Cheerleader of the Week: Erin B.

Cheerleader of the Week: Erin B Diary


Cheerleader of the Week

Monday July, 25th 2011

            Hey Colts fans! I am very excited to take you through a week with me! This is my second year as a Sweetheart of the Horseshoe and I could not be more thrilled. My day started by heading to Core Pilates and Fitness to teach a private training session. Then Sean Bartram led a crazy cardio workout that I did with some of the other cheerleaders. The best news of the day was that the NFL lockout was OVER! This is awesome and it got me really pumped for the season. I am glad we have a season because not only is the Superbowl here, but also it will be on my birthday! After the workout, I headed down to Circle Center Mall to do some shopping for my trip to New York City on Friday. After some shopping, I headed back to Core Pilates and Fitness to teach my TRX Suspension Training classes. After my long day, I went home and got to relax with my boyfriend, Robert. I was looking forward to bed because I have to be up early for work in the morning. 

Tuesday July 26th, 2011

            Good Morning! I was up nice and early to go into work. I work at a dentist office, Dr. Claren Harmon DDS, as a dental assistant. I definitely needed my Starbucks trip this morning. We had a very busy schedule at work today. We were filled with patients from 8am to 5pm. It sure did beat being outside in this crazy humidity. After I got off work, I had to head to Colts Cheerleading practice. Even though we have been practicing all summer, today's practice was very exciting because we now have games and a season to practice for! We got a bunch of Colts attire, like our warm-up jackets and pants. We practiced a bunch of things for gamedays, which made me anxious to be on that field August 19th! After practice, I headed home and got ready for bed because I have another early day ahead of me.

Wednesday July 27th 2011

            Today was a bright and early morning. I got up at 5:30am to go to a workout at Core Pilates and Fitness. It was a great workout and two other cheerleaders were just as crazy as me and were in there too. Then I headed to work at the dentist office. It was another packed day of patients. After work at the dentist, my day did not end because I had to go into Core Pilates and Fitness again and teach my TRX Suspension Training classes. Finally after two classes, I got to head home, relax, and start packing for my trip to New York to visit my best friend, Nina. I also hung out with Rob, my boyfriend, again tonight, which was nice after a long day! See you all in the morning!

Thursday July 28th 2011

            Good morning again! I woke up early again and headed into work at the dentist office. We had a half-day today, so I was done by lunchtime. This was good because I needed to pack and get ready for my trip to the Big Apple tomorrow!  After doing some packing and running all over doing errands, I had to get ready for practice. We practiced at Curtain Call Dance Studio tonight so we could work on perfecting our dances for games and use the mirrors. Tonight was special because we got to work in our individual squads. I am in Squad 4, which is considered the "Tall Squad". We got lots of things accomplished and will be looking good for our first game. After practice, I headed home and then went to visit Rob for the night, so I could spend some time with him before I left for NYC. Since it was a long day, I had no issues falling fast asleep!

Friday July 29th 2011

            Today is the big day! I am headed to New York City to visit my best friend from college, Nina! Before I could get on my plane and start my vacation, I had a few things to do. I headed in to Core Pilates and Fitness to do a reformer workout with Sean. It was a great workout, but Sean always has great workouts for people. After my workout, I taught my Ballet Barre class.  I wanted to stay for cardio class, but I had to head home and make it to the airport. I was nervous to fly, because I am not the biggest fan of flying. I was happy to land, not only to be in NYC finally, but because there was a lot of turbulence on the way in! Once I got off the plane and got my bag, Nina and I headed to the Hamptons to meet up with her family. It was awesome to see the HUGE houses as we were driving into the Hamptons. They were all gorgeous. I was very tired after my long day of traveling; we headed to bed so we could be up early to relax by the pool all day tomorrow.

Saturday July 30th 2011

            Today Nina's dog Sophia woke me up. She gave me a nice little wakeup call by jumping on me and biting my hand! Nina, Cara (Nina's roommate), and myself got up ate some breakfast and put on our swimsuits so we could lie out by the pool.  Today was all about relaxing. It was really the first time, all summer, I have been able to lie out by a pool, shows I needed this vacation! It is just as hot as Indiana out here in the Hamptons, so I was used to the heat and humidity. After an amazing day poolside, we started cooking dinner. We had an amazing dinner! To finish it off, a family friend of Nina's brought over a cake for her mom's birthday. It was a chocolate cake with whipped cream icing. It was so delicious! To burn some of the cake calories, we played some ski ball in the basement. It brought back lots of childhood memories! From a full day of sunbathing, we were all worn out and headed to bed. Tomorrow should be another fun day.

Sunday July 31st 2011

            Good morning! This morning we all got up, ate some breakfast, and then got ready to head to the beach. Cara, Nina, and I went to the beach for the afternoon. It was very pretty out there. I love being out on the beach and being able to hear the ocean. It was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep on the beach while lying out. Once we had enough sand going everywhere, we headed back to the house to sit and hangout by the pool. In the late afternoon, we had to start packing things up because if was the last weekend Nina and her family were going to be in the Hamptons. Once we got the house all picked up and the cars packed up, we headed back into the city. I loved driving up to the city because it was very cool to see the skyline as we drove up on the highway! New York City is very gorgeous at night, with all the city lights. For dinner, we got New York style pizza. It was delicious of course. I am very tired again today, so we got ready to head to bed because we have a big day ahead of us touring around the city. We will be going to Times Square, Central Park, a Mets game, and much more tomorrow! I better get my rest so I can enjoy by big day in the Big Apple J I hope you all enjoyed reading a little about me! Cannot wait to see you all at games! Go Colts!

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