyone enjoying themselves.  My instructors rocked it out!  After another busy day at work, I was headed to practice by 4:00pm.  Todays practice was an exciting one.  We were dressing up for Halloween!  I had a pair of aviators, dog tags and a army-like blazer to be Maverick from the movie Top Gun!  We had everything from a Ballerina and Angel to Dr. Evil and Spiderman.  We started off practice with a High Intensity Interval Training workout with Sean, and let's just say it was interesting to do in our costumes!  We finished practice learning more routines and reviewing.  I was home and in bed by 10:30pm tonight!  It was one of those "fell asleep once my head hit the pillow" nights!  (Photo:!/nflcoltscheer/media/slideshow?url=

Friday 10/28/2011

T.G.I.B.F !  I woke up with a little extra bounce in my step because it's Blue Friday!! Today was a fairly laid back day at work and I was very appreciative of that.  I focused a lot on student payroll today to help lessen my work load for the weekend.  I got in a nice cardio workout today and finished up with a little Pilates to help increase my flexibility.  Being an NFL Cheerleader, flexibility is very important.  We have a couple kicklines coming up in our Pre-Game and Half-time performances.  I have to make sure I'm close to "kicking my face" as our dance instructor Michelle tells us.  After my day at work, I headed home to prep for the night.  Tonight I will be getting together with squad mates Lindsey F and Alex A to enjoy a night out on the town!  We met up with a couple different groups of friends and had an amazing night of laughter together.  I am on-call for work tonight, so I had to be sure to call it a night early.  Being as busy as I am, it's hard to get time in with friends sometimes.  I take full advantage of any opportunity I get to be with them!

Saturday 10/29/2011

I was woken up this morning at 6:15am from the "opening" calls.  When I am on-call for work, we require our Building Supervisors to call the On-Call phone once they open the building.  It's crucial that the building is open on time due to the large number of events and employees that will need into the building in the morning.  I set my alarm for 6:20am, and if I haven't received my opening calls by then, I will have known that the supervisor has probably over slept and that I'll need to rush in to get the building open on time.  Thankfully I received the calls and was able to sleep in today!  I started my day off with a run through campus (my favorite!) and quickly got to my homework soon after.  I did end up getting called into work this afternoon, but I had payroll to do still so it wasn't too much of a hassle going in last minute.  Tonight I headed to Indianapolis to get together with another group of girls from the squad.  It's Halloween and many of us were dressing up as "flavors" of cupcakes!  I was a "Birthday" cupcake with a blue outfit and bow resembling a birthday present.  I had an amazing time with the girls tonight!  I feel extremely blessed to be on a squad with such remarkable women.

Sunday 10/30/2011

It's Sunday and it's time to be lazy!  I was slightly productive in the morning by cleaning my apartment, a quick grocery run and trip to the gym.  But once that was complete, I was snuggled up with my blanket and pillow to watch a movie and watch the Colts take on the Titans!  It's been an awesome week and it was so nice to unwind today.  It has been a pleasure sharing my week with you all!  Keep believing in blue and I hope to see you all this weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium! CHEER HARD! GO COLTS!

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