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Cheerleader of the week - Crystal Ann B.

09-23-2011 Cheerleader of the Week Crystal Ann B.

Mabuhay football fans! It is such a privilege and honor to be a 'Sweetheart of the Horseshoe'! I'm excited to share my busy but yet fun-filled week with you, especially with the first home season game against the Cleveland Browns!

Monday Sept. 12

Good morning everyone! My day starts off bright and early at L.A. Fitness in Avon. I am Certified Personal Trainer and fitness is my passion. I enjoy helping individuals pursue their fitness goals and making a difference in their lives. I arrive at work by 6:30AM to train my first client of the day.  I work until noon, and then I take my lunch break. During my break, I drove back to my place, made food, read, and took a nap. After my power nap, I head back to work with more clients at 4PM and then finish around 8:30PM. Mondays and Wednesdays are my long days of work. If you ever stop by L.A. Fitness on one of those days, you'll most likely catch me working out or training a client. As soon as I got home, I made myself dinner, changed, called it an early night and hopped into bed because tomorrow is another early morning at the gym. Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Tuesday Sept. 13

Well hello again! Another 6:30AM appointment to start off Tuesday. I get to L.A. Fitness and find out that a couple of my clients have cancelled but that's alright! That means I get to squeeze in a work out for myself, so I go off to hit the weights until my next appointment arrives. I train until 12pm again and then head home. I make myself a nutritious lunch and then study  afterwards. I am currently in graduate school for Exercise and Health Promotion with my concentration on Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. About an hour before practice, I review the dances that were recently taught and wait for Hannah to come to my place so we can carpool together. Happy Birthday Hannah! After our three hour practice, a few girls on the squad and I go out to Applebee's to celebrate Hannah's birthday. It's funny how time flies by when you're having fun! We were there pretty late which means its past my bedtime now! Goodnight and sweet dreams football fans!  

Wednesday Sept. 14.

Greetings! Only four more days until our first season home game, my excitement is building up! It's my other long day of work at L.A. Fitness. Today, my first client is at 8AM so I got to sleep in a little longer than the past two early mornings. I worked until 12PM then head straight to Core Pilates & Fitness, in Carmel, for my TRX session with Sean. It was a great work out, thanks Sean! I head back into work early, knowing that one of our managers bought all of the employee's lunch. I must say, it was delicious! Finishing the work day with my wonderful and motivated clients, I then went to my place to meet with my mother who came to visit me from Ohio. We went shopping, ate dinner, and signed some calendars and autograph cards for her to take home for our friends. Well, I'm exhausted, it is time for bed! Goodnight and sweet dreams everyone! 

Thursday Sept. 15

A morning that I get to sleep in, finally! Once I got up, I made myself a big breakfast and worked on some homework. I then got ready for my appearance at The Australian Gold corporate office, one of our many wonderful sponsors. I meet with three other girls at the complex to ride together. We handed out T-shirts, signed calendars, and took pictures.  It was a quick but fun appearance. Afterwards, I studied, ate, and then it was time to get ready for practice. Hannah and I went into practice early so she could instruct Zumba and review dances. At practice, we prepared for the game on Sunday and learned a new dance that Ashli taught, for the Steelers game next week. After a productive practice, we went home. I then spent some time with my roommates and went downtown with some of our friends. I love living so close to downtown because everything is convenient to get to, especially Lucas Oil. After a late night, we then went back to our place and went to bed! Three more days until the game, goodnight and sweet dreams!

Friday Sept. 16

Happy Blue Friday Colts fans! Another morning of sleeping in, I love it! When I got up, I made breakfast and then got ready for our spontaneous performance at Circle Center mall. I met up with Allie and Alex at the mall. We ate and walked around until it was that time. As soon as our music played, I saw Kristine and Kim in the middle of the food court busting out some dance moves! As we go to see what they're doing we then join and dance with them. Within seconds, more girls came along to join. It was so much fun! I loved how unexpected it was for those who were at the mall and everyone wearing different colts attire. If you missed out on our spontaneous performance you can check it out on on video. You might even catch us out in the community again for another spontaneous performance, so keep your eyes open Colts fans! After our appearance, Allie, Alex, and I took a visit to the Colts Pro shop in the mall too see what they had. If I could buy everything in that store, I would, but maybe another day! After I left Circle Center, I took another trip to another one of our awesome sponsors, Sun Tan City, to get prepared for game day. Afterwards, I went back home to do some laundry and spend time with roommates. As the night went on, my roommates and I had some of our friends come over to our place. It was fun spending time with everyone but now it is time for bed, goodnight and sweet dreams!   

Saturday Sept. 17

Happy weekend everyone! The countdown continues, 1 more day, I'm so very excited & I hope you are too! I wake up to eat breakfast and then head off to Core Pilates & Fitness again for another one of Sean's intense work outs, have to be game day ready! Thanks again Sean! I love working on my fitness, it brings a refreshed, energized feeling every time. I go back to my place, finish getting everything ready for tomorrow, run through game day dances, and finish my assignments. I spend my night making dinner and relaxing with my roomies. An early night tonight for this little one, it's time for bed. I'll see you bright and early football fans! Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Sunday Sept. 18

Good morning! Rise and shine Colts fans its game day vs. the Cleveland Browns! I wake up to be at Lucas Oil before 6:30AM. Allie meets me at my place and we carpool over to the stadium. We step foot onto the football field for practice with the rest of the girls at 7AM. Once we finish, I eat a big delicious breakfast and start to get ready for game day festivities. Tyler Mason, another fabulous sponsor, does our hair and make-up first. I then go with Kristine and Stefanie over to the Huntington Bank area for pregame autograph signing, pictures, and to meet all the wonderful fans! We then head back to the locker room and it's only minutes away until we perform our pregame routine. Now, what time is it? It's GAME TIME! The moment and preparation for many years have led up to this once in a lifetime experience. I'm so blessed and thankful to have this wonderful opportunity! One of the best feelings is doing what I love and having all the Sweethearts, beside me, in front of the fans and the Colts community. I'd have to say it was a great game for both teams! As we clear out Lucas Oil, I meet with my mother and uncle to get some dinner. We converse about the game and I show them my place before they drive back home to Fairborn, Ohio. After they leave, I arrive home to relax for the rest of the night. Allie and Hannah came over to watch some movies and to unwind from our long day. Thank you so much for spending the week with me and taking time to visit the Colts website! I look forward to the rest of the season with you and hope to see you in the stands!  Take care everyone and mahal kita!

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