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Cheerleader of the Week: Erica

Read about the Cheerleader of the Week, Erica.


Sunday Oct 3 – Good morning Colts fans! There is nothing better than a beautiful Sunday morning! Today was a great day because I spent the entire day with my family! I woke up bright and early to make the drive from Indy to my hometown of Bedford, IN. I drove to my parents house where I met them, my brother, aunt, uncle and two cousins! After running around the house trying to get ready, we all piled in one big vehicle and headed down to Shoals, IN for a family reunion! Shoals is a small town in southern Indiana where my mom and her side of the family was born and raised. The reunion was a lot of fun and we all were able to catch up with a lot of family that we hadn't seen in far too long! I have to say that it was absolutely freezing that day! When we left Bedford it was pretty warm and we all had jeans and t-shirts on, with the exception of my dad who thought it would be a good idea to wear shorts. But it was a chilly, chilly afternoon!! After a few hours we booked it back to Bedford to watch the Colts game!! As soon as I got home I changed immediately into warm sweats and a big sweatshirt! Haha It was great to watch the game with my family, even if it wasn't the greatest ending.... That's alright though, because we are going to pull it together and dominate the rest of the season! J We will always believe in blue!! Since I was off work the next day, I decided to stay and watch football ALL NIGHT! I finally crashed in bed late that night!

Monday Oct 4 – I am so happy because I got to sleep in today and don't have to go to work! This is the first time in a LONG time that I haven't been up first thing in the morning! When I got up I took my little Yorkies out and let them play around outside for a while because the weather was beautiful! I have two Yorkies, Evie and Blaze, and they are my babies! They are also spoiled rotten… but I absolutely don't know who spoils them! J When I was walking around outside, I realized that I was really sore from my Saturday workout at Core Pilates! The second day after the workout is always the worst! Ouch! Anyways, my parents' house is out in the country and it's a beautiful view everywhere you look so we spent a little extra time outside! After playing around for a while, we came back inside where Evie and Blaze got their treats, of course! I realized what time it was and started rushing around because I had to get ready to meet my mom for lunch! She works as a nurse at the Bedford Regional Medical Center. I drove in to town and met her for lunch and then ran a few errands while I was out and about! After that I drove back home to get my things packed up and started getting ready to head back to Indianapolis. I was going to bring the dogs back to Indy with me, but I have a busy week this week so my parents said they would watch them for me. On my way back to Indy, I stopped by my in-laws to visit for a little while. My sister-in-law was in town with her husband and little girl, so it was great to see them! They live in Houston so we don't get to visit very often! I finally got back on the road and made my way back to Indy! I stopped by my house and grabbed my stuff for Tuesday and then drove over to my friend Abbey's apartment! She is another south side cheerleader on the squad! Represent! Hahaha We watched a little Monday night football and then went to bed! We both have an early morning on Tuesday! Nighty night!

Tuesday Oct 5 – Good morning Colts fans! Today is my sister-in-law's birthday so happy birthday Rena!   I wake up bright and early at 5:30am on Tuesday mornings! I hopped in the shower and started getting ready for work immediately! I have to leave by 6:15am to make it to my office by 6:45 for our morning huddle! I am a dental hygienist and I work for Dr. Gary Llewellyn, D.D.S. on the west side of Indianapolis! We have a great office and I love working there! So long story short, my friend Abbey is also a dental hygienist and is training for my job so we rode to work together this morning! We had to fight a little traffic, but made it alright! After a day full of great patients, Abbey and I had to get ready for practice! We had a little bit of time between work and practice, so we reviewed our dances before we went. We practice at Curtain Call Dance Studio on Tuesdays which is only about 7 minutes from the office! We headed to practice and got a lot accomplished tonight. We learned a new routine for the November 1st game and then reviewed and cleaned all of our routines for the upcoming October 10th game!! The theme for this game is Breast Cancer Awareness so we coordinated our pregame routine to that theme as well! Be sure to watch it Sunday! We are getting some new pink accessories to wear on Sunday too that we are very excited about! After a great practice we finished the night with some Zumba! We love Zumba and are very grateful that Mara, a current squad member, is such an awesome instructor!! Since Abbey and I rode to work and practice together, we obviously rode back home together! We are kind of attached at the hip lately. When I tell you about my day tomorrow, all of this will make a little more sense! J We drove home, got something to eat and then headed to bed for another early morning!

