Cheerleader of the Week - Brittany B.

Cheerleader of the week - Brittany B. diary

Monday October 17

Happy Monday Colts Fans! I had the day off today!!! It was great having a chance to sleep in especially after a long weekend and a road trip to the Paul Brown Stadium to watch the Colts play. Although the game did not go our way, I still had a great time with some of my teammates! My roommate, Kristine A and I stayed Sunday night to visit with a friend and came back to Indy late this morning. Because I had the day off I had a chance to meet a friend for lunch downtown. After a delicious lunch I headed over to the Colts Complex for a mid season meeting with our Cheer Coordinator Theresa. The meeting went by so fast and before we knew it, it was 5:00 pm! After leave the complex I made a quick trip back to my apartment to get changed for an exercise class. I've been taking a Piloxing class at IDA and I absolutely love it! It's a great mix of boxing and Pilates, that really whips you into shape. After the class I came home and got a few things ready for Tuesday and now I think I'm ready for some sleep!

Tuesday October 18

I'm very excited about today; it was my first day at my new building! I am the admissions and marketing director at one of American Senior Communities many locations and I just moved from the downtown location to another location off 86th St.  I absolutely loved the building and loved the team. I think it might take me a few weeks to figure out where everything is and to make new contacts, but its well worth it! My drive to practice at the complex is a lot shorter as well which is an added plus J Practice went really well tonight. We are busy getting ready for all of the games in November, which makes for a lot of work. All four squads were fitted for Military outfits which will be used at the game on November 13. We also learned two new routines and review the ones we learned a week earlier. I got home around 9:30 pm and I'm exhausted,  it is time for me to go to bed!

Wednesday October 19

I had another great day! At work my executive director was able to show me around quite a bit, and I got started working on several things. It felt like a very productive day.  I worked a little later than normal, so I was not able to make it to my favorite kickboxing class, so after work I headed to LA fitness to get in a good workout. I ran and did the stair stepper, two of my favorite cardio workouts! I also did some weights and abs. Today flew by, its already 10:30 pm, so I'm going to pack up my practice bag and get some rest before another busy day!

Thursday October 20

Today flew by once again! My corporate consultant was at the building with me today.  I really love it when she makes her visits to the buildings. I also think that there is so much I can learn from her and she always has great ideas about how to approach different situations. I left work around 5:00 pm today to get to practice a little earlier to review some of the dances that we have been working on. Practice started out with Sean Bartram running us through the beep test! I always get so nervous to do the test, but it's always an awesome feeling when it's done. After Sean left we started learning two more routines for the November games. After practice I headed over to Sun Tan City before heading home. I am definitely ready for bed.

Friday October 21

Happy Blue Friday! I got up early and headed to LA fitness for a quick work out to get the day started. Then it was off to a very busy day at work. I was trying to get different meetings set up and materials ready for the American Senior Communities Health Fair on October 29 at the Westview Healthplex. I had a lunch meeting with my executive director and the admissions and marketing director at a sister facility. After work I met up with a few of my new co-workers for some appetizers. Tonight has been very laid back; I rented a movie with a friend. We watched Horrible Bosses.  It was hilarious! But I'm calling it a night. TGIF!!!

Saturday October 22

Up bright and early for a cardio workout at Core Pilates which is Sean's studio. I love his workouts because they really make you work hard. The class this morning was no different! After the cardio class I went to LA Fitness to do some abs and a really good stretch. I left the gym around 1:30 pm and did a few errands. After I got home I cleaned our kitchen and living room. I even had time to clean and organize my room which was needed. After our apartment was finished I ran back out to Sun Tan City before meeting Kristine A back at home. We decide to have a girl's night with some of the other girls from the team, so far this Saturday has been a blast!

Sunday October 23

Today was another relaxing day. I was able to sleep in again; that never happens twice in one week J I spent the morning and early afternoon doing some work and catching up on my favorite show, Glee. Kristine A and I headed to LA Fitness where we practiced some of the new routines before we decided to enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk on the Monon.  We got home in just enough time to get ready for some Sunday Night Football. I met a group of friends to watch the game and cheer on the Colts……We'll get 'em next time!!!  But I have another long week ahead of me so I'm off to bed. Good night Colts fans. See you at the next home game November 6th against the Atlanta Falcons!!!

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