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Cheerleader of the week - Erin C.

Monday- Good morning Colts fans! My name is Erin and this is my rookie year as a Colts cheerleader. Let me start off by saying i am so excited to be a part of this team!


Monday- Good morning Colts fans! My name is Erin and this is my rookie year as a Colts cheerleader.  Let me start off by saying i am so excited to be a part of this team! I started my Monday out with an early morning workout at LA Fitness then I came back to my apartment and did some cleaning. By the way, I live with two other girls on the team so it makes it really fun. After cleaning it was time to get ready for work and grab some lunch. I work at an All Star cheerleading Gym called ICE. We have 3 locations, two in Indiana and one in Illinois. I have worked there for three years, and I love it and all the kids I coach!( giving a shout out to all my ICE kids!) PS IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!

Tuesday -Today I woke up for another early morning workout at LA Fitness.  My legs were hurting from yesterday so I went a little easy on them today! I ran three miles and did some arms. I went to grab some lunch, and on the way I stopped at Dicks Sporting Goods and picked up a swimsuit.  I used to swim in high school and on a summer team.  Today, while I was at the gym, I noticed they had a lap pool, and I think swimming is a great workout so I'm going to start that up this week! I didn't have to work at ICE today so I rested a little before practice tonight. I packed myself a snack for practice.  Then I worked on some of the dances for tonight. I can't wait until the first regular season game! Tonight at practice we got a lot done. I love that feeling when you know your whole team worked hard, and with that said, it's safe to say I'm ready for bed.

Wednesday- I woke up a little late and was not able to get to the gym to swim today. I can't lie it was kind of nice sleeping in for once. I had a TRX workout with Sean at CORE Pilates today, and I felt bad about not making it to the gym to swim so I went to his cardio class also!  After that it was time to head to work.  I was pretty tired from the two hour workout so I stopped and grabbed some lunch to give me some energy. The drive from Indy to ICE is about 2 hours both ways but I love to drive so I don't mind it.  My teams are worth the drive. The kids had a really good practice tonight.  I am so proud of all the hard work they put in! I keep telling them work hard now, and it will pay off later. They put me in the best mood for that boring drive home! It's about 10:30pm and I'm home finally. It's time for bed!

Thursday- Today I was so sore from Sean's killer workouts that I almost had to roll out of bed. I went to the gym and swam a couple of laps to relax a little. Thursdays are my day off so I need to get things done around my apartment. I did my laundry and painted the living room. I love decorating my apartment and making it feel like home. After all of that was done, it was time to eat an early dinner and then work on some dances before practice.  Practice went great tonight! I love being around all the girls and having a good time doing what we love. Goodnight everyone

Friday-Today I'm going home to spend some time with my family.  I'm so excited! I can't wait to see my dogs. I have five of them: Emma, Sophie, Louis, Jack, Toby, and our newest puppy Gracie.  Toby and Jack are outside dogs so it is not that crazy inside the house My mom  owns a 50's and 60's Diner in  Decatur, Indiana  called Arnold's Drive In, so as soon as I got home I stopped in there right away and ate some of her amazing food. After that it was off to the gym to do some private lessons with some kids. I enjoy doing private lessons because it gives the kids an hour of one and one with the coach to better their skills. I left ICE and stopped by my Grandma's house to visit her on the way to my mom's house.  She loves watching Lifetime movies so I stayed and watched one with her. She always offers to cook for me so this time I cooked for her. I need a little practice on my cooking skills. I went home and hungout with my mom and brother for a little then went to bed.

Saturday-Good morning! Today my mom, my little brother and I are going out to eat for our birthdays! My little brother was born a day before me so growing up we always had to share birthday parties. After Lunch we went to the mall and looked around at stuff for my apartment. We didn't find anything so we then went to one of my favorite stores in the whole world, Hobby Lobby! I could spend hours in that store! I love all the discounts they have.  I ended up finding some really cute things, and I'm excited to take them back to show my roommates!  After shopping, I said goodbye to my family and my dogs and went back home. Once I got back to Indy I was so tired I went right to bed. Goodnight Colts fans!

Sunday-Today is Jr cheer and I'm so pumped to see the kids. I love doing the Jr cheer appearances because I love working with kids. We learned a new dance to perform at Fan Zone before the game on Sunday. I really think the dance is cute and the kids look like they love it. As soon as I was done with Jr cheer I got in my car and was on the road again. I headed up to Mishawaka, Indiana where our first ICE gym is located and did some choreography for our mini team. These girls were so cute.  There were seven of them, and they were ages 5 to 8. The choreography took about four hours to do, and I still have to finish the dance. They did an awesome job of listening, and I'm really proud of them! I got home around 9pm, and I am ready for bed! I had a blast sharing my week with you guys, and I cant wait to see you all season from the sidelines! GO COLTS!

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