Wednesday Oct 6 – Good morning! My day starts at 6:30am today! I got up and got ready and headed to work! There was some crazy traffic on the interstate, so I was running a few minutes late! Today is a special day at the office because we had a party and an Invisalign open house scheduled for the afternoon! After seeing patients in our normal morning schedule, we started the celebration! The party was to celebrate my last day, to welcome Abbey as their new hygienist and to celebrate Dr. Llewellyn's birthday! My last day of work was today because my husband was recently accepted into the Orthodontics program in Denver, CO and I will be moving soon! I'm not actually moving to Denver until the Colts season is over, but will be moving out of Indy because we are renting our house to a friend of mine! No worries though because I am still finishing the season with the Colts! But since I am moving from Indy, I wanted to find a job a little closer to where I will be living and Abbey was a perfect fit to take my spot at the office. Today is a bittersweet day because it is my last day of work with my amazing office, but the start of something new and exciting! My office bought us lunch and a huge Colts cake to celebrate! After the party, we opened our doors to the Invisalign open house! We had a great turnout and saw a lot of new patients!! One of the girls on the squad even stopped by to check it out! It was such a great afternoon and I was so happy because a lot of our currents patients came by to celebrate and wish me well on my adventure! I was at the office until a little after 7 and then finally made my way back home. It was hard to leave, but I know I will be back to visit as often as I can! I drive by on my way to practice, so I plan on stopping by frequently! J After getting back home and getting my things together I drove down to Bedford again for a doctor appointment the next morning and to bring my Yorkies back to Indy. I didn't get to Bedford until pretty late and crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow! Today was an exhausting day but good day. Good night!

Thursday Oct 7 – Good morning beautiful fall weather! I woke up today around 8:30am to get ready for my appointment at the Bone and Joint Clinic in Bloomington. I have been having a lot of pain in my left shoulder and both knees and it was getting continually worse so I decided it was time to get checked out. I had xrays taken of my shoulder and knees for the first time which I was pretty excited about for some reason! It's cool to see your own bones. I took a picture of the xrays with my phone and of course sent it to my husband and mom so they could check it out too! J So the verdict was I have tendonitis and muscle spasms in my shoulder and severe inflammation in my left knee. Great. They sent me immediately to their Physical Therapist where I went through an entire evaluation to determine what I was going to need. They were super nice and I was surprised to learn that I had weakness in a few specific areas that was ultimately causing the pain and inflammation. I left there with four pages of at home therapy, a strength band and a wrapped left knee. My knee is the worst so that was our main focus. After my appointment my mom met me for a quick lunch, and then, my brother met me with the dogs. He also had an appointment at the same place that afternoon so he brought the dogs with him so I didn't have to drive back to Bedford again. After getting the dogs settled in the car, we made our way back to Indy! I stopped by the house to get changed for practice and water the flowers and then headed to the Colts Pavilion for practice. I can't even believe my flowers are still alive, by the way, because this was the first time I had watered in almost a week! Oops! We practice in the indoor facility on Thursday nights. We had a great practice and reviewed all of our routines and material for the game this Sunday! We got to see what we are wearing to support Breast Cancer Awareness and then talked about a few last minute details for the game! After practice it was time for our workout with Sean from Core Pilates! He comes to the practice facility to train with us for about an hour or so every Thursday night. He always pushes us to our max, but it's a great workout and we all feel better afterwards!! We are usually sore for a day or two days after these workouts too! I had to sit out this workout because of my knee, so I worked on some choreography for our starting line up! I talked with Sean a little before I left and got some tips on how to help my knee heal up a little faster! We got out of practice a few minutes early, which is always nice, and I headed home! I let the dogs out and went upstairs to watch Grey's Anatomy! Thankfully I have a DVR but now I'm hooked on that show!! It was a pretty good episode but then again I'm never disappointed! J Off to bed! Good night!

