Cheerleader of the Week: Emily G.

Cheerleader of the Week: Emily G. Diary


Hey Colts Fans! I'm so excited to share my fun filled week with you, and for you to learn a little bit more about what makes me who I am! This past weekend has been a blast. Saturday morning I flew from Indianapolis to Fort Myers, Florida to spend the weekend with my boyfriend Chris visiting his family down in Port Charlotte, Florida. After a beach filled weekend, I woke up bright and early this morning and headed to the airport so I could fly to Indianapolis to be back in time for work at 5PM. After landing in Indy my friend Elizabeth picked me up and we enjoyed some delicious Red Robin food before I went to work. After an exhausting day of traveling and working I finally was able to get some rest and relax tonight. Hope everyone had a wonderful day! See you tomorrow.


Good Morning Everyone, I got to sleep in this morning so I didn't have to set an alarm which was fabulous. I don't have too much on my schedule today, just running some errands and having a meeting with our coach Theresa at 3:30PM to talk about how the season has been going so far. After my meeting, Lindsey F, Erin C, and I made a quick run to Panera to get some dinner before we had to be back at the complex for the Jr. Cheer uniform fitting. I got to meet some awesome Horseshoe Honeys at the uniform fitting and help them choose what size leotard, vest, skirt, and boot covers they will get. After the uniform fitting we had a very successful practice inside the pavilion since the weather outside was so hot! After practice I drove all the way home to Fairborn, Ohio so I could spend some time with my mom and boyfriend. It's a little challenging not living in Indianapolis yet but having to be there so often, sometimes I still get homesick. Once I returned to Fairborn, I hit the hay for some much needed beauty sleep!


After finally sleeping in my own bed for once, I went to the bank to deposit some money then went on a shopping spree to buy the rest of the goodies I needed for my apartment. After hitting up Walmart, TJ Maxx, Target, and the mall I finally have everything I need. I might have spent more money than I needed to but now I'm all set with everything I could ever want and need for my first place. I also stopped at Goodwill to pick up some vintage paisley print plates for my collage that will go in my kitchen. The colors for my apartment will be blue and yellow with a vintage Victorian twist; I'm so excited to see how it turns out! With around 12 more plates in my possession along with a beautiful Victorian mirror, I think that I had a very successful shopping trip! Then it was off to get my nails done by a local lady who has been doing my mother's nails for years now. Debbie is such a wonderful lady and has been doing my nails for about a year, my mom and I both call her our therapist because she gives the best advice and listens to everything that is going on in my crazy hectic life! After my nails were done, I headed to Chipotle with my boyfriend where we had some delicious chicken burrito bowls. I tried to get the healthiest thing on the menu, but I can never turn down guacamole, it is one of my favorites with burritos! Once we inhaled our delicious food we were off to visit with Chris' dad who is in town from San Antonio. After meeting Doug I finally began to realize why Chris' acts the way he does; he is definitely his dad's son! Then it was off to bed after enjoying some quality time with Chris' family. Sleep tight Colts fans!


After sleeping for about 7 hours, I woke up around 8AM and met my dad for a delicious and nutritious breakfast at a local family diner in Fairborn, Ohio where I live. After breakfast we headed over to my dad's shop to sand down a mirror frame I just brought at Goodwill that will go in my first apartment. With a gold Victorian style frame, the mirror will be challenging to sand but once I paint it white the frame will fit perfectly with my decor in my apartment. I am so excited to finally have my first place right here in Indianapolis! After dropping off my boyfriend I headed back to my house to pack all the new things I just bought yesterday and to finally get ready to move to Indy. After packing for an hour or so, I got ready to head to practice, which takes me about two hours or so to get to from Ohio. After arriving at the complex we found out we will once again be practicing in the pavilion due to the heat outside. Sean Bartram, our trainer, was there and he made us work. We did five sets of high intensity interval training workouts and two rounds of leg workouts. When fitness was all said and done, we were drenched in sweat from head to toe but felt great knowing we just had another awesome workout. Without Sean, none of us would look as great as we do! With only a month until the first game, we have to be in tip top shape! At practice we learned some new vamps that were taught at the PRO convention we attended in Atlanta. They are all so cute, and I can't wait for you guys to see them on the field! Once practice was finished I decided to drive home to spend some more quality time with my family. Goodnight Colts Fans!


After staying in Fairborn last night, I slept in a little late to catch up on some rest then headed off to Indianapolis where I had to work at 5PM. Today was a lazy day for me, it was so nice to just relax and enjoy the day without having plans or appointments. After working for about five hours with some of my best friends, I once again headed back to Ohio to see my boyfriend but this time I was headed to Columbus, Ohio where he was staying for his meeting he had the next morning for the United States Air Force. Once I arrived at 2:30AM, I hopped right into bed because I was so exhausted from all the driving. I slept like an angel in a huge king sized bed filled with four pillows, I felt like a queen!


Today I woke up at 7:30AM at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Columbus, Ohio where I joined my boyfriend Chris and his friend Tyler for breakfast at the Dublin Grille. I had a wonderful breakfast consisting of fruit, bacon, and pancakes, right before I had to leave to head to Zionsville, Indiana for an appearance. After a long three hour drive to Zionsville, Cassie and I met up at the Cruise in for Vision hosted my Bosma Enterprise. The appearance was at a car show which raised money for the many people who are blind and seeking jobs. Bosma is a non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation for blind people along with job training and job placement for many other patients. We got to meet some awesome people and sign autographs from 12-2PM along with checking out some cool restored cars, race cars, and exotic cars. Bosma did a great job raising money to help support their amazing organization and I can't wait to do this appearance again. Cassie and I  had a blast sitting outside meeting everyone even though the weather was hot once again. After the appearance, I rushed to work in Plainfield where I worked from 4-10PM. After a long and hot day of driving, and working I was able to stay with my friend Taylor in Plainfield since I had another appearance the next day. Sleep tight everyone, I know I will :)


Hello Colts Fans, how did everyone sleep last night? I know I slept like a baby! With the weekend almost done I still managed to squeeze in some time for sleep! Today all the cheerleaders went bowling at Woodland Bowl in Carmel with all the Jr. Cheerleaders. It was so much fun finally getting to meet some of the girls that we will be helping this year, all the girls are so nice and sweet. After bowling two games with Jr. Cheerleaders Makayla, Danielle, and Morgan these Horseshoe Honeys showed fellow cheerleader Sally and I how to have a good time. It was so much fun meeting them and their parents and spending time bonding with these three girls, I can't wait to see them again at a practice! Once we were done bowling, I along with the other girls from my squad all went to Scotty's for a team bonding dinner. We shared stories about boys and life, along with planning our next outing which will be taking place in August at Julia's lake house. I'm so happy about the girls who are on this team with me, everyone really is genuine and we all get along so well, I am blessed. After dinner was over, I headed back to Fairborn once again to spend some time with my lovely family and to finish packing the rest of my stuff so that I can move to Indy very soon! Once I got home my boyfriend and I went to the movies to see Friends with Benefits, let me tell you... It was hilarious. Such an awesome movie, great jokes and witty responses, I can't wait till it comes out on DVD! Hope everyone had an awesome week and I can't wait to see each and every one of you at a game sometime this year! Thanks for all the support.  You are all the reason why we are here! See you soon :)

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