Friday Oct 8 – Good morning! I slept in until 10:30am this morning!! I couldn't believe it! It's an exciting day today because my husband flies in tonight from Denver!!! It's been two weeks since I've seen him so I CAN'T wait for him to get here! But before he arrives, I have a lot to do! Once again it's gorgeous outside so I took the dogs out and played outside in our back yard for a while! After some time outside and then doing a few chores around the house it was time to get ready for my first appearance for the day! My appearance was the Blue Friday at the Southport Meijer! I always love these appearances because the fans get so excited to win tickets!! Next I stopped by my friend Abbey's place because our next appearance was together. I grabbed a bite to eat and we were off to the appearance! This one was at Roncalli High School as part of the Friday Night Football Tour! They were playing Decatur Central at home. The appearance was great and everyone was very excited for the game! We had the honor of presenting a check to the entire cheerleading squad, who looked especially cute in their neon socks and hair ribbons! We found out that the theme for tonight's game was neon which was very fun for the fans! After the appearance I headed back home and got ready to pick up my husband! His flight didn't land until pretty late so I tried to pass the time at home by cleaning up and folding clothes! J The dogs and I finally left to pick him up and it was so great to see him!! The dogs were freaking out for quite a little while because they were excited to see him too! Off to bed to get some rest for my morning workout tomorrow!

Saturday Oct 9 – Today started with a great morning workout with our trainer, Sean, from Core Pilates! The studio is located in Carmel so it's a bit of a drive for me, but I always feel better afterwards! After my workout I rushed home to spend some time with my husband! We were lazy all day and just hung out together watching some TV and a little college football! We are Purdue fans, so we were glad to see that they won! J After a few hours of just relaxing together we got ready, went out to eat and rented a couple of movies to watch. One of the movies we watched was Shutter Island, which I loved! It was an odd movie, but kept me on edge the entire time! Today was definitely a great day and I wasn't ready for it to end! Good night!

Sunday Oct 10 – Good morning Colts fans!! It's gameday!! Today started bright and early at 5:30am! We have to be at the stadium around 6:30 and on the field for practice by 7:00am! I bet you didn't know that we are at the stadium that early, huh? We practiced our routines and added a few things here and there and after an hour or so it was back to the locker room. Usually by the time we get in from practice we either have breakfast or lunch ready for us, depending on the time of the day. Today was breakfast since it was only 8:00am at that point! We had the choice of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potato bites, oatmeal, cereal, muffins and fresh fruit! The fruit is always the first to go of course! J I ate breakfast and relaxed for about 30 minutes and then it was time to start getting ready! Each of us has a specific schedule before every game depending on what is going on that day. My schedule today was to be in hair and makeup sometime between 10:00 and 10:30 and then I had an appearance upstairs in the stadium from 10:50am until about 12:10 signing autographs. Typically our appearances aren't normally that long but we had a lot of girls doing appearances with the Jr. Cheerleaders, so we only had a few of us to sign autographs! I was happy with that though because I love meeting the fans! After the appearance we got back to the locker room and had a few minutes for quick touch-ups with hair and makeup. At 12:35pm it was time for our prayer circle. We always circle up before every game to get last minute updates and to say a prayer before we take the field. Next we were off to the field for pregame! We were especially excited for the game today because our pregame was a tribute to breast cancer awareness and we got to wear a special outfit also supporting breast cancer awareness! And of course we couldn't wait to beat the only undefeated team in the NFL this season! Wow, what a great game we had today! My blood pressure had to have been through the roof the entire game! I like exciting games and all, but I would also be completely satisfied with a blowout every weekend too! Well game day is over and it's time to head home! Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my husband and send him back off to Denver this evening. But no worries because I will be out to visit him next week! Well I hope you enjoyed my week! See you at the next home game! Go Colts!

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